Friday, July 29, 2016

Agape Babies: One-Stop Shop for Mums & Bubs + {Promo Code}

Hands-up if you like to shop online.

Yeah, my both hands are up too. I mean, most of the times you can buy things that are cheaper than what you'd find in a physical store, especially since you can easily browse through different websites to find the best price.

Also, it's so convenient since you can even shop in your pjs haha. Especially when you're a mum and the only free-time you have to shop is at night when the house is quiet and kids are asleep.. tell me how many physical stores in Singapore {other than Mustafa??} are open at 2am in the morning?!

Plus, you don't have to deal with crowded shopping malls. Urgh. 

As much as possible, I'd try to shop from local online shops but sometimes the products I'm looking for can't be found locally {or are much too overpriced} and I have to ship them in from overseas. 

But then, it is a pain in the a** when it seems like you have to wait like what seems like FOREVER for your overseas package to arrive!!! #thestruggleisreal

And that's why I'm absolutely pleased as Punch when I recently ordered at Singapore-based Agape Babies, and the whole package was efficiently delivered to me the next morning. Seriously. Blown. Away.

The super-duper fast courier delivery isn't just the only thing I like about Agape Babies.

They are also known to have one of the widest selection of goods for mums-to-be, mums, and children online as they are home to over 250 brands and 6000 products. From diapers, milk, skincare, food to toys, books, play mats & clothing.. almost everything you need for family life can be found here.

Agape Babies is the authorised retailer for many premium baby brands such as 3M, Philips, BABYBJÖRN, Organic Harvest, Bellamy, Trunki, Ergobaby etc. It really is a one-stop shop for mums and bubs!!

Despite the wide variety of items, shopping on their website is a breeze as everything is neatly categorised with clear product information and pictures. It's mobile-optimised as well so you can still easily navigate the site and shop conveniently using your smartphone on-the-go too. 

That's great because I actually like to just chill in bed and shop online instead of sitting in front of my computer at my desk.. I've enough of that at work haha. 

Yup, they also sell the stylish and functional Jujube diaper bags that's oh-so-popular with mums nowadays.

I can see why so many of my mummy friends carry it though... it has so many pockets to organise the baby stuff, and the prints are can be so cute / beautiful that they hardly seem like a typical frumpy "diaper bag" but rather a pre-mama glamourous bag to bring out and about!

If you have never checked them out before, now is a good time as they are currently having their Great Singapore Sale {GSS} so over 800 products are on discount.

I saw some pretty amazing deals and picked out some items for myself, sister, Lil J and Lil Pumpkin below.

The Unicorn Skip & Hop lunch bag is mine by the way for me to bring my obentos to work. Because, unicorns (*^▽^*) Quite excited to have regular family board games nights and play some of my fave childhood games like Scrabble & LIFE with Lil Pumpkin but we'll probably start that after our home renovation project heh.

Throughout the year, Agape Babies also has exclusive Weekly Deals every Wednesday and first-time customers also get S$10 or 10% off their first order and a free gift of either a Mustela Trial Kit {worth S$10} or a Bellamy Milk 400g tin {worth S$25.95}.

Happy shopping and let me know if you find something interesting there that I might have missed!! xox

Promo: Quote "aisakura5%" for 5% OFF purchases at Agape Babies. These exclude sale category items, diapers, milk, breast pumps and Jujube products. Valid until Friday, 19 Aug 2016 only. Free courier delivery to local addresses for orders above S$80 and overseas shipping available.

P.S. Next-morning delivery is only for those orders made before 2pm the day before. If you like, you can also self-collect from Newton, Sengkang or Old Airport Road. Since Newton is where their main warehouse is, you can actually drop by on the day itself to collect!!

Disclosure: This is a review for Agape Babies. All opinions are my own.



Shub said...

Good site! Especially because there is something for mums and babies both.

Stacy said...

I shop online while in the office... i.e. while getting paid hehe.

mail4rosey said...

Shopping online can definitely get you a lot of savings!

--andy-- said...

Online shopping is really getting easier, and the range of products are exploding.

Gen X (and future Gen Y) default purchase might be off the web (no longer brick and mortar shops)

cheers, Andy

Unknown said...

Oooh I've heard of Agape Babies! I should give their store another look.

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

I always stalk AgapeBabies during Jujube launches, hehehehe

Unknown said...

I'm so gonna try Agape Babies, sharing it with my mummies friends

KarMie's blog said...

Great site with a variety of items for the whole family!!! Am impressed by the fast delivery... definitely a bonus for new parents...

Jamie Chaw

Unknown said...

Thanks for recommending this comprehensive site! Will refer this to the wifey who does the shopping....Certainly looks convenient for parents with young children like us where time is precious and logistics can be horrifying.

Jolin said...

Nice buys! I am a fan of online shopping too. I have gotten something from Agape babies before and it was a good experience.

Jolin @ The Js Arena

Unknown said...

I love shopping at Agape Babies! Great selection of products and yes I live that they carry Jujube :D

Theresa Mahoney said...

I usually like to shop locally, but occasionally I will buy online. And like the photo, I am running to the door every time I hear the delivery trucks roll by, impatiently waiting for my order to show up hahaha!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

online shopping is on hobby as well :). Looks like a great site to visit..

An Apel a Day said...

I love to shop online. In certain cases it's easier. Sometimes with clothes I need to try them on, or have the boys try them on. They've been growing like weeds.