Monday, May 18, 2015

6th Birthday Interview! + Win PediaSure Goodie Bags

We recorded Lil Pumpkin's birthday interview over the weekend. Haven't done a vlog for a long time and seemed kinda weird haha but Lil Pumpkin does her own random mini-vlogs so is such a natural :p

Other than the set of questions I prepared {same as those for her 5th birthday interview}, it's totally unscripted and unedited. We took this video in just one take.

She even said a boo-boo in the middle of the video. See if you can catch it! (>人<;)

I thought of editing it out but then, I wanted to capture all her natural reactions and answers to remember her at this period of her life. Even the little embarrassing bits that makes me want to find a hole and crawl into sometimes!!

Here are the questions and Lil Pumpkin's answers from the heart:
  1. How old are you? - 6 years old
  2. What's your favourite colour? - Gold and yellow
  3. What's your favourite food? - McDonald's and Cha Soba
  4. What's your favourite toy? - Her Disney "Magic Clip" dolls
  5. What's your favourite TV show? - Ben 10, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First
  6. What's your favourite place? - Malaysia and Japan
  7. What's your favourite song? - "Let It Go" {from Disney's Frozen}
  8. What do you like to wear? - Pretty dresses
  9. What makes you happy? - When she can play
  10. What makes you sad? - When Mummy scolds her
  11. What do you like to do with Mummy and Daddy? Play hide-and-seek
  12. What are you good at? - Maths
  13. What are you not so good at? - Swimming
  14. What makes you laugh? - Daddy
  15. What are you afraid of? - Ghosts
  16. Who is your best friend? Freya, Clarice, Claire, Weiling, Sadie, Emily and Ava
  17. What do you love about school? Numbers & eating breakfast with daddy
  18. What do you want to be when you grow up? -A fairy princess & a veterinarian
  19. If you had one wish, what would it be? - To be a fairy
  20. What's the best part of your birthday this year? When we went to to USS theme park

She's definitely a lot more talkative and animated in her birthday interview this year.. and can expand on her answers pretty easily. I think she'll have no problem with her English oral exams when she goes to primary school haha. Watch the video above for her full answers and if it isn't working, see it on my YouTube channel here.

Interesting to see how some of her answers have changed from the past year, and how some have remained the same e.g. that she still likes her "Magic Clip" dolls and her daddy is always the one that makes her laugh :)

Last year she mentioned that she felt sad when her Daddy scolds her, while this year I make her sad for scolding her. Sigh...  I guess that's the inevitable part about being a parent. As much as we want our children to feel loved and happy with us, we have a responsibility towards them as well to guide and teach them the right values and behaviour. And sometimes, that may require harsh words.

I think she knows, but hope as she grows up she will truly understand that even when Mummy and Daddy scolds her, we still love her very much and want the best for her

Do you have any family birthday traditions? 
Done any birthday interviews lately?

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Masshole Mommy said...

I like to wear pretty dresses, too! What cute answers she had :)

Sonia Yong said...

My girl want to be a Gynae. Whenever, i have to go for checkup(my unborn baby), I brought her along.
FB Name: Sonia Yong
Subscribed newsletter under Sonia Yong.
Followed and reposted on Instagram.
IG: soniakathlynn

Unknown said...

My girls want to be a teacher and cook.

Teacher: I will explain to her on the importance of teaching right and right teaching so that she will learn the proper way of teaching to teach her students in future.

Cook: I will let her explore the different types of cooking. I get her to participate in my cooking too.

FB Name: Michelle Ng
Subscribed newsletter under Michelle Ng.
Followed and reposted on Instagram. 
IG: sunbubble

Vincent said...

My girl want to be a SUpergirl,or maybe a female Jedi :P
FB Name: Vincent Lee Wee Ping
Subscribed newsletter under Vincent Lee.
Followed and reposted on Instagram.
IG: wlee76

Unknown said...

My girl wants to be a teacher just like her kindergarten teacher and I am trying to help her by teaching her the right value and giving her the best nutrients to help her to learn more.
FB : Carolyn Lim
IG : carolyn_lim2004
Liked & shared & Regram.💖

Unknown said...

My elder boy wants to be a doctor and I have to brave through to watch the documentaries / dramas with with him, on top of science books!
FB: Ang Chris
IG: ang.chris

Small Kucing said...

we dont really have any birthday family tradision :)

preciouz said...

My boy wants to be an engineer, i like to expose him to puzzle etc.
FB : Jaime Chan
IG : preciouz
Liked & shared & Regram

Jaslyn said...

My girl wants to be a doctor when she grows up. I told her to be a doctor, she needs to study very very hard. Hope she persevere and I will support her fully in any way that I can help her.
FB: Jaslyn Koh
Subscribe newsletter under Jaslyn Koh
IG: Ajkaic

Jingxian said...

He wants to be mummy!!! I can only teach him how to be nurturing and caring like how daddy cares for him.

FB: jingxian Liang
IG: jingxianl

Ashley Tan said...

My 3 years old gal wants to be a princess and I'm letting her feel like one by dressing her in princess dresses and accessories!

Facebook Name: Ashley Tan
Subscribe as: Ashley Tan

JingRong said...

my girl's ambition is to be a teacher. she has been imitating how her childcare teacher conduct her classes. I constantly remind her to have all the good virtues if she wants to be a teacher so that she can be a role model for her students. and we also bought her whiteboard, markers, pointer for her to "conduct her classes".

FB Name: JingRong Loh
Name to subscribe newsletter: Loh JingRong
IG: jrloh

Madeline Heng said...

I honestly don't think she is bad at swimming, I think she is good! Haha. Happy birthday to Little Pumpkin! Next year is a big year for her haha :)

Mandy Chee said...

My precious Trixie wants to be Mummy! I am so happy and proud to her mother and appreciate she be my daughter :p

Facebook Name: Mandy Chee Lay Yong
Subscribe newsletter as: Chee Lay Yong
IG: mandy_chee

Apai n nana said...

My boy turning 5 this May.He says he wants to be a Footballer juz like his papa.
FB.Liana Zaidi
subscribe.Nor liana

An Apel a Day said...

I like her answers. Happy Birthday to her. My youngest's birthday is tomorrow. Yay for May Birthdays!

Susan said...

Haha, her answer is so animated and honest. I'm sure she knows that despite being scolded by daddy and mummy, you love her a lot too. Happy belated birthday once again Lil Pumpkin!

Chancl Xgg said...

My son wants to be a fire engineer. When I ask if he mean fireman, he says no, "a fire engine! " I ask him why and he says he doesn't know. :-(

FB: Chancl Xgg
IG: chanxgg

Carol Mei Mei Lim said...

He hasn't really decided what he wants to be when he grows up, it changes every few months. I just try to read up as much as I can find out about the occupation, and share it with him to build his interest and knowledge in that profession.

Carol Mei Mei Lim
IG: @cmeilim

Anonymous said...

My 5 years old boy want to be a master sergeant because of watching "Ah Boy to men" Due to my busy schedule, I will only able to run and cycling with him on weekend to train him to be fit and healthy.
IG : tankeith
FB : Tan Keith
subscribe : Keith Tan

Robert Sim said...

He currently wants to be an illustrator and is always drawing. I take him to art classes weekly

Robert Sim
IG: @robertsim77

KarMie's blog said...

My girl wants to be a stewardess just like how her mummy followed her childhood dreams!!! She loves being in a plane, airports, hotels. Etc...
I let her follow her dreams!!!

FB Name: Jamie chaw
Subscribed newsletter under Jamie chaw
Followed and reposted on Instagram.
IG: jamie chaw

Bebe Lee said...

She wants to be a Vet cos she loves animals alot and wanna save and help them. I don't know how but somehow will definitely encourage and support her all the way cos I'm an animal lover too.

FB Name Bebe Gi Lee
Subscribe Bebe Lee
IG bbgigil

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Birthday Lil Pumpkin! I can't believe she's 6 already! Seems like she was just a baby not too long ago.

I'd like to be a fairy too. It would be so fun, I think!

Grace Lee said...

My daughter says she wants to be a good cook chef when she grows up. She loves to eat very much and wants to cook delicious food for everybody.
When she gets older, I will do my best to teach and pass her my cooking skills.

Facebook Grace Lee
Subscribed Grace Lee
IG gracelwc

Chay Hwai said...

My gal told me she wants to be a mommy just like me because I'm the person she loves most in the whole world.
I hope she will marry well and be a happy mommy.

FB Name Chay Hwai
Followed & reposted IG quekj

mail4rosey said...

She was animated and happy, and I laughed at the scolding part. :)

A big happy birthday to your pretty girl!

Noor Fazillah said...

My 7 years old daughter dreams is to become a teacher because she loves to play with books and her imaginary students teaching and scolding the students. With her mini whiteboard, she teaches the student some alphabet letter. And i assume it, she gonna be a teacher when she grow up.
I will support her and early learning for her education. I hope her dreams will come true when she grow up.

FB Name: Noor Fazillah
IG: _zylaafelishazlynn
Subscribed (Noor Fazillah)
Repost on IG. Liked & Shared on FB!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Her hair has grown so long!

Gladys Tiyo said...

Happy birthday, sweetie! ♡ My boy is a May baby too! He hasn't announced what he wanna be yet. As long as he's happy and able to feed himself, I'll fully support him. ^_^

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

FB and subscribed name: Gladys Tiyo

Unknown said...

Newsletter: Huey Fen Ang

Unknown said...

IG: aquariusfantasy

June Chan said...

My boy wants to be a doctor. I am supporting his dream by providing him the playset and explaining him to him roles and responsibilities as a doctor. Also to let him know what he should do in order to achieve his goal, example to study hard in which area. Also to show my support by telling how important and helpful being a doctor and they can save many people life.
FB Name: June Chan
Name to subscrible: June Chan
IG: enujchan