Monday, November 9, 2015

20 Tips for Kids Entering Primary 1 | from parents for parents

Less than 2 months before our baby girl starts her primary school journey!! Eeeks.. mixed feelings of trepidation and excitement.

I guess most of would-be Primary 1 parents will be attending the P1 orientation in the coming weeks. Ours is on Sat 21 Nov 2015. There will be lots of new information and advice from the school on how to help our little ones cope with the new school and this huge milestone in their lives, but here are 20 Tips for Kids Entering Primary 1 {for parents & the children} from the parents who have gone through it themselves.

Thanks to friends & readers for sharing your wisdom and experience with me and I hope the other would-be Primary 1 parents would find this list useful too! Leave me a comment if you have other tips to share~


1. Train the kid to pack their school bag on their own according to time table every night before sleep. - Mummy Lee Ling

2. Have an open mind and make many friends - Mummy Jaime

3. Having self confidence is one of the keys to success. Parents should hence help them build confidence by sharing positive experiences in school, how they will enjoy the accompany of the new friends and what they can expect in Primary one! - Mummy Mabel

4. Bring packed lunch - Mummy Lorna

5. Keep calm and chill. Don't sweat the small stuff. - Mummy Evelyn

6. Learn to be responsible for own belongings & remember instructions or memos given by teachers. - Mummy Jeslyn

7. They should learn to be more independent and start doing simple things by themselves before the end of K2 (e.g., buying drinks from a store). - Mummy Selena

8. Sleep early! School can be very tiring for new children starting P1 - Mummy Gladys

9. Parents ourselves don't be kiasu and don't pressure the kiddo! Let him/her enjoy childhood and primary school. Remember how much fun we used to have?- Mummy Joanne

10. For me it important they enjoy learning and look forward in every way. Involve them in all the process such as buying the books, uniforms and stationery. - Mummy Xiaohui

11.  Train them the use of money before school commence. - Mummy Jingxian

12. You should probably get more PE attires as the schools might have more PE days due to the new PE curriculum. My son has 4 days of PE and 1 day without PE - Mummy Samantha

13. Visit the school together and ask to be shown the places that are really important to the kid and their settling in process such as the toilets, where to get snacks, the self-registration area, the coat racks etc. - Daddy Hock Guan

14. Label all their items - Daddy Andrew

15. Personally I loved to put small surprise notes in her bag or purse, so she always feel us along with her in each & every step - Mummy Ashmika

16. Teach them how to talk to the teacher if they need help, how to buy meals with more vegetables and less junk food, independent checking of timetable etc. - Mummy Angelia

17. We are enrolling our firstborn into the on-site student care centre at his pri school in mid-Dec, to help him familarise with the new teachers and environment, before he starts P1 officially in Jan - Mummy Carol

18. Enjoy your primary schooling as much as possible! Once you reached secondary, no more play time! - Mummy Coco

19. Teach the child basic skills such as counting money, cleaning herself after eating. - Mummy Cynthia

20. Train the kid to wake and prepare for P1 morning school routine in advance, especially if they have difficulty waking up early. - Mummy Juliana

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season before P1 mayhem begins! :P

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Masshole Mommy said...

Yes - label everything! If I didn't label the stuff that went out of the house with my boys, I would never get half of it back.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Great tips! I love the labeling one best. We lost so much stuff before we started putting labels on things. My girls also like to take their own lunch. School lunch here is so disgusting!

oomph. said...

great tips...i know she will do well!

Stacy said...

Just chill hehe. She'll do great.

Cascia Talbert said...

Great tips! Good luck to your little one. I bet she is excited. My kids always look forward to the start of a new school year.

An Apel a Day said...

Those are all great tips. One of the hardest things for my boys was when they had to learn to tie their shoes. I learned really soon that their teacher didn't want to bend over to tie shoes all day long.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

really useful tips, Ai..and most of them are still valid for older kids as well :)

Michelle said...

My first baby is going to primary school next year and I know all of us parents are feeling the same thing, excitement. Your lists are a such a great advantage to us. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jeniper Lopez said...

For me personally it essential they take pleasure in learning and appear forward in most way. Include them out of all process for example buying the publications, uniforms as well as stationery.