Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday {linky}: Singapore Playgrounds - Simei Dinosaurs | Week 37

Where is this week's playground?
Between Blk 227 and 228 Simei Street 4 {Simei East}.

FUN Factor?
6.5/10. A small, outdoor playground in the heartlands.
It has monkey bars, slides, climbing poles and a small suspension bridge.
2 cute dinosaurs {not as fierce or big as the Kim Keat Dinos!}
help to "protect" this playground :)

I know some families are playing along with "Dinovember".
This would be a fun playground to visit this month with the small dinos~

Play is important for children to learn, grow and discover the world we live in.
As we visit as many fun, nostalgic and even quirky playgrounds as we can this year,
I hope to inspire you to make play an even bigger part of your kids' lives and
explore much more of our beautiful Singapore!

This photo is part of the 52 Weeks Singapore Playgrounds series.


Sakura Haruka's wordless wednesday
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stevebethere said...

Another nice playground, I like the colour scheme too :-)

Have a funtastic week :-)

NanaHood said...

Love the playground. Wish I could take my grandchildren to it!

An Apel a Day said...

Those dino's are cute. They remind me of ones from The Land Before Time.

Karren Haller said...

Another great playground!!!

Ai Sakura said...

Oh yes they do remind me of the ones in The Land Before Time too! There's a new dino movie coming up.. looks pretty similar.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think it will be visited frequently once The Good Dinosaur hits theaters and all the kids find a newfound fascination with dinos!

Stacy said...

This one is cute! The dinos don't move though, right?

Dee Dee said...

I agree, the dinosaurs are so cute! Have a great day!

Di from Max The Unicorn said...

I wish we'd found playgrounds like this when we were in Singapore, but shopping took precedence! Looks like fun :)

Dominique Goh said...

Cool.. a Dino theme playground. :)

oomph. said...

this is what most of our playgrounds look like here.

Charlotte said...

Such a lovely playground! x

Cascia Talbert said...

That looks like such a fun playground! Have a great day.

Claire Justine said...

Whoo so many great playgrounds :) I bet you daughter loves visiting them all :)

mail4rosey said...

I like the dinos on the floor matting. It's a cute park, and that aerial picture rocks!!

mail4rosey said...

hmm maybe they're not dino birds on the mat (my previous comment)? I dunno, but I still like them either way.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

love those colorful dinos..Lil pumpkin seems to enjoy it sooo much :)

Masshole Mommy said...

How fun! My two would love to climb all over those.