Friday, February 26, 2016

How to Get Fairer, Healthier Skin in 14 Days

Some people think that when you look tan, you tend to look healthier since it makes you look more sporty. Sorry, not me.

The "healthy look" I see from sporty people is from their good posture, toned muscles, high spirits from the extra endorphins released when exercising and postive energy bursting to inspire people to be more fit.

It doesn't have to do with their skin colour  (*≧▽≦) You can be healthy if you're tan, and you can be healthy if you're fair too.

Nowadays, I hit the gym 4-5 times a week. I prefer to ditch any make-up and always go in barefaced so it's pretty important that I really make sure that I keep my face clean and clear so as to not scare my personal trainers or fellow gym-mates haha.

As many women would understand, the older we get, the harder it is to keep a rosy, flawless complexion. We can't just wash our face with plain water and be done with it like we used to as kids!

We need to do more and I used to see my aesthetic doctor & facial therapist pretty regularly, but due to an even tighter schedule nowadays, I {sadly} have to depend on them less, and rely more on what I can actively do for my own skin.

Things like:

1. Applying sunscreen daily
Most darkening and ageing of skin is caused by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) ray and as much as possible {or as I remember!} I try to apply sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30 to reduce the harmful effects of the sun.

2. Cleaning & moisturising regularly
I wash and moisturise my face at least twice a day with a very gentle, dermatological skin cleaner and moisturiser like Cetaphil because I've sensitive skin that's prone to eczema and dryness. I'm so glad that my mother started me on this routine since young!!

3. Drinking lots of water
Our body needs plenty of hydration during the day to keep removing wastes and oils from our face. It's also important for fat loss as it clears toxins from our body and helps fat pass through our system before they can be stored. Coach Jon insists that I drink enough so that my urine is colourless at least 5 times a day.

4. Keeping hands off my face
I try not to touch my face unnecessarily as the germs / oils / dirt on my hand can cause acne / skin inflammation and have been trying to teach Lil Pumpkin to do the same.

5. Sleeping properly
Good sleep is important not just for skin beauty, but for overall health. If you’re sleep-deprived, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol can lead to increased stress and inflammation in the body, hurting your skin’s quality and overall well-being. To get a good night's rest, I take 2 ZMA supplements every night to help me sleep better and aim for at least 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. When Lil Pumpkin goes to sleep, I try to sleep as well.  

6. Exercising regularly
Working out not only helps me keep fit, but also helps with my complexion I feel. The sweat expels trapped dirt and oil from my pores, improves blood circulation to my skin and not to mention keeps spirits high and stress level down #winning

7. Eating healthily
Of course I indulge in sinful food from time to time, but especially nowadays, I'm a good girl *beams* and watch what I eat as part of my fitness training, which no doubt helps with my skin health too. More protein e.g fish, antioxidants e.g. green tea and good fats e.g. avocados help to shield my skin from damage from the inside out.

Recently, I've also started taking the Kinohimitsu Total Glow Set to boost my current beauty regime. It's said to unveil  brighter, fairer and healthier skin in just 14 days! #soawesome 
Hopefully it'll help to improve my complexion in time for our annual family photoshoot with Alwyn next month.

Kinohimitsu, a well-known Japanese brand, focuses on a holistic approach to improve overall well-being using products with nature-based extracts to rejuvenate and heal.  This powerful package comprises of their best-selling products,
  • Prowhite {contains glutathione to eliminate & lighten dark skin spots while promoting healthy liver to boost immunity} 
  • Be White {enables skin brightening, UV protection & anti-photoageing} 
  • UV Bright {provides 9 hours UV protection, breaks down and inhibits the formation of melanin while restoring skin’s vitality}

In the beginning I needed my mobile alerts to remind me to take the supplements regularly {oops} after a few days, they fit easily into my lifestyle now.

Morning: Take the UV Bright {together with my multivits} at breakfast before we leave home for school / work to make sure I get my 9 hours of UV protection. The sweet fruity taste from the berries and grapeseed extract {powerful anti-ageing & whitening ingredient} is rather delicious!

After lunch: Take 1 capsule of Be White to help with skin brightening, regulate collagen production, etc. throughout the day

Before sleep: Take a sachet of Prowhite mixed with my protein shake so that the glutathione is able to work through the night to fight off free radicals & prevent melanin from forming. It dissolves very well and makes it even sweeter. 

The complete benefit of skincare products and my new beauty routine won't be visible until 2-4 weeks later after a full cycle of skin-cell turnover takes place {depending on age & other factors}. For now, I'm glad that there were no break-outs or skin irritation during use of the products and my skin does feel, erm.. "bouncier"?? haha I'll update again after 14 days so stay tuned to my social media platforms.  

If you're interested to try, you can buy Prowhite, UV Bright, and Be White separately at all leading pharmacies, major departmental stores and retailers. As for Kinohimitsu Total Glow Set, it is only exclusively available at the Kinohimitsu Singapore online store.

Promo: Limited offer at the Kinohimitsu online store now! Purchase the Total Glow Set at S$128 {U.P. S$209.60}, Be White at S$47.90 {U.P. S$59.90}, Prowhite at S$45 {U.P. $69.90} and UV Bright at S$29.90 {S$39.90}. FREE courier delivery for orders above S$80.

For more information about Total Glow and Kinohmitsu’s upcoming exciting promotions, check out Kinohimitsu Singapore’s Facebook page and online store.

*Disclosure: This is an advertorial for Kinohimitsu Singapore. The content is not presented by a qualified healthcare professional and is for informational purpose only. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek medical advice first before trying.



An Apel a Day said...

I'm so fair. Most of my ancestors are from Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. I have a grandpa that has darker skin, but we have no clue how he got so dark. I'm thinking Native American. I didn't get his dark skin at all. I don't tan. I do drink a ton of water.

My major flaw is putting my hands in my face. That's probably why I got Isaak's strep throat. I've been pretty much useless today. I've got to get in the habit of not touching my face. You're right - lots of germs.

mail4rosey said...

You've got a great list here. I agree our skin care regimen is def. altered as we leave our 20's (which I did a long time ago). ;) Eating right does help tremendously!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't tan because I don't want wrinkles, but I hate having pasty white skin. I'll use a self tanning cream in the summer to get a subtle amount of color in my skin. Eating right definitely helps with complexion!

Stacy said...

I never bothered much about being fairer. Unfortunately I'm moving to the next stage... pigmentation sigh. Maybe whitening products are round the corner for me after all.

darren rowse said...
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