Friday, April 22, 2016

China 2015 | LINE Friends Café & Store Shanghai

I just discovered this post on our family trip to China last year in my draft folder yesterday and although it's long overdue, LINE Friends Café & Store Shanghai is too cute not to share about!! #betterlatethannever

Back in the 1849 - 1943, parts of Shanghai used to belong to the French. The French Concession covered the north-eastern part of today's Xuhui District and the western part of Huangpu District {the former Luwan District), occupying the centre, south, and west of urban Shanghai. Famous streets within the area include Wukang Lu, Fuxing Lu, Tai'an Lu, Dongping Lu, Xinle Lu, Changle Lu etc.

Nowadays, the old French Concession still retains its charm and remains one of the highlights in Shanghai. It is very popular with expats to live in, and for tourists to visit.

We were there one sunny afternoon to take in the sights and pleasures of the old French Concession and while walking from Xin Tian Di to Tian Zi Fang, came across the super-kawaii Lines Friends Café!

I don’t use their app nor know the name of the mascots, but I recognized them immediately and decided to stop by since we were looking for a place to rest and have tea in anyway.

The shop and café covers a very large floor space, but it was still pretty crowded.

I guess there’s a lot of LINE fans in Shanghai too!

Thankfully, we managed to get a window seat and the food queue moved very quickly since they don’t serve proper meals, just simple drinks and snacks.

 They were rather pricey when compared to the usual cost of food in China, but nothing out of the ordinary for a themed café based on popular characters and pretty similar prices in a Singapore café.

For example, a small bottled flavoured milk costs RMB38 {S$8.50}, pack of 6 mini sponge cakes costs RMB28 {S$6}, popcorn costs RMB30 {S$6.50} cupcake costs RMB28 {S$6} etc.

I shared the Salted Mango Pudding with Lil Pumpkin and really loved the smooth, firm texture with the sweet/ savoury taste.

You’re welcome to take as many photos as you want within the shop and café, and I think they actually encourage you to do that by putting up lots of balloons, mascot statues and props all over the place so that you can take photos and share on social media.

Indeed, most of the customers were young adults and families with small children who were tech-savvy and probably familiar with the LINE app.

The shop sells a whole range of memorabilia from plushies to pillows to kitchen and fashionwear. Basically anything a LINE fan’s heart desires!!

It was a very fun place to visit but since we’re not huge LINE fans, I don’t think we’ll go out of our way to drop by {unlike for the Hello Kitty Cafés e.g in Sinchon, Korea} unless we are in the area. Really lucky to have found it by chance!

LINE Friends Café & Store Shanghai
SOHO Fuxing Plaza, B101, Block B, 388 Madang Lu near Fuxing Lu
{黄浦区马当路388号SOHO复兴广场B101, 近淡水路}
Open daily, 9am - 9pm {Mon-Thu & Sun} and 9am - 10pm {Fri - Sat}
Tel:  +86 21 5386 8885



Cherry said...

Yay! #betterlatethannever is my favourite thing to say on my blog. Haha! Just too many things to blog about but too little time.

I neither know the names of their mascots nor use their app too but it is interesting to know that there's a Line Friends Cafe. I guess in all themed restaurants, people tend to patronized for its "cute factor" more than the food but it is a great bonus if they also serve delectable food at the same time.

Fairlie - said...

I'm fascinated by the 'character cafe' concept as I've seen it in several places in Asia. It's not really a big thing in Australia though. Glad you found your draft!

Theresa Mahoney said...

How cute it that food! We don't have those kind's of cafes in my area, so this would be a real treat for us!

Unknown said...

I'm trying to convince my girls to go Shanghai for a holiday trip since two years ago.. Will show my girls this post. Thanks for sharing.

Agnes CF Lee said...

I am not a Line Fan or user...Shanghai is one of the holiday destinations I would like to visit.

Michelle | The Chill Mom said...

It's interesting how an app goes into cafe business and does so well too. I'm not a themed cafe person and I wouldn't pay $8.50 for flavoured milk in a self serve restaurant!

Stacy said...

Those sponge cakes are cute! Hmm this Line thing is after my time or something... don't know much about this creature.

May said...

Were you girls in a window display in one of the pictures?! hahah I know what you mean when you say you don't know the names of the characters but recognise them. Just like how I thought the latest PomPom-dunno-what cafe in singapore is really too cute not to give it a visit!

Ting said...

Interesting cafe! I am not the type to go out of way just to visit a shop too, so really agree that lucky you chance upon the LINE cafe!

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Haha! So cute!! It's a great place to take photos, but not so much to get a snack? The drinks and stuff are pretty pricey!

Shub said...

Cool place! Kids would love the food stuff here for sure.

Unknown said...

I never knew Shanghai has French influence! Love the quirkiness of this themed LINE cafe, would definitely love to bring Dana there if we do visit Shanghai! :D

Pooja Kawatra said...

It looks cute but expensive at the same time. Most of the time we avoid those character based places. You seems to be enjoying it.

An Apel a Day said...

The characters are so cute! It's so cute that the food is shaped like the characters. I love it!

Cascia Talbert said...

That looks like a fun place to visit! Glad you decided to publish this post from your drafts. Have a terrific day!