Friday, May 13, 2016

Letter to my girl #18: Happy 7th Birthday!! ♥

Dear Lil Pumpkin,

We celebrated your 7th birthday yesterday. It really is all going by too fast. I am so proud and happy to celebrate your growth and milestones, but each one is a reminder that time is passing by too fast for my liking and I wish I could somehow slow it down to make all these moments last just a little longer.

Every goofy grin, every silly joke, every curious question, every colourful doodle, every time you reach out to hold my hand.. will you still be like this as you get older?  

Just a few days before your birthday you finally confirmed that you wanted me to bake you a Frozen birthday cake. There wasn't much time to plan or prepare so your Daddy said we should buy you a cake instead. I asked you back if you really wanted me to bake the cake, or if you wanted something from the store.

You said, "No Mummy, I want you to bake the cake."

So bake I did. After all, I baked you all your birthday cakes ever since you were born.

I'm not the best baker or cake decorator, but whenever I bake for you, it is always done with all my heart and love. Your 7th birthday cake wasn't the prettiest {although I'd dare say it was oh-so yummy!!} but you looked at it like it was the best, most gorgeous, most delicious cake you'd ever laid eyes on.

Thank you, my darling.

Growing up, Mummy never had to go to school on my birthday since your grandmother said it was my special day and my own special holiday. It really did make me feel very special and I have fond memories of that.

I would have let you off school today as well but your Daddy didn't want you to start this habit. Oh well.

But it was a good thing you went to school as well as I know your teachers and friends made you feel like a rock star on your birthday too by giving you little gifts and wishing you "Happy Birthday!!" throughout the day when they saw you around. You came back beaming and grinning ear-to-ear as you told me about it.

We've never been into big fancy parties mainly because I find it too tedious to plan and organise, but you've never questioned or asked for one. We did have a fun day out after school spending pockets of time throughout the with your extended family, and yup, getting that little feet massage that you desired. "I want to relax", you said.

I wanted to bring you to one of those giant indoor playgrounds as a birthday treat but you opted for a feet massage and fish spa instead. Oh Lil Pumpkin, Mummy is so amused by this! haha #definitelymydaughter

Hope you will enjoy Part II of your birthday celebration at Adventure Cove this weekend too!

Thank you for being the wonderful child that you are. You bring Mummy and Daddy so much joy each day and we never fail to go to bed each night thinking how blessed we are to have you in our lives. You are everything I could ever ask for in a daughter.

I hope that even though you had a simple birthday, you will always remember the love that you felt and were given from everyone that you've touched in your life, both near and far.

Happy 7th birthday, our little precious xox

Love you always,


Stacy said...

Happy birthday! She's looking so grown up.

I support your hubby in NOT having the day off school for birthdays haha.

Erm the cake is the flat type?

Ai Sakura said...

Stacy: Haha ya it doesn't rise much as there's no flour, only bananas and 3 other ingredients. Maybe should have made another layer and stack but we don't each much cake at home!! ;p

Mabel said...

Skipping school/work on birthday is the best! And I love how she opted for feet massage and fish spa instead. Haha! So cute!

P.S. Awesome Frozen cake! Nakayla has requested for 'Frozen' for her party this year too, but I'm just going to order from a bakery.... :P

Pooja Kawatra said...

Happy Birthday lil Pumpkin.. They grow up so fast and can see the joy in her eyes with a special cake for her. Frozen fan!

An Apel a Day said...

Happy Birthday!

So many little tikes I know have birthdays around this time. My nephew just turned 11, and his brother turned 2, 2 days ago, Isaak turns 8 on the 19th, and there's Little Pumpkin that has a birthday to. :)

I hope it's a magical year for her!

The cake turned out pretty good!!!

Adeline said...

Happy 7th birthday, Lil' Pumpkin!
So wonderful that you've baked all of her birthday cakes so far. She's indeed very blessed. Love that she chose to "relax" and get a foot spa/massage instead of going to play. Haha. She knows what's good at her age already!

Bumble Bee Mum said...

Happy 7th Birthday Lil Pumpkin!! She's a lucky girl to have a mom like you!! I found it hilarious that she wanted to go for fish spa instead of a playground. Every child is indeed unique.

Phoebe said...

Happy Birthday Lil Pumpkin! You have grown so tall and pretty. Love your new hairstyle and I hope you stay happy and cheery always!


Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Birthday Lil Pumpkin! You are growing so fast! Your cake is beautiful! Such a lucky little girl to have a mommy make that for you!

coffeeandtoastmama said...

This is such a heartwarming letter. Your lil Pumpkin will cry when she reads this letter years later. :)
Happy Birthday precious girl!


Michelle | The Chill Mom said...

Happy birthday, Lil Pumpkin!

What a sweet letter, Ai. I like that she prefers foot massage and fish spa. Your girl knows how to enjoy life!

Lup Wai said...

Sweet. Happy birthday!!
Love your homemade much love in it :)

Shub said...

Happy Bday to your darling Daughter. Very true that kids grow up very fast. Of course for moms they ll always be babies.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lil Pumpkin!!
I really love the cake, is so nice!!
Enjoy your part II of your celebration at Adventure Cove this weekend!!

Masshole Mommy said...

Happy birthday!! I hope she had the best birthday ever!

Jenn-mylilbookworm said...

Happy Birthday Lil Pumpkin! You are so blessed to have yr mom baked all yr b/day cakes! And this one is truly a magical one! It's nice to skip school every birthday, maybe you should work harder to convince yr dad! ;)

mail4rosey said...

Such a sweet letter. And a big happy birthday to her too!

Grace said...

I can't believe Lil Pumpkin is 7!!! I have loved watching her grow into a gorgeous girl and so glad I've had the opportunity to meet her. Well done on a great Frozen cake, Mama! xxx

Amila said...

Please accept my Happy Belated Birthday wishes!She is such a cutee!!

Cascia Talbert said...

Happy belated Birthday. She is beautiful!

I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your blog and you are listed on my site as one of the best 100 family blogs. I would be honored if you could share the post with your readers and fans.

Robin said...

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I love your homemade cake.
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