Friday, August 28, 2015

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Hello Kitty + WIN Kawaii Mooncakes Box Set

Hello Kitty Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival? Whatever will they think of next??~

If you've been around long enough, you'll probably know that I'm a Hello Kitty-lover.

I'm not so hardcore like last time and no, I won't queue hours just to get her soft toy or get a tattoo of her face but there's something about that white Japanese bobtail with a red bow that sets my heart a-flutter.

Perhaps it's because I can look back on Hello Kitty as a familiar reminder of my childhood or that she brings out the innocent girl in me that makes me feel so young and fresh... but she certainly has a way of making me want to get my hand on her kawaii collectibles, which is a lot since almost everything about her is sooooooo cuteeeeee!!!

I probably have enough Hello Kitty stuff to complete 52 Weeks of Hello Kitty for a Wordless Wednesday series twice over haha..

I'm really thrilled that BreadTalk has a new Hello Kitty Limited Edition Mooncake Box Set for Mid-Autumn Festival 2015! This year's Hello Kitty mooncake collection comes in an adorable, eye-catching red case, which can be used as a makeup kit after you’ve enjoyed the delish Hello Kitty-motif traditional mooncakes.

The red Hello Kitty makeup toolbox case is compact, yet pretty sturdy even though it's made of cardboard. There’s even a built-in mirror – “purrfect” for ladies who appreciate all things bright and beautiful!

I  think sometimes character food can taste kinda awful as they rely too much on the cute designs and packaging to sell and attract fans.

However, thank goodness the mooncakes is pretty appetising and even the boy, who is even pickier with his food, agreed that the crust was crisp and not too thick/ hard, and the lotus paste was rich and smooth. The lotus paste gives a lingering flavor, and the sweet fragrance fills your mouth after each bite. So basically the mooncakes are cute and delicious! #winning

This limited edition range consists of two pieces each of the Lotus with Macadamia, Lotus with Cranberries, and BreadTalk-exclusive Lotus with Yolk Blend mooncakes. Each box set costs S$59.80 and is available at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide from now until 27 September 2015.

They are not sold individually but are individually wrapped and packed in it's own Hello Kitty paper box, so you can still buy a box and share with family and friends. Good for those {like me!!} who are watching their diet but still can't resist getting the box set :P

Just for my own special friends & blog readers, I've TWO Hello Kitty Limited Edition Mooncake Box Set {worth S$59.80} to give away!! Each comes in the exclusive red case, 6 pieces of individually wrapped Hello Kitty mooncakes and a pair of metal petite fork & knife set.

Giveaway Method: Random Draw

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UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is May Yee and Jo Ong. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

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* Ends Sunday 6 Sep 2015 2359hrs {Singapore time} 
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* Winners will be announced by Wednesday 9 August 2015 on this blog post and notified via email with further instructions on how to collect prize. Winners have 2 days to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.

P.S. My Glitter Glam giveaway to celebrate our 7th marriage anniversary last week is still on! 7 winners for S$70 worth of vouchers each! Do pop by if you're looking for new ladies or girls-wear. Ends Sun 30 Aug 2015.

* Disclosure: Hello Kitty Mooncakes Box Sets were provided by BreadTalk Singapore for review and giveaway.



Kathy Woon Tan said...

‪#‎ASHxHelloKittyGiveaway‬ ‪#‎BreadTalkSG‬
Thanks Sakura Haruka is spreading love!!!!

My fave Mid Autumn Festival activity when I was young, was to light lots of candles on a plank with my neighbors.. then we will all blow out the candles and light them again.. the adults find us amusing.. We love comparing lanterns too.. Now, as a mum, my fave Activity is definitely spending e time with my kids, enjoying mooncakes, bringing them to various "lantern lightup". We started the Mooncakes celebration last year & e kids enjoyed so much.. we will be having e celebration again this year, good rapport building and e kids get to relax n mix around!

My Facebook name: Kathy Woon Tan
Email used to subscribe:

Thanks Ai Sakura for your love. Have a great weekend ahead!

Unknown said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is family gathering and all the children come together showing off their lanterns! It's great to catch up with one another.
FB name: Ang Chris
Name: Chris Ang

GerMaine Tay said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is to gathering with good friends and kids at the park. The kids will play with lanterns with each other while we adults will sit, chat and eat mooncakes. That's really an enjoyable night.
FB Name : GerMaine Tay
Email use to subscribe :
IG : littlekittygal

Thanks for the awesome giveaway and hope to be the lucky one.

Udelia said...

My fav activity would be to bring my kids down to meet with neighbors to 提灯笼 together and have fun with the sparklers! The kids will play together and the parents will enjoy mooncakes together!
Fb name: Udelia Lee
Subscribe name: Udelia lee

Vincent said...

fav activity is play with lantern

My Facebook name: Vincent Lee Wee Ping
Email used to subscribe
IG @wlee76

Unknown said...

My fav Mid-Autumn Festival activity would be playing lantern, candles and sparklers under the bright round moon in our beautiful Chinese Garden.

FB name: ViVien Wong
Subscribe Name: Vivien Wong

June Lee said...

My favorite Mid-Autumn Festival activity is definitely sharing ( or should i say "fighting" for the mooncake but in a good and fun way ) the variety of mooocakes that everyone bring for the gathering. Food just tasted better when it's shared.

Facebook Name : June Lee

Name for subscribing to the newsletter : June Lee

Email :

preciouz said...

My fav activity would be to bring my kids down for the walkabout around the condo grounds. its nice to see people from different races and countries join in this celebration
Fb name: Jaime Chan
Subscribe name:Jaime chan

minghui said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival activity is lighting up the candles and using it to form creative designs.
FB name: Minghui Ahqi
Name for subscription: minghui

vernice said...

My favourite MAF activity will be bringing my ecstatic girl down to the playground with her lantern! ❤

FB: Vern Nice

Unknown said...

My favourite mid autumn activity is bringing the kids to play with lanterns, eating moon cakes and drinking Chinese tea while enjoying the full moon. Thanks for the giveaway!

Fb name: Ruby Lee
Subscription name: Ruby Tok

Mabel Lee said...

Our favourite Mid-Autumn Festival is to go Mooncake sampling and recce at various shopping malls together, when the Mid-Autumn promotions are on! It's something that my husband and I enjoy doing before the children came along, selecting the best tasting and most beautifully packed mooncakes for ourselves and our loved ones.

We're normally attracted by the packaging first, followed by the taste. Hahaha! And we're usually attracted to the more practical packaging - we're still using a few of them as mini drawers/cupboards for wires, chargers and other little items!

Now with the children, we get their opinion on the packaging (Is this nice?) and taste (Do you like it? Is it delicious?) and their opinions matter a lot because, what fun is it if we can't sit down an enjoy mooncakes together, right?

FB/Newsletter Subscribe Name: Mabel Lee

coldkohmew said...

Walking around with lanterns.

Koh Jun Jie Jason

Unknown said...

First MAF for my little gal. Will be bringing her to the nearby playground with her hello kitty lantern to play with other kids.

Kong meifong said...

My favourite Mid Autumn Activity would be to bring my 3 kids to Bishan park carrying their favourite character lantern , watch them playing happily while me and hubby admire the full moon and eat yummy mooncakes ! Me and my girl super love hello kitty . Hope to surprise her with a box of hello kitty mooncakes ❤

FB name - Kong meifong
Subscribe name - Kong meifong

May Yee said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival Activity is to make mooncakes with my children and walk around our park with the lanterns. My daughter loves Hello Kitty and I would love to surprise her with this.

FB name: May Yee
Subscribe name: May Yee

Carolyn Lim said...

My favourite Mid Autumn Festival activity is carrying the lantern and walk-about in the neighbourhood park.
FB name : Carolyn Lim
Subscriber name : Carolyn Lim
IG : carolyn_lim2004

Anonymous said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival is carrying the lantern and walk about in the neighbourhood park.

FB : Carolyn Lim
Subscriber name : Carolyn Lim
IG : Carolyn_lim2004

Mabel Chua said...

Sitting by the poolside watching my hubby and kids playing with lanterns, candles and sparkle sticks. And chatting with my mom while enjoying the moonlight.

FB name: Mabel Chua
IG: @mascotlicious
Twitter: @mascotlicious

Mabel Chua said...

Subscriber name : Mabel Chua

Alice Tan said...

Hi Sakura Haruka ,

Every year I'll join the RC Mid-Autumn Festival . Light out our lanterns with everyone in the same area , walked around the area . Such event build not only our family bonding , it builds bonding with neighbours too ! Eating mooncakes + drinking hot green tea + admiring full moon is just so enjoyable !

p / s : I'm a Hello Kitty lover , just like you ! ;)

FB Name : Alice Jun
Subscribe Name : Alice Tan

Unknown said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is family & friends gathering to eat mooncake and drink tea. The kids will hold lanterns and play at the neighbourhood area.

FB name & IG : Pam Wong

Carol Mei Mei said...

Fav activity is to go for a walk in the neighbourhood with our homemade lanterns.

Carol Lim Mei Mei
IG: @cmeilim

Jo Ong said...

I do not have any special activities on Mid-Autumn Festival..
Just simple eating of Mooncakes & sipping on hot tea with family and
carrying those traditional paper type of Lanterns :)

Hope to win this set of Hello Kitty Mooncakes as i'm a Hello Kitty LOVER! :)

FB name : Jo Ong
Name used to subscribe to newsletter : Jo Ong

Christy Lee said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival is call out all the neighbourhood friends with kids to play candle, lantern & sparkles at the open space just right below my block, kids have lots of fun playing while thier parents can gather and watch kids have a fun time. And enjoy looking at the shining full moon.

Pls pick me I will treasure this hello kitty mooncake with every single bite, of course i will admire the look of the mooncake before eating because it's so "kawaii neh"!

FB : Christy Lee
Subscribe Name : Christy Lee

Unknown said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is to go downstairs for a walk with my kids with the simple paper lanterns!

FB - Wendy Tay
Subscription - Wendy Tay

Mark Chan said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival activity is definitely eating mooncakes and all the yummy food offering to the moon. My whole family and neighbours will get together to share mooncakes while watching the moon. We also chitchat, light up colourful lanterns and tell some story about Mid-Autumn Festival to the kids.
Hope to win this Hello Kitty Limited Edition Mooncake Box Set for Mid-Autumn Festival 2015. Kids and adults will surely love it.

FB name: Mark Chan
Subscription name: Mark Chan

Yun said...

I love eating mooncakes and drinking chinese tea!
FB Name: Yun Zhen

Tam.talizing said...

My favourite is playing lanterns with my kids and of cos eating mooncakes and 'zhuzai'!

FB: Tammy Tng
Subscription: Tammy Tng

Bebe Gi Lee said...

My favorite Mid-Autumn Festival Activity is the awesome family gathering where we get to eat home cooked dinner, delicious mooncakes and drink tea together. After we will sit at the garden downstairs to chit chat while the children will run around playing with their lanterns.


Robert Sim said...

Lighting sparklers and candles at the playground downstairs with our neighbours and their kids.

Robert Sim

Mei Chan said...

Mid autumn is the only time that I can be a child again and play with candles and it is also the only time that I permit my kids playing with fire :D

FB: Mei Chan
Subscribed using, XIN

Daphne Ho said...

Eating mooncakes and playing with my neighbours when i was younger.

Probarly now will be just chilling out with family members!

FB : Daphne Ho
Subscribe Name : Daphne Ho

Anonymous said...

Juz to enjoy mooncakes and a cuppa of chinese tea, with the kids ard playing lanterns, enjoying the full moon view.. tradition keeps going :)

FB:Lorna Tan

Unknown said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is to go to chinese garden for a leisure walk with family. This activity was since my parents' time and now i cultivate the same activity with my kids
FB Name : susan chiang
Email use to subscribe:
IG : babystarlet80

Anonymous said...

Enjoying mooncakes and a cuppa of chinese tea whilst the kid plays with her lantern, under the sky and admiring the full moon - tradition never fails.

Lorna Tan

Pinkietan said...

My fave mid-autumn activity is to enjoy mooncakes with Chinese tea , playing latterns & watching e moon view .
FB Name : Pinkie kitty tan
Email use to subscribe :
IG : pinkiekittyloves

Pinkie Tan said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is eating mooncakes & Chinese tea , playing with latterns & enjoying the full moon view !
FB Name : Pinkie Kitty Tan
Email use to subscribe:
IG : Pinkiekittylovea

~~吳大娘 - 吳懿恩, 吳懿倖和吳勇樂的母亲大人~~ said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is Moon Spoting and not forgetting feasting on mooncakes :)

FB name you used to like the page : Michelle Ong (

Name you used to subscribe to the newsletter : Michelle Ong

IG: flower_kitten

girls and me said...

Mid autumn is the only time that I can play candles with my gals and we will eat mooncake together.

FB: KaRen Ong
IG: mekarenong

Michelle Ang said...

what's your fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity: Eating yummy mooncakes and playing lantern + Fb: MicHelle Ang Xing Yee + name you used to subscribe to the newsletter: michelle ang.

Felicia Leong said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival Activity is definitely the cutting of mooncake together with my family at the park, while seeing the little kids running around playing with the lantern, and having fun! Cutting of mooncake together as a family is a tradition for us, this mean that we will share each mooncake together, while sitting under the round bright moon, creating a stronger bond and love as a whole ! Definitely, this brings us closer to one another, and is a great way to enjoy this Mid-Autumn Festival together as a family <3
FB Name : Felicia Leong
Subscribed Name : FeliciaL Leong (Error typo, Should be Felicia Leong) Thanks :D
IG : ferlyred <3

Anonymous said...

Paul tan,
what's your fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity: I love family gathering and having mooncake with them + FB name you used to like the page: Paul Tan + name you used to subscribe to the newsletter: paul tan

KarMie's blog said...

My fav activity growing up is to DIY Lantern!!! The uglier the better... hahaha... now kids are spoiled with ready made store bought ones!!! Would love to continue DIY Lantern when my kids are older but might be made fun of from other kids :p

FB: Jamie chaw
Subscribe name : Jamie chaw
Ig: Jamie chaw

Anonymous said...

My fav Mid-Autumn Festival activity is playing lantern and candles, eating mooncakes while enjoying full moon view.
Fb:Khor Lee Ling

cherrie said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is to eat mooncakes! The whole family will share different brands and flavours while chatting the night away. 😊 Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

FB name: Gladys Tiyo
name used to subscribe to the newsletter: Gladys Tiyo
IG: gladystiyo

Gladys Tan said...

My favourite Mid - autumn activity is to bring the kids to void deck and play lanterns with other kids in the neighbourhood.

FB: Gladys Tan
IG: Refreshinglemon

Wendy Lee said...

My favourite mid autumn activity is just a simple affair. Gathering with family members & eat mooncake! Bringing all e kiddos down for a walk with their lanterns in the park.

FB: Wendy Lee

kathy said...

My fav mid-autumn activity will be going to Chinese garden to take photos of beautiful lantern, and light up candles and enjoying mooncakes with tea. A festival to gather with family too.

FB:Zhou Kathy
Subscribe name : Kathy chew

Theresa Mahoney said...

Those are seriously adorable! It's nice to hear they taste good too, because I agree. Character foods usually taste yucky because they focus too much on cute, not enough on ingredients.

Chay Hwai said...

My favorite Mid-Autumn activity is to eat moon cakes and watch my nieces and nephews play with their lanterns. They are really so happy, always laughing when running here and there holding and playing with their precious lanterns.

Chay Hwai
Subscribed as

Eileen Lim said...

My fave Mid Autumn activity is a special gathering with my family and loved ones under the bright full moon, enjoying tea with yummy mooncakes, complete with happy children wandering along the neighbourhood with their colourful lanterns.
Thanks for this awesome giveaway and sharing the love. Hope to be the lucky one.

FB: Eileen Lim

Ester Em said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is having my relatives over or going to a relative's house, depends on whose turn is it to host. When I was younger, there would be plenty of us in the gatherings but then my cousins got married or have moved overseas so the number just dwindles down and it's a bit sad. But still we keep with the tradition of having a pot-luck dinner no matter how small the group is. Over meal and after, we would catch up, gossip or talk about our plans. And it's just such a good feeling to be around people you love and care the most and that is the best part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. And of course the mooncakes!!! Each family would bring their own mooncakes and we would be comparing who has brought the best :-)

FB name: Ester Em
Name used to subscribe to newsletter: Ester Em
IG name: NanayniMarco1982 (Also reposted in IG)

Thank you for this very timely giveaway :-)

Unknown said...

Nothing beats the fun of walking round the neighbourhood park with lanterns and family gatherings.

Ig : sunbubble
Fb name is Michelle Ng
Subscribed name for your newsletter : Michelle Ng
Email :

Awesome giveaway!

Adelyn :) said...


Thank you for holding good giveaways for your readers that tastes good and looks good. :)

My favourite activity to do in the Mid-Autumn festival is actually a bit different from the rest. I actually enjoy going out to the different malls and sampling different stores/brands mooncakes with my family members before deciding to buy selected ones. And then on the actual day, savour and share it with my big family, which includes aunts, uncles, cousins, niece, nephews. :) It's a joy to share good and delicious food with other people, especially when you share the calories. :P

FB name: Adelyn Khoo Wei Ting (liked, shared post and tagged 3 friends!)
Subscriber name: Adelyn Khoo
Follower on Instagram: @foodieade


Jo ann said...

Eating mooncakes is my fav!😁
IG: ann_bitious
FB: Joann Del Rosario-Dela Cruz
Newsletter: Jo ann Dela Cruz


Renie Wang said...

My Favorite Mid-Autumn Festival activity is none other having a good piece of mooncake with my friends and family as it makes my day after eating it and i really love Hello Kitty and having these 2 together would be awesome. FB Name: Renie Wang.

LUO FANG said...

My favourite activity to do in Mid Autumn Festival is to have a hotpot gathering with family and enjoying mooncakes afterwards

FB Name: Fanny Luo
Name in newsletter: Luo Fang

Unknown said...

Love feasting on mooncakes! Apart from the mooncakes, there are also a lot of new and unique paste emerging in the market and each year, it's truly an eye opener to see what's available. Mooncakes are becoming too pretty to be eaten! The packaging is another alluring factor, just look at Breadtalk's hello kitty box, it definitely stands out! :)

Fb: Ivy Wong
Newsletter: Ivy Wong
IG: ivy0718js

Unknown said...

My favorite activity to do on Mid Autumn Festival is to have steamboat with family and 提灯笼 follow by mahjong session! My ROM anniversary also falls on Mid Autumn 4 years back and this will be the first year we are celebrating with my baby boy. I'm a Hello Kitty lover too! ��

FB name: Clare Zhang
Name to subscribe to newsletter: Clare Zhang

Liked, shared and tagged!

Valentine Yao said...

My favaourite activity on Mid Autumn Festival is family gathering and eat mooncakes together with my family. Fb name: Valentine Yao
Name to subscribe: Valentine Yao
Liked and shared and tag
IG name: valentine_ys86

Anonymous said...

My favourite activity to do on Mid Autumn Festival is bring my children carry lantern around the park. Seeing all the light shine out from lantern just like little star shine the whole park.

FB : Zhen Hui Koh
Name to subscribe to newsletter : Koh Hui Chen

Liked, shared and tagged.

Tan Bee Leng said...

My favorite Mid-Autumn Festival Activity is family gathering a place where we could have the best view of the brightest moon, and we too, drink Chinese tea with soft and sweet mooncakes that come with delicious fillings from red bean paste, dates paste, pineapple to lotus seeds.
The Children will carry different shapes colorful of lanterns and strolling in parks or gardens while we are enjoying the full of moonlight.
The full moon represents an auspicious symbol of abundance, harmony and prosperity. Chinese communities all over the world celebrate its appearance on this important occasion.

FB : Tan Bee Leng
Newsletter: Tan Bee Leng
IG: tan.esther318

Sweetie Pheng Tan said...

My fav Mid-Autumn Festival activity is:
1. The happy time together with my family shopping for our favourite mooncake, scouring for the various bazaars and roaming in the crowd to admire and sample taste the different design of the Mooncakes and to immerse in the ambience of the nearing culture celebration, it's so warming. It may sound trite and boring doing the same thing but to me, it has become my favourite "hobby" ever since the taste enlightened my palate.

2. And most importantly, indulging together with my family in the luxury taste of the variety of yummilicious mooncakes with chinese tea during the festival.

Facebook: Sweetie Pheng Tan

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

min~* said...

My favourite mid autumn activity is dressing up the trees, shrubs and plants all over grandma's house garden. We gather together for dinner which has now become a potluck since grandma isn't able to manage cooking anymore :( Then lighting all the lanterns up and overdosing on mooncakes and teas of a billion kinds because everyone at home likes different types of teas.

FB : Yeo Szemin
Newsletter: Brenda Yeo
IG: bsmint

Xiao Ning said...

My fave Mid Autumn Festival activity would be to cut and share the mooncakes among family and friends while we eat and catch up. It is a special occassion for reunion of not only family memnbers but also long lost touch friends that I have met throughout the years. It is a joyous moment that is meant to be shared.

FB : Xiao Ning
Newsletter: Dawn Chew
IG: xiaoninger

Kc said...

My favourite activity is to carry latter and play with my kids=)
FB Name: Kadice Chong
Subscriber name : Kadice Chong
IG: Kadicec

Jingxian said...

Eat mooncakes! And watch the kids play with the lanterns and candles.
Fb: Jingxian Liang

Grace Lee said...

Eat lots of delicious mooncakes of all shapes and sizes.

Name Grace Lee
IG gracelwc

An Apel a Day said...

What a fun set! I love Hello Kitty!

Anonymous said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival activity is playing lantern and candles with my children besides eating mooncakes.
Fb:Leong Yee Ming

Anonymous said...

My favourite mid autumn activity is playing lantern with kids. walk together with a group of neighbor along a park. and also having moondcake together

facebook name : Rina Lim
email :
IG : rina_lim_hw

Blian Chen said...

My favorite activity is to have tea and mooncake with my parents and listen to them talk about my childhood stories.
FB name: Blian Chen

Jiying a.k.a Jacqueline said...

Hi Sakura Haruku
Liked and Shared!!!!
FB: Jiying Chung
IG: jiyingchung
Repost done!!!

My Favourite Activity with my family members on mid-autumn festival is to book a chalet and we have a BBQ session, eating BBQ meat, Pomelo, taking slices of Mooncakes and Drinking sips of Chinese tea and chit chat under the moon! Very relaxing and happy moments!

Casy Ang said...

Hi Ai Sakura,

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is playing lantern, appreciate the bright full moon and eat mooncakes together with my beloved family.

FB name: Casy Ang
Name subscribe to the newsletter: Casy Ang (

Done Liked, Shared & Participated

Ashley Tan said...

My favourite activity used to be lighting up candles and lanterns to decorate a tree with my friends and neighbours when I was still a young gal! Now that I'm a mother of 2, my favourite activity is to bring them walk around with their lanterns at our nearby park for them to soak into the festive atmosphere!

FB Name: Ashley Tan
IG: ashleyaeryn

jeslyn said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity: Walk around the estate with my lighted up lantern
FB name: Ru Jeslyn
name subscribed to the newsletter: jeslyn
ig: mrsliow

Esther Chng said...

Play lanterns and candles at the park nearby or just outside our house with mooncakes and tea

FB name - Esther L Chng
newsletter name - Esther Chng

Unknown said...

My favourite activity during Mid-Autumn Festival activity is family gathering, eating, talk together. This would be a memorable and meaningful moment because this festival also means 'tuan yuan', reunion. =)

FB name: Seah Kim Tee
Newsletter name: Seah Kim Tee
IG: kimberlyseah

Meeningfully said...

I love tak the kid out to play with his lanterns. FB name: Shermeen CHing Newsletter: Meen C IG: Meeningfully

Jessica Lee said...

Facebook name: Jessica Lee
Subscription name: Lee Keat Yen
IG : @jess_kitkat

My favourite activity during Mid-Autumn Festival has got to be BBQ with my family and friends, decorating the house surrounding area with lanterns and colourful candles and enjoying delicious mooncake together!

Unknown said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is playing with lanterns, eating moon cakes, admiring the full moon and sit down and gather with my family and friends.
FB Name : Ada Thong
Email use to subscribe :
IG : h208217

andy lim said...

My favourite activity will be lighting up candles / sparklers and lanterns with my gal. bring her to the playground and have fun under the moon light.

FB Name : Andy Lim
Email use to subscribe : andy lim
IG : andy_lim1980

Unknown said...

To me, Mid-Autumn Festival is about being with my family and loved ones and sharing the love! My favourite Mid-Autumn Festival activity would be tasting and shopping for mooncakes, and giving them as gifts to my family and loved ones.
FB name: Chong CinCin Qiuying
Newsletter subscriber name: CinCin

Andy Neo said...

My favourite mid-autumn festival activity through many years is always going to my grandparents home and having those paper lanterns to play with!! Definitely memories to hold on tight!!!

FB name: Andy Neo
Newsletter subscriber name: Say Hui Neo
IG: gooners1975

Unknown said...

have a walk at Garden by the bay carry lanterns with family

Facebook Name : Dave Lim
newsletter Name : Dave Lim Tze Khang
IG : daveltk
Email :

Jane said...

My favorite Mid-Autumn Festival activity is making and playing lanterns with my family, and of course enjoying delicious mooncakes with them.

FB and subscriber name: Jane Hee

Unknown said...

My family and I will go to the nearby park to light up our lanterns and eat mooncakes there, under the bright round moon. Residents who live nearby would be there to join in the fun too. So, it would be like a big group of us celebrating this joyous Mid-Autumn Festival together.

FB name: Chong Yu Tong
Name I used to subscribe to the newsletter: Alyssa Chong

Wynn Yeo said...

My fave mid-autumn activity-猜灯迷!Love the excitement of guessing, and suspense in the air while waiting for the right answer to be revealed, as if entering a haunted house! Haha..The event forges togetherness and community spirit.

Facebook/subscriber name: Wynn Yeo (subscriber first name-Wynn Last name-Yeo)

Yu Meiyi said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is to be surrounded by my child and her young cousins; with them playing the lanterns, and the adults enjoying the mooncakes and Chinese tea.

FB name/newsletter: Yu Meiyi

Joe said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is to enjoy mooncakes and sip some fragrant hot tea while spending time with my family at home.
FB name I used to like the page + name I used to subscribe to the newsletter: Joe Fung

Hongliangatm said...

My favourite Mid-Autumn Activity is to play the PEEL MY POMELO game! It is a tradition that my household plays such a game during the annual Mid-Autumn Festival. Usually we will have a few pomelos at home, and we will each have 10 minutes to peel it and form it into a word symbolizes a meaning behind it, or into a decoration that is unique. It is one that gets everyone participated, and to hype up abit, the winners team will usually get to taste the dessert homemade by my grandma (Usually its tang yuans, which is also my favourite!!). While the adults get hyped by the game (I think its more by the food though! Haha), the childrens will usually have their time of designing their lanterns so that they can "show off" during their 'rallies' (Not #GE2015 Rallies but yeah, Lantern Rallies) and each year there would be one or two cousins that tries to be funny and come out with a weird lantern, either with one eye or two noses. Hehe thats my favourite activit(ies)!

The Facebook Name I used : Poh Hong Liang (URL :

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Mark said...

My fave Mid-Autumn Festival activity is to play lanterns and eat mooncakes with my family members.

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