Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday {linky}: Fitness Finds - JAW Finger Sleeves | Week 5

Fitness Find for the Week: JAW Finger & Thumb Sleeves

What is it: From Australia, JAW Finger Sleeves are designed to fit snugly on your fingers, offering maximum protection and comfort while you work out. Made from durable fabric, they eliminate friction and protect your fingers/ thumbs from blisters and tears. There are 5 sizes {XS - XL} which you can use to fit any of your fingers.

Why Hubby likes it: It is extremely useful, especially for those that lift heavy. When you do heavy weightlifting, sometimes the nerves in your fingers feel pinched and the JAW sleeves helps to prevent that {or at least lessen the pain}. The fabric used is soft and stretchy, so pretty comfortable and good that it's washable too. Fabric is better than tape or leather as tape tends to rip easily and requires constant replacements, while leather is often too thick {causes discomfort} and has extremely limited flexibility. They are also easier / faster to wear than taping the fingers.

What can be improved: Have more colour options! There are currently none, but each size is represented by a specific trimming color. They do have a stretch component so will give a little after use. Would be good if they can minimise this somehow.

Where to buy: Hubby bought online at The WOD Life {based in Australia, where we get a lot of our fitness gear too}. It costs A$11 for a pair {i.e. 2 units based on the size selected}. Shipping charges apply to Singapore.

By the way, I think most people who are into serious strength or fitness training will not use gloves because they want to build better grip and forearm strength. If they need extra protection for certain exercises or parts of the hands, they'd use tapes or thin coverings like the sleeves; not full-on gloves.

Wearing gloves can make gripping the weights {I'm talking about dumb-bells and barbells, not when using machines} more difficult as the thickness of the gloves effectively increases the diameter of the bar and makes it harder to get a secure grip. Also, gloves don't prevent calluses anyway. You’re actually more likely to get callus because you won’t be able to lift weights correctly in your hands. But in any case, if you are into serious strength or fitness training, the formation of calluses on your hands are an inevitable and necessary part of training. It is better to have them as a thin layer of "armour" to protect your hands from tears and blisters.

These photos are part of the 40 Weeks of Fitness Finds series. This is why I started it.

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Karren Haller said...

Boy they come up with interesting tools to use for fitness, I had never heard of these!
Thanks for hosting, good luck with your fitness challenge!!
Have a great week!

Lydia C. Lee said...

Clever idea!!

Catch My Words said...

Interesting idea. I've never seen this before.

Amila said...

I never thought of this.Sounds great for using with fitness challenges!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I haven't heard of these before, but they do sound like a very handy thing to have in the gym bag!

E said...

When I first caught a glimpse of the photo, I thought it must be for an injury and all I could think of was OUCH! Instead, looks like a very good piece of kit, I'll recommend them to my mate who's a bit of a gym bunny!

An Apel a Day said...

I've never seen such a thing. I've only seen gloves with no fingers. How cool!

Small Kucing said...

my first time seeing this. didnt know have such thing. LOL

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've been getting callus and am contemplating getting gloves for weights too.