Monday, April 4, 2016

Swim Progress: Onwards to SwimSafer Bronze Level!

It has been 5 months since the last swim progress update when she moved up to Sailor 2 and since then, she passed it and completed Sailor 3 last Sunday too. So that means next week onwards, she'll be moving on to SwimSafer Bronze Level! (/^▽^)/

Congrats my love!

In Sailor 3, her swimming teacher was still Coach Nithiyaa. Lil Pumpkin learnt and was tested in the following,

1. Straddle jump
2. Horizontal sculling for 1 min, then change direction forwards & backwards
3. Swimming underwater through 2 hoops {2m apart in shallow water}
4. 25m front crawl & 25m backstroke {continuously for 50m}
5. Breaststroke for 25m with clothes
6. Wear Personal Floating Device {PFD} in water
7.“Throw rescue” 3m away, “Reach rescue” with board,
8. Water Safety theory knowledge

Breaststroke seemed pretty hard for all the kids to grasp and it took a long time for Lil Pumpkin to do it without help from the noodle. It was my pet event when I was swimming competitively and I just couldn't understand why it was so hard for Lil Pumpkin to co-ordinate her arms and legs properly! I don't remember it to be so difficult to learn and it got quite frustrating watching her swim sometimes.

All I can say it, thanks to Coach Nithiyaa for being so patient and helping her to improve her swim techniques. If I were to coach Lil Pumpkin myself, I probably would have lost it and given up long ago (≧∇≦*)

Our country club doesn't have its own in-house swim coaches and actually, Coach Nithiyaa, Coach Ronnie, Coach Bonn etc. all belong to a swim school that the club contracted to teach swimming to members at the club pool.

Their contract was expiring this year and after a tendering process, our club decided to go with another swim school and so from next week onwards, Coach Nithiyaa and the rest won't be coaching any of the kids anymore and a whole new bunch of coaches will be coming in to take over.

I had some reservations over how her swim lessons were run in the beginning, but overall, I'm still very grateful to her swim coaches for taking care of Lil Pumpkin and teaching her how to swim 3 strokes, learn how to dive, be more confident in the water, build on her water safety skills and so on for the past 1.5 years. Even though I mentioned that her interest in lessons is waning, it's really not because of the coaches {but maybe more of the tediousness of swimming up and down up and down??}, every time I see her in class she is always smiling, laughing and over all having a ball of a time...

Many thanks to her old coaches and I'm going to be kinda sad not seeing them at the pool anymore each week. I know Lil Pumpkin will be too. Moving forward, I hope the new swim coaches will be just as caring and patient, and I hope that Lil Pumpkin will continue to develop her swimming skills happily under them.

*fingers crossed*

More on Lil Pumpkin's swimming classes & progress:



Stacy said...

Way to go, lil pumpkin!

You had high expectations, I guess, with your history as a competitive swimmer.

If I have to coach my kids on anything, I would have lost it at the first lesson! JE was building a lego car yesterday, she got frustrated when some pieces kept falling off. And I got so annoyed that she didn't have the patience.

An Apel a Day said...

How fun! That's great she'll wear a swim cap. I could never get my boys to wear one. The pool is so hard on their hair. It looks like she's having a blast.

My boys are starting a sponsored swimming lesson session tonight. I'll be posting about it soon to. :)

Cascia Talbert said...

Congratulations to your little swimmer! Have a terrific week.

Unknown said...

How old was she when she first started swimming lessons? Hubby is keen on starting Ollie (4yo) on some swim structure but not so sure if we wanna go the coach or self-teach route..haha

Phoebe said...

Well done!! I can imagine her grabbing the gold level very soon too. Keep it up!

Jingyi said...

Wow we have yet to start swimming lessons. Wanna wait till my boy is 5 yo. Well done little swimmer!

Waiwai Leung said...

Well done! Continue the hard work to achieve Gold!

Shub said...

It is so nice for a parent to see kids making rapid progress and achieving their goals. Congrats to her!

Unknown said...

Swimming is a must for my girls too.. Life skills, kudos to lil pumpkin!

mylilbookworm said...

Knowing how to swim is a life saving skill. Great to know she loves swimming and has progressed well.

Unknown said...

How old were Lil Pumpkin when she first started? I want to get my girls started soon too.