Monday, April 25, 2016

Win a Mother's Day Pandan & White Chocolate Cheesecake from Bakerzin - JADE Cake! ♥

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the ever-giving mothers in your life by treating her to Bakerzin’s cake-of-the-month for May, JADE.

Ask any mother what she wants most for Mother's Day, and more often than not, you'll hear her selfless answer of "I want my family to be happy" or "I want my kids to grow up strong and healthy". Sure, material goods are nice to receive, but they usually don't make the cut of what mothers really want. 

Of course, something we mothers love most as well is spending time with our family. It can be something simple like reading together, or watching a movie together, or having a meal together. Sounds too easy? Well, don't discount the the gift of time just because it is free.

Not everybody finds the gift of time easy to give, especially when we live such hectic lives balancing school, work, family and other commitments... and that's why spending time together with your loved ones can be absolutely priceless.  

So this Mother's Day, no matter how busy you are, show your appreciation to her by taking the time to eat with your mum and sweeten her day with a localicious treat. A dense cake and melts instantly in the mouth, JADE is a perfect example of French pastry-making technique packed with a dose of local creativity that appeals to both young and old.

Full-cream Philly cream cheese is lightly whisked into a mixture of fresh farm eggs, cream, sugar and a dash of Madagascar vanilla. Set atop crushed biscuit crumbs and lavishly topped with a divine fudged-like Pandan-infused coconut coulis and luxuriant white chocolate ganache, the cheesecake is lightly crusted around the rims with tropical desiccated coconut. Delicate handcrafted white chocolate pieces and tart fresh raspberries embellishments add a delightful dimension to the cheesecake’s creamy and velvety consistency.

Surprisingly, this is the first time I'm eating a pandan cheesecake and I love how smooth and rich it is!! Such an exotic combination that works so amazingly well together. Even Lil Pumpkin finished off her whole slice :P I found the coconut flakes to be a tad salty though but my mother had high praises for JADE too and if she says it's good, then you better believe that it is hahaha.

Available from 1 May 2016 to 31 May 2016 at all Bakerzin outlets, JADE is priced at S$8.50 {per slice}, S$60 {whole cake approx. 1.3kg for 8-10 pax} and S$80 {whole cake approx. 2.3kg for 14-16 pax}.

To pre-order, you can visit any Bakerzin outlet one day in advance and orders can also be placed online via the Bakerzin website. Home delivery services are also available and cakes can be personalised with your loving messages!!

Promo: From 1 May 2016 to 8 May 2016, enjoy a 15% discount on all whole cakes and an additional 5% discount for JADE {whole cakes only}. Applicable at all Bakerzin outlets and for online orders.

For my own special friends & blog readers, I've THREE Bakerzin JADE cakes {worth S$60} to give away!! Each cake weighs approximately 1.3kg and serves 8-10 pax.

Giveaway Method: Random Draw

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* Winner will be announced by Tuesday 3 May 2016 on this blog post and notified via email with further instructions on how to collect prize. Winner have 1 day to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winners are Sally Wong, Koh Hock Guan & Adeline Tan Huixiu. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: Bakerzin JADE cakes were provided by Bakerzin Singapore for giveaway.



Unknown said...

Every New Mother should know that Babies are babies only once and they grow up really fast! Treasure every moment with them!
Facebook: Joanna tan
IG: Jonana.tan
Name: tan Ruoling Joanna

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Every new mother should know that it is perfectly fine that your baby asks to be fed every other hour, because they have got a really tiny stomach. But for us, we can eat a whole cake. No problem.

Name used for newsletter & FB page: Jacqualine Chan

KarMie's blog said...

Every new mother should say good bye to their beauty sleep n HELLO eyebags!!! N if u are a breastfeeding mummy like me, u can eat a while yummy cake n still be hungry ������

FB name you used to like the page + name you used to subscribe to the newsletter : jamie Chaw

Irene Har said...

All new mothers should know how often to feed their babies, how to bathe them and how to change their diapers.
Liked and shared this facebook photo with Desmond Tay Tay, Ssk Kmar, Aim Yosores.
Facebook name - Irene Ha
Subscribe to newsletter - Irene Har

Ting said...

Every new mother should know that no one is born a mother and it's ok to learn along with baby. :)

Fb name cen Lin ting
Email subscription name ting
Instagram name miraculet

兔子部落 said...

Every mother should know there will be many sacrifices to be made for your children at every stage and its all worth it!
Fb name :Lis Chiam
Email subscription : Wong Cuiyan
Instagram name: Rab Wong

Ang lam soon said...

Every new mother should know all babies love music & sing to them everyday. Keep them happy & calm.

FB ang lam soon
Done subscribed
IG @ang.lamsoon

coldkohmew said...

Every new mother should know that Trust what your gut and heart are telling you,there is a learning curve but it's achievable.

Name used for newsletter & FB page: Koh Jun Jie Jason

Unknown said...

Every mum should know that your child is a gift from god, and you should give all your love and care to your child.

FB:Joseph Lim
Email subscription:Lim Chuan Hock

Jiying a.k.a Jacqueline said...

Every New Mother should know all babies love music & sing to them everyday. Keep them happy & calm!

Liked and Shared!!!
FB: Jiying Chung
IG: jiyingchung

Jiying a.k.a Jacqueline said...

Every New Mother Should Know how to take great care of their newborn babies from their own mummies whom are so experienced!
Mum is awlways the best!

IG: jiyingchung
FB: Jiying Chung

Carol Mei Mei said...

Every new mother should know the truth and myths about confinement so that they don't just blindly follow every confinement rule to their great discomfort.

FB name: Carol Mei Mei Lim

Anonymous said...

Every mother should knw that babies grow up way too fast. We should spend lots of time with them and treasure every monent spent.

Ig : jen7575
Fb : jenluvsbaobei

Robert Sim said...

New mothers should know about breastfeeding 101.

Facebook: Robert Sim
Instagram: @robertsim77

Theresa Mahoney said...

How I would love a little cheesecake for Mother's Day! This one looks sinfully delicious!

Jam Quek said...

Every new mother should know the benefits of beast feeding

FB Jam Quek

Little En En said...

All new moms should know its ok if you can't breastfeed your child. Yes, breastmilk is very good but if your body can't produce or its not enough and you get all stressed up, its not gona help. Relax and all will be well :)

Elizabeth De Cruz

SHENNY FU said...

Every mother should know the love and bonding with our kids will nature them into great person with great compassionate heart!

Unknown said...

Every new mother should know there is no such thing as being the perfect mother in the World, but one can be the best mother to her darling baby!

FB name used to like the page: Chong CinCin Qiuying
Name used to subscribe to the newsletter: CinCin Chong

Esther L Chng said...

Every New Mother should know it is not easy to raise a child but we are willing to sacrifice everything just to make sure your child grows up happy and healthy
Facebook: Esther L Chng
Name: Esther L Chng

Masshole Mommy said...

I want that cake right NOW! It looks soooo good.

Wong Oi Lin said...

Every new mother should have good parenting and to nurture their kids to be responsible adult in future.

FB: Wong Oi Lin
Name used: Wong Oi Lin

Lim CH said...

Every new mother should sacrifice their time to raise their child into a great man.

Facebook: Lim CH
Name: Lim Shao Xuan Jerome

Chay Hwai said...

Every new mother should know how to baby-proof the things at home to prevent harm to the baby.

FB Chay Hwai

Grace Lee said...

Every new mom should know that she has to be prepared to be awaken in the middle of the night of their crying baby.

An Apel a Day said...

This is so pretty! I love the color. I bet it tastes wonderful!

shirley tay said...

All new mothers should know how often to feed their babies, how to handle their baby if they cried in the middle of the night, how to bathe them and how to change their diapers. FB name: Shirley Zheng Subscribed name: Tay shirley

Unknown said...

every new moms should know that when never give in to the kids just because they are crying, it is a way to train them.

Annabelle AT
Annabelle Tong

preciouz said...

Every mother should know that there is no one method for all kids. every kid is differnet

FB Jaime Chan
Email subscription: Jaime chan

Yun Zhen said...

Every new mum should know that care and patience is very important especially so when a new lovely member just arrive in the family, so there is great need to exercise patience and tender care towards the child since reponsibility just became greater.
FB name: Zhen Yun
Name to subscribe: Yun Zhen
IG: strawberriland

Unknown said...

Every new mom should know that newborn baby sleeping and eating pattern takes a while to stabilise... and try not to stress herself too much.

FB - Wendy Tay
Subscription - Wendy Tay

Grace Lee said...

Every new mom has to be prepared to be awaken in the middle of the night of their crying babies.

Grace Lee

Unknown said...

New mom should first of all learn how to stay calm and be patient. Handling cries and weariness can be straining at first...
FB Elyn Chan
Subscriber Elyn Chan

Lee Gillian said...

Every new mommy should give baby sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off

Lee Gillian

Unknown said...

My mum sure will love it is her fav of Pandan & White Chocolate Cheesecake is her life. She like to eat all kind of pandan or cheese ingredients. So i hope can win this cake for her mother's day celebration. Fb:Sandra Wee Instagram IG: @sandoranooshikko

ashmika said...


Every new Mom should simply cherish every moment, Do not get caught up trying to be the perfect mother. Just live with the moment, listen to your baby Cues.. While babies can only communicate through body language and crying, within the first week, you will begin to notice behaviors and different tones of crying that are clearly trying to tell you something.. Among everything remember to find sometime for yourself, your partner too..

FB..Ashmika Jain
Subscribe as Ashmika Jain (

Unknown said...

Liked and Shared!
Fb: HS Chua
Ig: angelsmilezhx
Subscription: Huixian Cai
Every new mum should not let baby drink water until they are 6months old and to breastfeed the baby instead of using baby formula to allow baby to have the best nutrients and benefit both the mum and baby.

Anonymous said...

New mother should know let baby listen to classical music and relax with baby too!
Fb Hwee Ling Poon
Instagram Id poonhlp

Anonymous said...

Every new mum should know that breastmilk is the best milk for baby.
FB name: Sonia Yong
IG: soniakathlynn
Subscribe name: Sonia Yong

Kathy Woon Tan said...

Every new mother should know, comes with great responsibility! Keep a positive attitude no matter how tough it goes.. Ultimately a positive environment equals a happy baby!

FB: Kathy Woon Tan
Ig: prectitude
Subscription: Kathy Tan

rina lim said...

Every new mother should know that it is ok if your babe want to be fed every hourly on breastfeed as their tummy is really really small . babe less then 6 month is not a need to take water as it will actually cause constipation.

FB :Rina Lim
Subscribe to newsletter name: Rina lim
IG: rina_lim_hw

thanks you for the giveaway

Carolyn Lim said...

Every new mother should know that she should take good care of herself, eat well, rest well and don't hesitate to ask for help if she needs. This will allow the new mother to bond better with the baby.

FB : Carolyn Lim
Subscriber : Carolyn Lim
IG : carolyn_lim2004

Esther Kam said...

Hi Sakura Haruka ,

Every new mother should know that babies are very perceptive to their parents' moods and the way they are touched is one way they sense affection or stress.

Facebook : Esther Kam
Subscription name : Esther Kam
Instagram : @estherkamst
Twitter : @estherkamst

attitudequeen said...

Every new mother should know to be responsible. Life is precious.
FB: Queenie Zhang
Sub: Queenie Zhang

Jingxian said...

Every new mother should keep calm and enjoy the baby instead of getting stressed over what is right and wrong.

Jingxian Liang

Unknown said...

Every new mother should know that while our own career may be important, it is even more important to be a full time mum to take care and guide our baby. Spend time with them, hug and carry them, and hold their little hands as often even when they are growing up into kids, because it won't be long before they are running about and going out with friends.

FB name: Chong Yu Tong
Subscriber Name: Alyssa Chong

Unknown said...

Every new mom should know it's OK to:
1. CRY but don't give up when breastfeeding hurts, seek professional/ friends for advise.
2. FUMBLE when carrying/ bathing your new bundle of joy
3. ASK for help when you can't cope with new responsibilities and
4. ENJOY this new motherhood journey as long as possible.

Fb:Nadia Kua

Cecilia Chng said...

Every new mother should know what it means when babies cry.
FB name : Cecilia Chng
name you used to subscribe to the newsletter : Cecilia Chng

Jane said...

It is always good to be well-prepared and pack more things like milk powder and diapers when travelling.

FB and subscriber name: Jane Hee

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this chanc to win for my wife since Mothers day is coming.
I am sure she will like this..
No ig
Fb zaidi Aiman
Register name zaidi hassan

Unknown said...

Every New Mother should know when their baby is hungry by listening and observing to their baby's behaviors such as crying,finger sucking and reaching out with arms and legs.

Facebook Name: Hock Guan Koh
Instagram ID: skohhg
Subscription Name: Hock Guan Koh

Hong Liang Poh said...

Every new mother should know that a new life is precious, and it is a fruit of love and labour. Just like how a plant needs to be nourish, a new life needs a nest, a place called home. The baby will need air, fresh air that you and your husband can always give. And also, food and water to keep the baby ready for the new day.

Name : Hong Liang Poh

Muhammad Irfan Bin Mohamed Noor said...

Every new mother should know : [1] Enjoy the present when they are little . It is also a great idea to take advantage of the fact they're immobile while they still are and make really cutesy things , [2] Diet impacts concentration. A proper diet can even improve your children's behavior and grades , [3] Take lots of pictures . Cherish the little moments and get them in print. Look at them daily. They really do grow up far too quickly , [4] Show good habits to your kids . Monkey see, monkey do. Your kids will mimic your every step , so if you make an effort to take care of yourself , your children will pick up the good habits and [5] It is more important to praise than to punish. Even if you sound like a broken record , praise your child for every little thing they do right . My mummy is a superwoman . She has taken care of us since we were little and shape us to be the people we are today . It's not easy juggling duties at home and also at work . No matter how hard the situation is , my mummy never gives up and will always find a way to solve the problem . She instilled in me and my brothers values such as to respect the elders and to work hard in life to taste success . She is my role model . Thanks very much and have a nice week ahead ! 😉😀😊 *praying hard for the best*
Thank you Mummy,
For everything you have done,
Thank you Mummy,
For making each day so much fun.

Thank you Mummy,
For showing me the way,
Thank you Mummy,
For smiling every day.

Thank you Mummy,
For always being there,
Thank you Mummy,
For showing how much you care.

Thank you Mummy,
You're the very best,
Thank you Mummy,
Because you're none like the rest 💗💗💗💗💗 Facebook Name : Irfan Ozil , Name For Subscription : Muhammad Irfan Bin Mohamed Noor , Instagram Handle : @fanozil

Anonymous said...

Parenthood is both a joy and a challenge. Enjoy the process. FB and newsletter name : Cherlin Teo

sallywong said...

Every new mother should know that before give birth must spend more time to learn how to take care baby.No last minute please.

FB Name: Sally Wong
Instagram Name: @sallywong0612
Subscribed Name: WONG POOI LENG

Ashley Tan said...

Every new mother should know that every individual babies are different and they never should be compared as long as they are growing well and achieving milestones!

FB: Ashley Tan
IG: ashleyaeryn

Anonymous said...

Every Mother should know how to rest and take care after look after kids,husband and the household.
Facebook and Sunscriber Name:Serraine Teo

Anonymous said...

Every new mother(just likeme) shd know every baby is unique.. they can only use cry to express themselves. So be patience wz confidence baby can sense it..
All the best to new mummy same as to me.. good luck on stay happy..only happy mummy have a happy baby.

Fb Julie tan
Ig tanjulie26

Anonymous said...

Every new mum should know that every baby is different and should never compare and get stressed up. Simply enjoy the motherhood process!

Fb chengling tan
Ig huiling280

Anonymous said...

Every new mother should be calm and not compare your baby with other baby's development because every baby has their own development; some is fastera nd some is slow. The most important is baby is healthy and growing according to their own phase.

Fb Zhen Hui Koh
Ig frankyjess

Unknown said...

Every New Mother should know that you will discover a whole new kind of love in the process of nurturing your new born child.

Facebook Name: Peng Ann Siow
Subscription Name: Siow Peng Ann Christopher

Mark said...

It is okay to make mistakes sometimes. Pick up and learn from the mistakes along the way.

My FB name: Mark Ph
Ssubscribe: Mark Ph

Adeline Tan hx said...

Every new mother should know that it is great to witness children's milestones. Motherhood is a fun journey, it is ok to make mistakes and learn along the journey.

Fb name Adeline Tan huixiu
Email subscription name Adeline Tan huixiu
Instagram name adeline.huixiu

Pearlyn Toh said...

Every new mother should know that you should use hand sanitiser to ensure cleanliness when handling your baby :) because babies do not have strong immune system thus they are susceptible to infection.
FB Page: Pearlyn Toh
Name used for subscription: Toh Pei Lin
IG: doublerainbow00

Unknown said...

Supporting your giveaway! Every new mother should know that not every baby is a textbook baby; some are easier to care for than others so they should not be so hard on themselves!

Unknown said...

Every new Mother should know the true essence of selfless love. FB: Reamy H. Garcia/subscription name: Reamy Hilario IG: rea2511

Lorraine Ho said...

A new mother should not be nervous and panic but must be fragile ,gentle loving and caring to your baby

jeslyn g said...

Every new mother should know what reason their baby is crying for..... and she must stays cool, calm and patience for every occassion when baby crys :)
FB name: Jes Gwee
Name: Jeslyn Gwee
IG: mrsliow

Unknown said...

Every new mother should know that they should remain calm when their baby get sick. They have to take care of themselves to be able to take care of their kids.
FB and subscription Name: Hazel Seng