Monday, January 18, 2016

Toyogo Factory Direct Wholesale Centre Singapore

This is probably one of my most "auntie" posts but if you're looking for great bargains on all kinds of plastic household items, Toyogo Factory Direct Wholesale Centre at Kallang Avenue {diagonally opposite Singapore Casket} is the place to go!

Toyogo is a Singapore brand that was established around 20 years ago. It specialises in a wide range of plastic products and manufactures them in Malaysia. The Singapore wholesale centre used to be located at Toa Payoh but it moved to this new venue in June 2015.

The "auntie" in me was seriously so excited to have discovered this hahaha...

This year I want to meal-plan and meal-prep more so I needed my kitchen to be more organised.

I #konmarie-ed and did some major decluttering in my kitchen cabinets, fridge and pantry but as I wanted my obento boxes and accessories to be more visible and accessible {as opposed to getting lost in the hidden depths of my kitchen cabinets!!}, I decided to get some clear storage drawer shelves from here.

Well, that was the original plan anyway... we ended up going back a couple more times and getting a few other things from here as well (^_^;)

IT IS LIKE STORAGE HEAVEN!!! And since it's factory direct, most of the items are even cheaper than what you'd find at the hypermarkets e.g. Giant, departmental stores or even the HDB neighbourhood shops.

You don't have to be a wholesaler to purchase here and you don't have to buy in bulk either although there's greater savings for most items if you do.

They have baby high chairs..

Household and kitchen items {some items are available at Daiso but are even cheaper!}..

Shelves and shelves of lunchboxes and food storage containers..

We bought that Living Case by the way to keep our bread, jams and sauces in one place. It was 1 for S$9.90, and 2 for $10 so of course we bought 2!!

Contemplated getting these old-school food covers too by they are too bulky and "auntie", even for me (/ω\)

The mini food boxes are value-for-money and are great as mini snack containers or to meal-prep and freeze small portions of food for toddlers. Wish I got some for Lil Pumpkin when she was younger! The orange-capped ones are going at just 6 for S$1.80.

There are various sizes of red-capped plastic jars too that many like to use for Chinese New Year goodies.

I didn't even know that they manufacture stationery but yes they have those here too! No need to make extra trips down to Popular or bookstores heh. 

All your gardening equipment can be found here as well - there's not just plastic pots but hoses, gloves, spades, racks etc.

Not forgetting a humongous range of plastic pails, basins, stools, chairs, trays etc...

Even plastic bathtubs! This costs S$55 each and can fit an adult, if you don't mind just sitting inside and not stretching your legs out haha

Yup, you can definitely find their famous large storage boxes here. My parents have a few and they are very lasting.

There's a whole area dedicated to storage drawers and I had a such hard time choosing.. there were just so many! In the end I chose a design that had 4 clear drawers so that we can fit 2 in our car.

Toyogo Wholesale Centre offers free delivery to Singapore addresses {except those in Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, Ion Orchard, Jurong Island & other restricted areas} for purchases above S$400. For 11 items and above but below S$400, there's a flat charge of S$50. For 10 items and below, it costs S$15 for the first item & S$2 for each subsequent item.

For our first visit there, we spent about 1.5 hours looking through and exploring the place. It's air-conditioned and not exactly like a warehouse, more like a huge Toyogo supermarket. When we go it is usually crowded, and some of the aisles can get pretty narrow so I don't recommend you shopping with strollers/ prams there.

The staff are like those in Ikea whereby they will leave you alone to do your shopping, but are always around in case you have any questions or need help. They will even offer to help you carry your bulky items to the car without you asking and free-of-charge. The boy was very pleasantly surprised by that (。◕‿◕。)

It is also very convenient to come by public transport too since so many buses pass through the area and it's located near Lavender MRT station. They have free shuttle services between the station's Exit A and the wholesale centre daily.

This is definitely a place to KIV for all your home's organising and storage needs (b^_^)b

Toyogo Factory Direct Wholesale Centre Singapore
2 Kallang Ave, CT Hub
Open daily 9.30 am - 6.30 am {including public holidays, except Chinese New Year}
Tel: 6251 8747

As of 2 Jun 2018, Toyogo Factory Direct Wholesale Centre Singapore has moved to Bedok:

Toyogo Factory Direct Wholesale Centre Singapore
Blk 201A, Bedok North
Open daily 9.30 am - 6.30 am {including public holidays, except Chinese New Year}
Tel: 6251 8747

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid post. All views expressed are my own.



Anonymous said...

Omg!!! I want to be there too!! My inner auntie is screaming real loud in the quiet MRT.

Theresa Mahoney said...

It reminds me a lot like Ikea (which sadly is a few hours from my house). I've been in kitchen rearrangement mode myself. Jason went to the hardware and helped me build lots of organizational units in the cabinets to make things more accessible.

Unknown said...

Wow! So many things to buy there! Very tempted to go!

Susan said...

I was just there on the first New Year weekend to get some storages boxes and I'll be back again once I clear out the things I've been meaning to declutter and get down to some serious reorganization. Oh there's a travelling COW restaurant on the 2nd floor and the food's pretty good. Shall do a post on it soon :P

--andy-- said...

Pass by a few times, always has a crowd.
I did not know the prices can be cheaper than Daiso :)

cheers, andy

May said...

Goodness me! I never knew such a place existed! How did you find out about it! hahaha Aunty Shopping Spreeeeee!

An Apel a Day said...

That's cool! Here in the US we have a store called The Container Store. When I lived in Georgia I went there. In Nebraska we don't have The Container Store, nor do we have Ikea. :( I have to travel 2 1/2 hours for the nearest Ikea.

I think, "Auntie" Means something different there than here. Auntie here is just slang for Aunt. My sisters would be my kid's Aunties.

Masshole Mommy said...

That store is awesome. I would keep finding reasons to go there :)

Danessa Foo said...

Haha, that plastic bathtub looks epic! This is a great find, thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

I think my mind will go into overdrive if I step into this warehouse! Thanks for sharing :D

Ai Sakura said...

Irene: haha go go!!

Theresa: Oh it's so nice to have a handy man at home! Hubby will only do the "light" stuff like fixing bulbs, attaching hooks etc. He'd rather leave the diy building stuff to the pros haha

Katherine: Go at least once for a looksy :P

Susan: Yup we ate that once too but found the food to be just so-so. I want to try and make my own ramen chicken wings though haha

Andy: Yeah some of the items like lunchboxes and fruit cutters are cheaper :)

May: Google hahahah

Alissa: It's a local way of addressing people who are older.. doesn't need to be of blood relations heh. I'm my niece's auntie too.. but generally, she will call any lady older than her "aunty" too :P

Masshole Mommy: Me too!

Danessa: No prob :)

Angie: Let me know if you go and find some gems there!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

This place is huge indeed. But I love to see all those colorful collection, including the old style ones :)

Anonymous said...

O.M.G, I didn't know they are at CT Hub which is quite convenient for me, haha! I must go down soon..

Stacy said...

You had me at 'auntie'! Haha. Luckily this is too far for me to go check it out. :)

Edmond G. Belanger said...

good post

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this detailed & informative post! :)