Friday, May 1, 2015

Pazzion Matchy-Matchy Mother-Daughter Shoes

Recently we went down to Pazzion to check out their matchy-matchy mother-daughter shoes. We've matching slippers, sandals and sneakers.. but not really dressy shoes.

New shoe designs came in for the upcoming Mother's Day {next Sunday by the way!} and I liked the Almond Perfect Ballerina for me, and matching Almond Lovely Baby Flat for Lil Pumpkin.

I thought that they matched the modern cheongsam with gold polka dots and her pending party dress with gold polka dots {still looking for a nice one!} that we're going to wear for her birthday party perfectly :P

The shoes feature laser cut lambskin leather with intricate detailing of lustrous crystals and diamantes covering the entire silhouette. So bling bling!! The crystals and beads are individually strung and sewn on as well so seem rather sturdy, compared to those that are just glued to shoes.

There's also an extra cushioned insole for padded comfort. Lil Pumpkin's pair comes with an elastic strap to keep the shoes secure, especially useful for younger kids, but if you don't like it, you can cut it away too. The straps give it a sweet Mary Jane look though :)

I wanted to keep Lil Pumpkin's pair until her birthday but she insisted on wearing them out the day after we got them with her pretty cheongsam haha.. Not a bad look actually! The light tan almond colour makes it really easy to match anything.

The shoes needed some breaking in though and at the end of the day, Lil Pumpkin had blisters at the back of her ankles :( It's kinda inevitable with new shoes, but I should have put on plasters for her first to prevent them. I heard applying deodorant or Vaseline helps to create a barrier and reduce friction with the shoes to prevent blisters too. Anyone tried this method?

The shop's website shows mostly the latest collection for the kids range, but there are really many options for dazzling matchy-matchy mother-daughter shoes at the physical Pazzion stores!

Lil Pumpkin was very excited and kept trying on shoes {such a girly-girl!} and I was very tempted to choose other designs but in the end we did walk away with the pairs I initially wanted.

The other shoes that caught my eye are these red ones with a bejeweled heart which I thought were perfect for Chinese New Year haha and these nude ones with a simple rose {my fave flower!} at the vamp for casual day outs.

Lil Pumpkin liked the pink, of course, flats with butterfly embellished with glittering gems. 

Pazzion stores look very elegant, and one tends to forget that its a homegrown label especially since you can find them in so many countries like Japan, Mauritius, South Korea, Thailand, even Turkey and Russia. 

Born in 2001, Pazzion caters to the modern, sophisticated trend-setter with an uncompromising standard for taste and quality. They offer a wide range of footwear from casual sandals to classic heels to ensure that any lady will find the perfect shoe for any occasion. I posted about our new shoes on Instagram and Facebook and found that actually, quite a number of my friends like and wear Pazzion shoes too!

If you're thinking of pampering yourself or a mum you know this Mother's Day, support local and consider getting a pair of matchy-matchy mother-daughter shoes from Pazzion :) Prices start from S$79 for ladies {size Euporean 34 - 41} and S$69 for girls {aged 18 months - 7 years old}. It's on the higher end, but I guess it's because all their footwear are crafted from genuine calf leather or lambskin, so would definitely last longer and be more comfortable than those made from synthetic leather, and also feature a lot of crystals, diamentes and exquisite bead-work.

Check out where their shops are located or shop online on Pazzion's website. Free delivery to all Singapore addresses and international shipping available. Also, look out for Pazzion's Facebook Mother's Day giveaway below, starting next week!

P.S. If you like going matchy-matchy with your kids but aren't sure how, see my tips on how to work the matchy-matchy mini-me trend and some of our matchy-matchy outfits here.

* Disclosure: This is a review for Pazzion shoes. All opinions are my own.



Lydia C. Lee said...

There are some seriously cute shoes there! Most of all I love the pics of your daughter in the cheongsam - lovely!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Lil Pumpkin is just growing prettier and prettier each day! I always love seeing your matchy matchy shoes and outfits!

Unknown said...

I love these! I'm not opposed to a little matchy matchy from time to time ;)

Masshole Mommy said...

I love matching shoes. You guys are so cute.

An Apel a Day said...

Those are cute shoes! I wish they'd make clothes that match moms and sons. I'm not talking tom boyish clothes for mom. Pretty clothes that resemble their hip shirts.

mail4rosey said...

She really is such a cutie. :) I like the matching shoes!

oomph. said...

too cute, and i do think they look great with the dress!

i vaseline my toes before long runs/races to prevent blisters. this works great for toes that rub together (inside the sock), but not sure if it would be enough to protect from the actual shoe, plus you might not want to get vaseline on the shoes.

i also use deoderant for the backs/above my heels, but again, running shoes are a bit softer with more cushion than these leather ballet shoes which are more fitted around the heel. bandaids might be your best be until they soften up??

KC said...

I've tried deodorant on the back of my heels. It definitely did help! It still got a little sore, but no blisters. Give it a go :)

Rina CuteCoconut said...

I love those shoes..the bling-blings sooo gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


Im normally a us 6.5 What would i buy for these shoes? thanks!!