Friday, April 29, 2016

Bub & Me: Singapore's First Snoopy Run!

We went for our 2nd family run for the year last weekend - Singapore's first-ever Snoopy Run! It was actually the first time that we went for a run at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Due to the large number of registered runners as well as children participating, runners were assigned a designated starting time to avoid overcrowding, and to ensure that the experience is more comfortable and safer. The runners were encouraged to stick to their allocated starting time but if they wanted to run at a different slot, they could as well.

Since our flag-off time was 9am, the last slot for the event which started at 7am, we decided not to drive over since there might not be available car park space by the time we planned to arrive {about 8.15am}. So, we parked at the boy's clinic which was just 2 MRT stations away from Sports Hub and took the train down.

So convenient and Lil Pumpkin definitely enjoyed the ride!! (*^▽^)/

As soon as we came out of Stadium MRT station, we saw the Snoopy Run Singapore mini carnival at OCBC Arena.

It's not a big carnival like at Hello Kitty Run or My Little Pony Run etc. but it had a small stage, some sponsor booths, and lots of photo-opportunity points with cardboard cut-out and backgrounds haha.

When we arrived, we took the time to take photos at the photo-op points too. It was crowded, but waiting time wasn't that bad. At some of the popular points, there were volunteers there to help you take photos too.

Around 8.45am we left for the starting line ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
This is the running route. You can see a bigger photo of it on Snoopy Run Singapore website.

Managed to catch Lucy at the flag-off!! Yay!! Snoopy only came out on the event stage at the end of the run...

The first part of the run was around Singapore Sports Hub...

...which I found to be quite congested and not that fun to run/ walk about at...

.. especially since it's so urban and full of concrete buildings, escalators, stairs etc.

The second part when we crossed over to the route along Kallang River was more scenic and enjoyable.

There were no route markers like in the previous novelty runs we did, but Snoopy Run Singapore definitely had the most number of photo op points I'd seen! The participants loved it and there were long, meandering queues to take photos at each of them.

Since we heard thunder and it seemed like it was going to pour soon, we didn't stop by to queue and take photos at the photo op points during the Run #surprisesurprise

Except with the Giant Snoopy!! Couldn't give that a miss!

I think this was the highlight of our Snoopy Run for us (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

It was a cooling, Sunday morning and since hardly anyone ran the route, we took our time to amble together as a family too. I think we finished Snoopy Run Singapore in about 1 hours time and there was no chaos at the end when we collected our finisher's medal and certificate.

Seriously, I would have joined just for this super-cute finisher's medal too hahahaha.

Ah well.. next Saturday the boy will be taking part in a more "manly" run - Spartan Race Singapore!! I'm actually very excited for him!

In case you're wondering, I didn't sign up as I'm too chicken to get all dirty and grimy during the race haha. I really don't mind all the fitness obstacles and climbs, but crawling through mud, getting stuck on barbed wire or swimming in stinky water really isn't my cup of tea (≧∇≦)

If you're interested to join Snoopy Run Singapore next year, keep updated on their website here. You can see what's in Snoopy Run Singapore's race kit over here.

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*Note: This is not a paid review or advertorial. All opinions are my own.


Phoebe said...

Really love to see your family in sporty events. . such active and healthy lifestyle. I hope to be more active like yours when I get better.


The Hooting Post said...

Looks like much fun especially for Snoopy fans, with so many photo ops along the route. Makes a nice leisurely run/walk for the family too! And you're definitely a sporty mama now - rocking your new look! :D

Susan said...

They made the run so fun with so many photo opps along the way. But wow starting so late means it probably was quite hot. My hubby was asking me to go sign up for the spartans race with him but no way man. Can't imagine crawling in the mud >.<

Unknown said...

I'm a big snoopy fan! I know at least 2 other adults who are huge Peanuts fans too. Would have gone for this if it weren't on a Sun morning, ah wells!

Ai Sakura said...

Phoebe: Hope you recover fully soon!

The Hooting Post: haha thank you!

Susan: Actually it wasn't so bad because it was gonna rain. I can't imagine crawling in the mud too ><" Maybe next year I'll be more garang :P

Lyn: Ah ya! A lot of the novelty runs are on Sundays.. I guess they still view it as a more traditional "family day" hehe

An Apel a Day said...

I love how they have character themes for runs there. Here it's just a run. I guess they do have color runs. When you finish they throw colored stuff on you. Certainly not as fun as Snoopy I don't think.

Shub said...

This run must have been such a fun - especially for kids. Sunday morning was a bit inconvenient time for us so couldn't join. Next time should be joining.

Anonymous said...

Such a fun family run! And that lemonade stand is so classic! Had been following your exercise journey and it is truly inspiring! :)

Unknown said...

Wow, this snoppy run look really fun. All the photos look really nice too. Hope next time can bring my kids for it. =)

Stacy said...

So cute and fun! Love everything I can see of the race in your photos.

Pooja Kawatra said...

It would have been an exciting and fun run for the family with kids. Hopefully will try to join next time.

mail4rosey said...

I agree, the finisher's medal is too cute. :) It's nice that you got to do another family race.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Who doesn't love The Peanuts Gang! Such a fun run to participate in. I am loving all those photos with the cutouts!

Grace said...

Now this sounds like my kind of race! We don't have anything this cute here!! I've loved Snoopy from Lil Pumpkin's age so getting the medal would be worth running the race! Well done, guys! x
P.S I don't blame you about the mud and barbed wire thing. Not my cup of tea, either! x

Jenn-mylilbookworm said...

It's good to keep active especially when the kid is still young, she will learn a lot from her parents. And I agree that place isnt the best place to run, especially for beginners.

Anonymous said...

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