Friday, August 12, 2016

P1 Parenting: IMPACT Ergonomic Back Support School Bags for Kids

Last weekend, we went down to the ERGOWORKS showroom at Marina Square to get Lil Pumpkin a new IMPACT ergonomic backpack for school.

I'd heard horror stories of little school children lugging huge and heavy school bags to school so of course it was a concern to me. I mean, I've a bad back and get backaches pretty often so know what a pain it can be. I really don't want Lil Pumpkin to experience that.

Carrying a heavy load 5 out of 7 days a week would most likely lead to back & muscle aches, as well as development of poor posture, as kids try to deal with a heavy bag when carrying.. or even trying to lift and put it on.

Before Lil Pumpkin started P1, we bought her an ergonomic school bag from Deuter. It's one of the popular brands for ergonomic school bags and had a special spinal frame and cushioning to embrace the spine and ease any carrying stress.

However, after a few weeks of school, Lil Pumpkin didn't really seem to like it much. She said it wasn't comfortable and was too heavy. Hmmm... thankfully her school lets the kids place most of their school supplies and books under her desk, and they hardly have any homework, so I guess most of the weight she feels is actually from the bag itself.

Since she didn't want to carry it anymore, we changed it to one of our spare bags - a normal non-ergonomic Billabong backpack I bought in Australia.

I was still on the hunt for a "perfect" ergonomic bag for her though for the long-term benefit and also, I don't think her bag will be as empty after P1!! One that was truly comfortable, and wasn't too heavy even when empty {don't worry, I understand ergonomic school bags are heavier than usual}.  

When we entered the showroom, we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff, Kingsley. Shout out to him for being such a great help that day! :)

He looked at Lil Pumpkin, quickly analysed her body shape {short body, long legs haha} and recommended some IMPACT ergonomic backpacks that would suit her. Goodness! They have such a wide variety.
After talking to Kingsley, I learnt that not all ergonomic bags are made the same. It doesn't mean that just because it has the word "ergonomic" slapped onto it, the bag will definitely provide proper support and comfort for the back. How well it supports and how comfortable it feels will depend on an individual's built and size.

IMPACT ergonomic backpacks are not one size fits all.

They have different sizes, back cushion materials, spinal support & load distribution systems, strap lengths, compartmentalisation, colours etc. to suit all kids' {and parents'!} needs and wants. IMPACT is also the only ergonomic brand endorsed and certified by both Singapore Physiotherapy Association and The Chiropractic Association of Singapore.

The endorsement assures us that we are buying authentic ergonomic products.

Once we entered the showroom, Lil Pumpkin had her eyes on one of the pink bags and luckily, it was one of the backpacks Kingsley recommended for her too. Phew!

The IMPACT Ergo-Comfort Spinal Support Backpack has the following features:
  • Weighs slightly less than 1kg, which is pretty light for such a spacious bag #score
  • Silicone gel cushioning which is softer for extra comfort and will last longer than usual foam cushioning
  • "Scattered" cushioned support system to protect every part of their back muscles & spine
  • Curved backing to suit the body's natural spine curvature better and encourage better posture
  • "Box" design for easy access to books, obento bag & contents. I really like this point as it reminds me of Japanese randoseru {ランドセル} school bags which are so cute.. but are so expensive! This bag is like erm, a third of an average randoseru bag??
  • Huge outer pockets for pencil cases, water bottle, tissue packets etc.  
  • Zips with ergonomic, plastic handles
  • Inner suspension straps to keep books and files neatly in the bag
  • 3M light reflectors on the straps for night safety
  • EZ parachute pull rings for kids to fit the bag straps easily themselves
  • Padded hip belt for better support and load management
  • Made from water-resistant materials
The bag fits her built well and rests snugly against her back. Most importantly, Lil Pumpkin finds it really comfy and likes it!!!

IMPACT bags use high grade nylon to stitch the seams to ensure durability. According to Kingsley, most kids are able to use this backpack until at least Primary 4 so it does provide good mileage and value-for-money too hehe.

See more of his tips on choosing an ergonomic school bag for kids and how we saw that the bag really fitted Lil Pumpkin properly in the video above or on my YouTube channel if it's not showing properly. 

The ERGOWORKS showroom obviously does not just sell IMPACT ergonomic backpacks.

ERGOWORKS is a leading brand in posture & back-care solutions so also sells ergonomic furniture and accessories like chairs, desks and workstations, writing instruments, laptop stands etc.

We ended up buying a new ergonomic water bottle for Lil Pumpkin that contains advanced Japanese Anion technology to ionise the water and make it even "healthier"...

...and shoe insoles for the boy too haha. He's been using them since that day and says they support his feet properly so help with his knee problems.

IMPACT ergonomic bags cost S$69.90 - S$129. They come with a warranty of 180 days from the date of purchase against manufacturing faults and defective parts. ERGOWORKS also offers 20% discount on new regular-priced bag purchases when you trade-in your old IMPACT bags, regardless of condition.

You can view some of the bag designs on the ERGOWORKS website, but the showroom definitely has a much wider selection. If you do head down, go with your kid so that the retail staff can help recommend the bags that are suitable for your child's size and built, and the kids can actually try on the bags.

Promo: 15% discount OFF IMPACT Ergo bags for SAFRA and CordLife Circle card members. 

Oh and yes, a bit random, but you can catch Pokemons there too hahahaha #pokemongo

ERGOWORKS Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #03-337/338 Marina Square
Open 11:30am - 9.00pm daily
Tel: 6837 3370
*Also available at Centrepoint and Causeway Point

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*Disclosure: This is a review for IMPACT Ergonomic bags. All opinions are my own.


Stacy said...

She had lots of fun choosing her new bag!

Ladybird said...

Sponsored post?

Unknown said...

I'm actually looking for posture support to place on the chairs for my girls. Now I know where to go, Ergoworks! Thanks.

Phoebe said...

When our kids were younger, we found the bags a little too pricey and above our budget. Hence, Hubby decided to buy laptop bags in replacement as their school bags. ^_^ Another alternative for us.

Shub said...

I have heard of this brand before. We have deuter for my kid. It is good that most of the books are placed in the school only.

Unknown said...

Is the hip belt fiddly to use? I've observed loads of kids carrying their ergo schoolbags without fastening the hip belt. Does that defeat the purpose of the bag?

Theresa Mahoney said...

The bags are super nice! My girls tote around such heavy loads, these packs would really be beneficial at helping to keep their posture in line when having to carry such heavy books all week long.

Pooja Kawatra said...

Actually getting a right bag which is perfect on their shoulder is very important. Surely your girl have had a great time selecting.

Geraldine Guo said...

I love this ergonomic school bag! Design and functions are well thought out and most importantly it fits comfortably onto a child. No more heavy bags or complaints!

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Sounds like a good option!! While the price range may sound a bit pricey, if the child uses it throughout his primary school year, it can be quite worthwhile. I like to pay for quality!

Grace said...

Can Lil Pumpkin get any cuter??? She's growing up so much! I worry about my boys' bags. They're so massive and while luckily they don't need to carry that much in it these days, not sure what the load will be like in the years to come.

KarMie's blog said...

Love that it has plenty of compartments for different items... super organized! This mummy approves. Will keep this brand in mind next time for my 2 kids when they start school!

Jamie Chaw

mylilbookworm said...

I know the importance of an ergonomic bag for school goers, so I bought an Impact too. I can instantly feel the difference from other cheaper bags. This one definitely support the spine better. And poor kids! Their school bags are sooooo heavy.

An Apel a Day said...

She's all set! That backpack should last a long time. My boys have good backpacks, but not as good as this one. I was happy to get their Skull Candy backpacks after school started one year. They were over $60, and I got them for $10. They each have a superhero patch to make them stand apart. They wanted the same exact backpack.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

look at all those choices..I bet lil Pumpkin enjoys it..

Small Kucing said...

Wanted to buy but too pricey. I bought Pop kid instead

Unknown said...