Friday, March 18, 2016

Where to Buy Customised Stroller Liners & Drool Pads in Singapore?

Getting customised stroller liners and teething drool pads seem quite the rage now, especially when the Tula craze started a few years ago. It wasn't really like that during *ahem* my time... I think (o^▽^o)  Like changing clothes to suit the season or mood for the day, parents like to change their stroller liners and baby carrier drool pads often for stylish, unique looks to match their own {or the baby's} outfits or feelings! 

It’s been about 5 months since Lil J joined our family and a few weeks back, she was baptised. As a little celebratory gift for our special girl, this happy aunt here ordered a customised, handmade stroller liner set & drool pads from Sunday Kids for her.

Lil J has a dull grey stroller and black baby carrier which I thought needed some brightening up (✿╹◡╹) Plus, the liner & drool pads make for a practical gift.

A cotton liner will keep Lil J cool and dry in the tropical heat while protecting the stroller from the usual mess of snack leftovers and even diaper accidents… which every mummy knows happens oh-so-often haha. And drool pads help to protect the straps of my sister's expensive baby carrier from dribble & drool, and will save her from washing the whole thing too many times!

One thing good about Sunday Kids liners/ drool pads is that they are reversible with bright patterns on one side and a matching plain color/ design on the other side. If one side is dirty or in case you just want a quick new look, you can just flip them over #valueformoney

Based in Singapore, Sunday Kids was founded by fellow mum Veronika Fischer who lovingly sews stroller accessories {e.g. liners, strap covers}, car seat liners as well as baby carrier accessories that's suitable for many brands. I like that most of the fabrics she offers are high quality cotton sourced mainly from USA and Japan. Veronika reckons that Japanese prints are the cutest and I no doubt agree! (´౪`)

Fun trivia: Veronika, her brother, father and daughter were all born on a Sunday! In her family, being a “Sunday Kid” was always associated with good luck, and since Sunday is traditionally a family day connected with relaxed, happy feelings {something that Veronika wishes to reflect in the colourful products she carries}, she chose the name “Sunday Kids” for her shop! #nowyouknow

Don’t worry if you don’t have a standard pram / stroller / carrier model. After choosing the fabrics, I spent a few days corresponding with Veronika regarding Lil J’s stroller as she has a Bfree iwalker, a US brand which is rather large and not very common here in Singapore. Veronika was very patient and guided me on the measurements and photographs to take to help her make the best fit for the customized stroller liner and accessories.

That's the great thing about buying from small businesses like these - the owners take great pride in their craft and tend to be more attentive / provide fantastic personal service (^q^)

Anyway, my sis and Lil J has been using the items for about 1 month now and she helped to provide me with some feedback on the items which I'd share with you here:

Stroller Seat Liner
"I would have preferred the padding to be thicker so that it'll be more comfy and protect the baby's back & buttocks against the bumps. I'm currently using this on top of the existing padded liner. Fabric-wise, the white stars with grey background is interesting but isn't too loud, and matches my baby's grey stroller perfectly! Not to mention good against dark stains and dirt too. I'm glad that the customised liner fitted my stroller well too even though the model isn't very popular here."

Stroller Strap Covers
"These are comfy and cushioned. Love that they are sewn with snappers and padded for baby's shoulders! They also protect her delicate face against scratches from the rough bits of the straps, and the snappers definitely make detaching / attaching a breeze when it's time for washing."

Stroller Bumper Cover
"Baby loves the cute, funny-faced cats!! It's also padded so nice and soft especially since she tends to kick her feet against it. The cover is a slip-cover but it would be good to have snappers/ velcro closures too as while the bar is detachable, it has side "metal clips" to hold it in place when inserted into the pram so you have to stretch and pull the cloth over.. which I'm afraid might cause tears."

Stroller Handlebar Covers
"These are great to have especially with Singapore's weather, as our hands will perspire. They also add color & character to pram. This pair of 2 covers come sewn with velcro and so are easy to fix on. Some added padding would be nice for a softer feel."

Toy Strap
"I use this to strap Baby's teether toys. It's very useful as it's long and also comes with buttons for easy attachment and removal."

Baby Carrier Drool Pads
"Love the customised pads for baby's own carrier and the buttons used - color even matches the sweet design! Pretty nice detail there. It would be even better if it was thicker since Baby sometimes falls asleep in the carrier and her head falls sideways onto the pad. With thicker padding it would feel gentler on her head like a mini pillow heh... and make it more versatile!"

Overall, my sister said “I love love love the choice of cloth patterns you've chose for us and the product design from Sunday Kids!” Yay! Great to know that Lil J’s gift is so well-received and won’t end up as a white elephant haha.

If you’re a first-time parent looking for something special for your new baby or a parent with 2-3 kids looking to upcycle your stroller with a fresh look, check out Veronika’s Sunday Kids website, Etsy shop or Carousell store.

Sunday Kids sell ready-made items too which is so convenient if you’ve no time to wait 2 weeks for a customized order. Ready-made stroller / pram liners starts at $50 while customised liners with your choice of front and back fabric, filling and finishing start from S$60. All accessories {strap covers, bumper cover or handlebar covers} cost S$15. Free delivery to Singapore addresses and overseas shipping available.

In case you’re wondering {because I was too haha}.. it is not possible for customers to provide your own fabrics to Veronika to sew as the fabrics have to be suitable for the liner i.e. only medium to heavier weight cottons that are machine washable, and she cannot guarantee for the fabric in case of cutting or sewing mishaps.

Veronika joins our local fairs and markets regularly so if you prefer to feel/ see her actual products before purchase, do follow Sunday Kids on Facebook for updates on where she might set up a pop-up stall!

Update: I gave Veronika my sister's feedback as well and she explained that she uses cotton filling for her products and it is naturally thinner & and not as lofty as poly fillings... so may not feel as padded as my sister would like it to be. Also, poly fillings sometimes feel lumpy and the synthetic material may feel hot or uncomfortable on a warm day, as it does not breathe well. Do take this into consideration when purchasing!



May said...

Congrats on the baptism! Haha and wow to personalized drool pads. We don't have such things just a few years ago. Everything was off the shelf and even carriers or strollers are always the same fabric all year round unlike now where u can change them like clothes as u pointed out :)

Stacy said...

I'm kinda glad these things weren't around in my time to complicate my life! They do look nice though.

Michelle | The Chill Mom said...

I didn't know there's such thing called drool patch, let alone customised! I probably wouldn't get it for my own kids but it makes a fun gift!

Unknown said...

Hello Ai! I just went to check out the website and I'm really glad you shared this. Especially since it keeps baby cool in the heat! Isaac perspires ALOT when he takes a nap in his pram and car seat. And YAY! to customised items!

-Pris @punggolbabies

Danessa Foo said...

The covers are so cool and colourful. I wish we had such variety back when my girl was younger. I would have gotten a drool pad for her Bjorn, haha!

Cynthia said...

Haha! Yea we didn't have such drool pads then and should I say we are lucky or unfortunate? But those are so pretty. Love the bright yellow and looking at it makes me feel that it will bring a smile to someone's face as well.

SengkangBabies said...

Love the creative designs and vibrant colours, really brighten mundane strollers and everyday activities. I will still prefer to use hankie (instead of drool pad!) , traditional way easier to wash :)

cheers, Andy

An Apel a Day said...

Those are so cute! I love how the ones on the stroller are so bright. It makes finding your stroller in places where you set your stroller aside easy. I know at our zoo the strollers have to be set aside in the butterfly exhibit. Of course the baby stays with Mom, or Dad.

Phoebe said...

Wow.. so pretty! There are so many customised items now compared to the time when my kids are younger.. :( I have to source for more suitable for teens. :D

mail4rosey said...

How fun to make it custom. I'd have totally done this when my son was smaller!

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

The stroller handle bar cover is a god sent!!! Too bad I discovered it a lil bit too late - Alexis grew out of the handle bar chomping phase, but this surely looks like a good gift for babies!

Cascia Talbert said...

Those are adorable. I can see how they would come in handy if you have a little baby. Have a terrific weekend!