Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting Her Ears Pierced at B*dazzle, Singapore

Lil Pumpkin crossed a big milestone... she got her ears pierced!! My oh my... I guess it really is time to admit that my little one is a baby no more and is a big girl now. Sobs sobs.

Since she was about 4 or 5, I'd asked her a few times before if she wanted to get her ears pierced, but she firmly declined and said that she was scared of the pain. But recently, she told us she wanted to get her ears pierced and asked if we could bring her.

I guess some of her friends in school have earrings and she's influenced by them to want to wear pretty earrings too (。◕‿◕。)

Last weekend, we brought her to B*dazzle at Wistma Atria to get her piercings done. It was the most decent place I could think of to get ear piercings. I remember when I was little my mum brought me to get my first ear piercings at a goldsmith shop... but I'm not sure if they still do it??

As a teen, I also went to some shops at Far East Plaza to get more ear piercings, but I thought it's better to go to a more reliable and reputable shop for Lil Pumpkin (‾◡◝ ) I didn't want to risk her getting any allergic reaction or infection!

We always pass by B*dazzle on the way to Takashimaya and often see people getting their ears pierced there. Plus, it's been around for a long time so I guess it must be pretty reliable and reputable.

B*dazzle prides themselves on safe, sterile and painless ear piercing. They also state that they use a disposable cartridge ear piercing system that keeps each earring sealed inside the cartridge which is then disposed after each piercing to prevent the spread of communicable disease.

The staff at the shop were efficient, but I wouldn't say extremely friendly or helpful. B'dazzled doesn't charge for the piercing service itself, but from the sales of the earrings chosen so I guess that's why the lady who attended to us seemed to want to push for the most expensive earrings... which are 14k-18k solid gold studs that cost from S$89. 

They actually sell a whole range of titanium, solid gold and nickel-free earrings made of Grade 303 surgical steel. I intended to get solid gold studs for Lil Pumpkin in the first place as it's the safest choice to prevent any inflammation, but would have appreciated if she took the time to tell us the price and features of the other earrings as well, instead of just telling me the price of the most expensive range and trying to convince me to get it.

She only briefly talked about the other earrings when I asked. Customers like options and to see that they are getting the best value-for-money, right?

FYI, the cheapest pair from the entire collection is S$49.

The staff that attended to us also seemed very rushed even though we were the only customers in the store at that time. I haven't even finished signing the consent form yet and she was getting Lil Pumpkin to sit on the chair and marking her earlobes for piercing!

I had to tell her to slow down, and to give us time to think & prepare. I mean, my little girl is getting her first pair of ear piercings! It's a milestone not just for her, but for us as parents too and I wanted us to savour the moment and experience.

In the end, we chose a pair of simple solid gold ball studs {S$99.80} for Lil Pumpkin that's suitable for daily wear and school. I remember that the first pair of earrings my mummy got for me was a pair of simple heart-shaped solid gold earrings too.

I wonder where they are now... hmm.

When it was time to pierce her ears, they sprayed some anesthetic and another staff came over so that they can pierce both ears at the same time. I highly recommend this for kids so that they feel the pain only once... and won't chicken out after the first piercing!! (>。<;)

Lil Pumpkin was a bit apprehensive, but didn't seem too scared and her daddy held her hands for support. She only gave out a little whinge at the end. Oh my brave little girl! #achievementunlocked

Took a video of her whole ear-piercing experience *grins* If it isn't working, please watch it on my YouTube channel here.

We also bought a bottle of alcohol to clean her ears {S$10.70} twice a day and I told her NOT to touch her ears for at least a week or so. Last time when I pierced my ears, I was told to turn the earrings a few times a day so that the new skin that's trying to close the hole does not form so tightly against the earrings but I read online that some people recommended not to do it as it might irritate the piercing.

Both sides seem pretty logical so I just balance and twist it once a day. Anyway so far so good as there's no infections or messy secretions and Lil Pumpkin reminds people not to touch her ears. Sometimes I forget when I'm helping her wear clothes or tie her hair and accidentally hit her ears. Oops.

She is really soooooo happy with her new pierced ears and couldn't wait to show her friends and teachers in school! I think she looks a bit more "mature" with the earrings now.

B*dazzle offers a 6-week free after care service and we were told to go back for a review within a month. I think it's a good place to pierce your ears at if you're looking for something fast, convenient and safe. I won't say it's entirely kid-friendly as the staff don't seem too patient, but they are professional and the earrings are hygienic & approved by Health ministries worldwide.

Just be sure not to rush your decision and choose a pair of earrings that fit your budget, and one that your kid will love and want to wear for at least 2 months {the time taken for a newly pierced earring tunnel to heal}.

B*dazzle Jewelry
#B1-41 435 Orchard Rd
Open daily 10am – 10pm
Tel: 6235 6948
*Also available at Raffles City, West Mall & Junction 8

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid post. All views expressed are my own.



Kaz @ Melting Moments said...

Aw, she was so brave. That photo at the end is priceless. Lil Pumpkin is growing up!

Adeline said...

I got my ears pierced at a goldsmith shop too! Think that was probably the trend for our generation. Haha. I did go with my friend to B*dazzle when she wanted to get her ears pierced in secondary school, and I was impressed with how fast the staff worked. Think there's less time for the shock and pain to set in, when they do both at the same time. :P
Lil' Pumpkin is so brave, and she really looks so happy to finally get her ears pierced. Soon, you'll be buying her different designs for her earrings!

Mamamie said...

Yeah! to more cute & funky earrings in the near future :)

mail4rosey said...

Aww big congrats to her!! I love that smiling picture. :) My daughter had one earring for years because she hopped off the seat and refused to get back in after one, lol

An Apel a Day said...

How fun! I was so scared to have it done. I think I was close to 8, and my mom gave it to me as a birthday present. I didn't tell her, but I didn't want it done. I like them now. I think little girls look cute with them!

I have mixed feelings about babies that get them done though. In the Filipino culture (where my Step-Grandma came from) it's common to pierce them as babies. I just feel like their ears grow so much that they may be off centered, or pull on them accidentally.

Madeline Heng said...

Brought my girl to the same place! They gave us two bottles so expensive and useless cos max we only need one. But well what to do, she only pierces her ears once (when she is young at least).

Unknown said...

Well done Pumpkin! We brought Dana to a PD in Bishan for the ear piercing at a friend's recommendation. I've recently removed her earrings when she needed to do an X-ray at the dentist and found that some dried gooey stuff had stuck to the earring. Reminds me that I should remove the earrings every few months to clean with the alcohol or antiseptic lotion. Do remember to do that too esp since the girls swim often.

Ai Sakura said...

Kaz: She definitely is.. too fast!!!

Adeline: Ya I think so too. Shows how old we are haha... she was really excited to go and do it!

Mamamie: I think so too haha

Mail4rosey: That's too funny! But at least it's all even out now :P

Alissa: I'm not too keen on babies having them too because they are sure to keep touching their ears or rubbing them somehow which would likely cause infection or irritation to the piercing. At least now that she's older, if there's any rash or discomfort she's able to voice it out early to me too.

Madeline: I actually didn't want to get the solution too since the boy probably sells the same thing in his clinic! But he said just get since it might be softer on her ears?? I think they push for the solution too.. if you buy less expensive earrings, they will push for more bottles of solution.

Shauna 'Round the Corner said...

My little girl is 6 years and she would love her ears pierced but she is a bit apprehensive about the pain! And I am a bit apprehensive about her growing up! Lol. It looks like it was a great experience for you all, a special memory :-)

pc said...

Timely! One more place for me to consider (or not;p) to bring my girl for the ear piercing;). My big girl is inspired (to get her ears pierced) finally.

And big congrats to Little Pumpkin~ (She is so big girl now!)

May said...

Firstly, I want to applaud her bravery! Must be vain enough to go past that pain hhha

I remember I had mine in a goldsmith shop too and I cried so hard the first trip there I went home without my piercing. Then a few months later, I said "ok let's try again" and I remember crying my way through the process too! All those infection with pus thereafter wasn't pleasant.

Grew up and did my second pierce with b*dazzle at wisma as well! Paid a lot more compared to the goldsmith shop but gullible me told myself it's worth the price because the marketing gimmick said "painless!" Of course it was painful but I was older and braver! No more tears hehe

Ai yai yai of course this is a milestone for lil pumpkin and her parents! I'd be so upset if they rushed through it and made me miss that moment. Glad you slowed them down!

Stacy said...

She does look more mature with the piercings! Guess the staff just want to finish their job and not bother with teary-eyed mamas hehe.

Waiwai Leung said...

She is so brave! I had the courage to do the piercing when I was in secondary school!

Masshole Mommy said...

Getting their ears pierced is a rite of passage for little girls. Congrats to her.

Unknown said...

Wow! She looks so happy right after it was done! Brave little one! I remember my own was done at a goldsmith shop when I was abt 6yo... I ran out of the shop after one side was done and had to be persuaded by everyone to go back in! Yikes!!

Audrey @ SAys! Happy Mums

mummybean said...

What a milestone! I wonder how I'd feel when it's Mei's turn to get her ears pierced. She's not asked about it yet. I think I got my own ears pierced at B*dazzle too, then one closed and I went to the goldsmith to get it redone the traditional way, with a piece of GINGER behind my ear! Horrors. It's a pity that the service you got a B*dazzle was a bit lacking.

Phoebe said...

Kudos to her! I did not have the guts to pierce my ears till I have to wear a pair for my wedding day. :) As for my girl.. i somehow think she also has no liking for earrings. ^_^

--andy-- said...

I know what to expect next time when my girl wish to pierce her ears, you got video somemore!

cheer, Andy

Unknown said...

Awww...Kristy has her ears pierced 3 times and I think now the holes have stabilised. We did it at Goldheart Jurong Point. The service was great and the staff were patient every time.

During her second piercing, one hole was done lower than the other. It took me a long long while to decide that she should have it redone even though it means pain once more. Went back to Goldheart and they agreed to redo for her at no extra cost, and asked us to remove the ear stud to let the ear fully heal for at least 6 mths beforw we return.

And yes you have to remember to keep turning the studs for her. Else infection sets in really fast.

Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

Theresa Mahoney said...

Look at her big smile! She really handled the piercing like a pro. I was expecting an OUCH or something, but that little wince at the end showed what a brave girl she was through the whole thing. Love the new look, Lil Pumpkin!

Grace said...

Brave Lil Pumpkin!!! I'm so impressed how well she took it! Love the earrings you chose too. Very practical but also very pretty. Good work, Mama. Glad to hear you told them not to rush you guys either x

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I haven't done that to Obi :)..I guess she will be as excited but I'll wait a little longer I guess. She is only 4 now ..

Unknown said...

This made me recall my own ear piercing at age 7! At Oriental Emporium!
This milestone experience could have been so much more pleasant with nice staff. Oh well, at least it was overall okay.