Friday, December 4, 2015

Baby's First Month | Manyue {满月} Party Desserts & Gift Sets from The Icing Room ♥

Time flies and Lil J is now 1 month old!!

The first full month {满月} since birth is a very important celebration in Chinese families. In the past, infant mortality was pretty high so to make it past the first crucial month was definitely worth commemorating!

Indeed, seeing Lil J achieve her first month milestones and grow into a healthy and happy baby calls for a celebration!

The blessed little girl had her first party last Saturday when my sister and bro-in-law threw a Manyuejiu {满月酒} in her honour to celebrate her first full month with family and friends. Traditionally, a manyue party can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Some families book a few tables at the restaurant and invite colleagues, business associates, family, friends etc. while others just have it at home with relatives and close friends, like what my sister did.

She catered mee siam and other savoury local delights for guests to munch on, and also set up a dessert buffet table with sweets & treats from The Icing Room.

Did you know that you can order The Icing Room products online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep?? There's a wide selection of cakes {even their famous Design-It-Yourself specialty cakes or rainbow sponge cakes}, pastries, macarons, muffins etc. to choose from.

If you're not sure what to order, they also have various pre-mixed party packs of assorted tea cakes, muffins, brownies, cupcakes and macarons to cater to small {6-8 pax} and large {15-20 pax} parties. Very convenient especially when you have other party preparation like decorating the venue, getting door gifts etc. to take care of!

For Lil J's manyue party, she had an assortment of delicious macarons {S$20 for 12 pieces} and they were such a hit with the guests because seriously, who can resist their chewy shells and luscious fillings?? If I could, I would have eaten the whole lot haha.

The colourful Icing Room macarons certainly brightened up the party and were perfectly sized {not too small!} and oh-so delectable. I liked that they weren't overly sweet and the different flavours were strong and distinct. Some didn't just have cream fillings, but fruit jam fillings too. 

There were also sweet pink baby-themed cupcakes {S$15.50 for 6 pieces} that were too cute to eat! Each vanilla-flavoured cupcake had either a strawberry, blueberry or chocolate filling and were topped with pink buttercream frosting and dainty icing sugar decorations.

When delivered to the party, the freshly-baked cupcakes came in boxes of 6 with separate holders for each cupcake so the frosting and cupcake decorations were all still beautiful, intact and not smashed at all.

This baby brown bear was Lil Pumpkin's favourite cupcake design :) The details are so fine and fantastic! I think they are all handmade by the bakery's pâtissiers.

The party cupcakes were the same as the ones in The Icing Room’s Baby First Month {My Little Princess} beautifully packaged gift sets for family and friends.

For manyue celebrations, it is a customary to give sets of cakes, red eggs {symbolise birth & good luck}, ang ku kuehs {turtle design/ pointed for baby boys, peaches design/ flat for baby girls} and glutinous rice {anybody knows why??} to relatives and friends. This was what we did for Lil Pumpkin's manyue.

However, you usually have to finish the glutinous rice and ang ku kuehs on the day delivered as they are made fresh with no preservatives so some parents like my sis & her hubby prefer modern gift sets with less traditional offerings like cupcakes that although are also best eaten on day they're delivered, still taste good even after a day or two.

They still prepared the red eggs though and gave them out as those are definitely a MUST-HAVE for manyue celebrations!!

Each of The Icing Room’s Baby First Month set {S$16.80 each} comes in your choice of a baby blue or pink box, with a personalised baby announcement tag and individual carrier.

You can choose either Little Bundle of Joy gift sets {2 brownies, 2 almond cakes, 2 lollicakes, 2 cookies, 2 macarons and a packet of meringue kisses} or Little Princess / Little Prince gift sets {6 pieces of cupcakes with icing sugar decorations}.

Customisations are possible e.g. you can change the sugar decorations depending on what's available in-store, but please confirm with The Icing Room for more details. You need to order at least 4 working days in advance & there's free delivery of the gift sets with a minimum order of S$300. See full details here.

Since it's the Christmas season,  Lil J's manyue party desserts also included a yuletide creation - the Holly Choco Log cake {S$48, 750g}! It is a rich chocolate chiffon with layers of moist chocolate cream and fragrant homemade strawberry paste.

The log cake was sooooo smooth and practically melted in your mouth. It was a chocoholic's dream and Lil J's party day was seriously one of those days I wish I didn't have to watch my calories and could stuff myself silly with all the decadent desserts!!

I checked online and the rest of The Icing Room's Christmas selections look really festive and sumptuous too. I've got my eye on that adorable Jolly Santa vanilla chiffon cake {S$32, 500g} filled with cocktail fruits and Chantilly cream, topped with fresh strawberries or the Christmas Candy House chocolate & hazelnut chiffon cake {S$35, 500g} with a puff pastry roof decorated with tart raspberries and jelly candies which I'd probably get the boy to order for our own Christmas dinner party.

There's an early bird promo now until 13 Dec 2015 for 20% off regular Christmas cakes {only valid for Winter Berryland log cake, Holly Choco Log, Christmas Candy House and Jolly Santa} or if you're a Citibank Card member,  the offer is valid until 25 Dec 2015.

The Icing Room Christmas Collection 2015 is only available until 25 Dec 2015 {duh!}. See the full Christmas cake catalogue here. Like the Baby First Month gift sets, you can order them online {requires 3 working days advance order} and have them delivered to your home.

Overall, kudos to my sis for pulling off such a fine party for Lil J even though I know she must be so stressed & tired as a new mother taking care of her newborn kid. Thank goodness Lil J is a sweet little thing who doesn't fuss much and sleeps pretty well... unlike our dear Lil Pumpkin when she was a baby hahahaha.

Looking forward to celebrating more of Lil J's milestones and birthdays! Happy 1st month again Lil J! We love you very much~ Hope you like the gift we got you!!

Did you celebrate your kid's first month birthday?
What was inside your manyue gift sets?

* Disclosure: This is a review for The Icing Room. All opinions are my own.


An Apel a Day said...

Most of the time we don't celebrate the first month. We just post monthly photos on social media sites with a 1 month photo. The only time I've celebrated weekly, or monthly birthdays is when my nephew Emerson was born. We didn't know how long he was going to live - now it's 5 years later and he's still here. I'm all for birthdays. All of your treats look great!

Stacy said...

The food spread is so pretty! Nice for lil pumpkin to have another cousin to play with.

Small Kucing said...

Its so cute

Used to be nasi kunyit and red eggs over here but now m9re and m9re just ordered muffins too

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy 1 Month! It seems like you were just posting about her birth. Time sure flies! The party spread looks really scrumptious!

Angie@ Simply Mommie said...

We only did so for our firstborn and it was a major hassle so we opted to do away with it for our #2. Didn't know The icing room has such a cool service. We decorated our birthday cakes there a couple of years back!

May said...

Ahh I didn't know the icing room does deliveries too. I brought ewan to make a cake for his dad two years ago :) hmmm I didn't give out any man yue gift boxes leh. Only held home parties. I he thought the gifts were only given to those who did not turn up for the party.

Ai Sakura said...

Alissa: Ah thanks for sharing! I'm very happy for Emerson. Love reading your updates on him :)

Stacy: Yes she is sooooo happy! Finally someone to really call her "jie jie" haha

Small Kucing: Getting more and more convenient :P

Theresa: So fast, right?? thanks!

Angie: Ya they do deliver even for the DIY cakes! So convenient

May: Really?? We give out to those at the party and those who can't make it.

Michelle said...

Happy first month baby! We did celebrate first month for my two daughters and it was very warm experience and we are very happy. I know how you felt with the celebration. Enjoy it and to the days with your kiddie. :)

lady J said...

How lovely and brings back memories of me celebrating Bubba's first month! Those macarons sure look delicious! Not a good idea to be looking at them this time of t he night!

Paula said...

Love all the colors and details! What a fun celebration for such a sweet little girl :)

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

The macarons and cupcakes look so pretty!!! You're quite right, I think the glutinous rice and ang ku kueh really have to eat fresh because when we distributed for Alexis' first month, the rice and akk turned mouldy by the 3rd day!

Unknown said...

Blessed 1st month to Baby J! She looks so adorable. I love the dessert spread too. Would recommend The Icing Room to friends next time!