Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas 2015 | 20 X'mas Tree Festive Food Ideas

Who else is as excited as I am and is counting down to Christmas too??! \(♥◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ Just about 5 more weeks left by the way!!

Some of us may not have the time or space to put up a Christmas tree but that doesn't mean we still can't have one for the holidays! Here are 20 Christmas Tree Festive Food Ideas to fill your holiday season table with cheer, whether its at home with family or outside at gatherings with friends. Most of them are actually very healthy and nutritious, which is a welcome change from the sugary/ fattening Christmas treats in abundance everywhere.

Most of them are also very easy and fun to prepare, so your kids can help you in the kitchen and this will surely encourage them to eat more too! Perfect school holiday activity and I've got a few that I definitely want to try out with Lil Pumpkin.

1. How lovely is this Fruity Christmas Tree?? Such a beautiful table centerpiece too.

2. This Fruits & Berries Christmas Tree would be very easy for the young ones to prepare!

3. Kiwis are rich in vitamin C & are a good source of fiber. 
It's kiwi season in Singapore now so if you've many at home, try this Green Kiwi Christmas Tree!

4. Green isn't your colour? Go for a Red Very Berry Christmas Tree then!

 6. Watermelon Christmas Trees prove that all you need is a
cookie cutter to make fun Christmas Tree treats!

7. For the really young toddlers, let them have some fun creating their
DIY Mini Christmas Tree Snack with apple slices, cheese and some cheerios for decoration.

8. Vegetables Christmas Tree with broccoli as the base are very healthy too!
I'd definitely add a dip with this though for extra taste.

9. Another way to present the veges would be just to mount up a good bowl of greens
for a Salad Christmas Tree. Don't forget to top it with a star toast or something (⌒∇⌒)

10. Another easy-peasy one for the toddlers - Celery Tower Christmas Tree.

11. Tortilla Pinwheels Christmas Tree would be a very filling appetiser!
Use green Mission Garden Spinach Herb Wraps for the tortilla skins.

12. Make individual whole-wheat Mini Pita Christmas Trees for more filling appetisers!

13. Or even Cucumber & Cheese Tea Christmas Tree Sandwiches.
These will pack nicely into obento boxes too (´ω`★)

14. I like the idea of a Herb & Cheese Christmas Tree Pull-apart where
everyone gets their hands on it to pull the bread apart together! Family effort, yo!

15. Speaking of cheese, I think all parties need a Cheese Christmas Tree platter!

16. But of course if you're too *ahem* lazy to cut cheese into small cubes, you can always
cut a block of cheese diagonally & arrange properly for another kind of Cheese Christmas Tree.

17. I shall start the not-so-healthy-but-yummy Christmas tree food ideas with
the colourful & sweet Fairy Bread Christmas Tree.
Fairy Bread is a perennial kids favourite in Australia/ New Zealand and is simply
sliced white bread spread with margarine / butter and covered with sprinkles.

 18. Kids will also love Rice Krispie Christmas Tree treats!
I'm not that keen on adding food dye to kids food, but you can try to
make homemade green food dye with spinach or other green food.

19. These Brownie Christmas Tree treats are so adorable too!

20. However hands down, I think the cutest Christmas tree food award
goes to Secret Santa Cone Christmas Tree!

Enjoy the festive holiday season!
If you have any other Christmas Tree food ideas, do comment & share with me


qi said...

Nice to see that most are really healthy options and suitable for the kids! I really love the last one. I think my son would love it too.
On a side note, thank you for the reminder that Christmas is coming. Need to do my shopping and put up the tree too!

Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

An Apel a Day said...

They are all so pretty! I did the broccoli and cauliflower type one. The cheese and grape tray looks great to!

May said...

Woo Hooo! Idea for a kitchen activity! I will put this on the advent calendar... hmmm which day in December shall I put this for? 3rd Dec! Cool! Decided!

Amila @ Leisure and Me said...

Really cute stuff...I Really like the idea with cheese.(Cheesy Christmas tree),that sounds so easy to make...

Waiwai Leung said...

Wow! So cute! I love the fruit Christmas trees!

Phoebe said...

all of them look so pretty! I love the fruity one but the Secret santa cone christmas tree is a real surprise! Am sure the kids will love it!

Grace said...

These are brilliant! So creative and original! The fruity ones are great for the Australian summer but oh wait….we're in Bali for Christmas this year! YESSSSS!

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Waaaa these Christmas trees are super nice lah! I think the kiwi and the grape trees are quite achievable. Gonna try it to wow the kids hehehe

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea! Edible christmas trees. So much more delicious that getting a dusty plastic tree out of the storeroom.

Unknown said...

Sooo much fun! LOVE.

Masshole Mommy said...

I wish I was creative enough to pull one of these off ;)

Stacy said...

Wow missed this post earlier. Looks fabulous!