Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Good Bye Genesis Gym | Operation 健康アップ

One for the memories!! Managed to break PR for prowler push {is there such a thing??!} and pushed 130kg for 40m... yay!!! I was really glad to have done it before I left Genesis Gym on 31 Dec 2016. 

It's been exactly one month since I left... a sad decision for me to make but one which I knew I had to.

Superman was leaving Genesis Gym to be a freelance personal trainer. For the past year, even though Genesis Gym trainers work as a team, Jen was the one who helped me with my nutrition and planned my programs, while I trained under Superman most of the time since Jen does more management stuff and isn't on the floor much.

Especially since I injured my back in September last year and my chronic back problem escalated. Superman became my "main coach" of sorts and when other trainers like Boon took me, they would also usually check back with him if there were any major changes to be made too since he knew my injury conditions {weak back, bad knees, tight left forearm etc.} the best. He also took over from Jen to helping me plan my workout programs and monitoring my sleep and health...

{My fave squat rack at the gym}
I've said this before but I think when you have personal training, there should be a good relationship between you & your trainer and the right trainer matters. If you and him/ her don't click or have affinity, it is very hard for you to listen & learn new things, get motivated and push yourself through the pain, whether mentally or physically, during a workout. After all, that's why you want to have a personal trainer right?

I find Superman to be an awesome trainer. He is attentive, able to explain difficult concepts / exercise techniques easily, and knows how to push my right buttons to get me to motivated during a challenging workout session. He even goes the extra mile to help me think of additional exercises or drills outside of my programs to help me get better and reach my goals faster... or encourage me when I was really, really dejected for having to take a step back from my usual heavy training for my back rehab.

I trust him to give me solid, consistent and non-judgemental support with my best interest in mind.. and he is also not afraid to tell me as it is and even chides me when I do things that may worsen my injuries.

And it's not just me that finds him to be a wonderful personal trainer. I see how some of the other clients {and his peers} show him the same trust and respect, and even my gym mate, Jo, has left Genesis to train with Superman too.

Superman and I have formed a rather strong trainer-client relationship and he has become a good friend too. As a person, I like him a lot too since he is loyal, trustworthy, dependable and basically the kind of guy I'd like to hang out with. So, when I knew he was leaving Genesis Gym, there was no doubt that I still wanted him as my trainer and I wanted to follow him on his new journey as a freelance personal trainer.

It would be more inconvenient in terms of rescheduling my routine and getting used to a new gym, as well as a higher cost incurred per training session, but I believe it's a worthwhile investment in my health and well-being. 

I think I've benefited from the Genesis Gym system as much as I could and towards the end, didn't really feel I could make further improvement nor train confidently there with my various injuries without my "main coach". Plus, you all know that once I find a professional I trust and am comfortable with {like my hair stylist, aesthetic doctor, tattoo artist etc.}.. I usually stick with them for life if possible hahaha.

Thus, with support from my family, I made the move to have one-on-one personal training with him starting this year. 

{My fave platform at the gym}
I will miss Genesis Gym though as I was there 5 times a week last year and it really was one of my happy places, a home away from home.

The gym had always been my respite for many things. To me, it wasn't just a place to pump weights.. it was my sanctuary  when life outside got overwhelming, a haven where I found a fitter / stronger me, and a place where I met some of the sweetest and most loving people.

I may not have shown it much during my time there {sorry for my b*tchy resting gym face!!} but I do appreciate each person I met at Genesis that has taught me something about health, something about strength... something about life. Thank you especially to the other coaches Jen, Boon, and JJ who have been pivotal in my fitness journey there too.

As this chapter closes and a new chapter in my fitness journey starts, I can only count my blessings for the opportunity to have spent 1.5 years there and all the precious memories will stay with me forever #sentimentalsook

{Last lift selfie on my last day at Genesis Gym}
I will try to update regularly on my fitness training with Superman. There were some kinks to iron out in the past month but I must say, I have never been so on point with my diet before!! Goodness.. I've even started bringing a scale around to weigh my food so that I can properly document my calorie intake haha. Since I've had to cut back on training heavy or doing compound exercises like deadlifts / squats because of my injury, I've had to focus on my diet more to be leaner and it does make a huge difference because I still managed to lose 1.7% body fat in around 2 weeks last month.

Oh, I still get some queries on training at Genesis Gym which I can assist to answer as much as possible, but I reckon it's best if you consult to them directly {suggest meeting Jon or Jen at Paya Lebar HQ}, especially regarding prices and session times. Personal training is well, very personal, and the Genesis Gym coaches will be able to assess and give you proper advice when you talk to them.

If you are looking for a freelance personal trainer, I will gladly recommend Superman to you too haha. He does one-to-one or even two-to-one training and will travel to train you at your home, condo, nearby gym etc. at your convenience. Seriously, no excuse now for having no time to exercise or not going to the gym when there's someone COMING to you!! Best option for busy parents or working adults :)

As someone that's been training under him for 1.5 years, I'm very confident Superman will keep you accountable and not only help develop your own personalised fitness goals but also develop a realistic and achievable nutritional & exercise plan to attain those goals.

Here's to a fitter, healthier and stronger new year for all of us!!  

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Iwan 1005 22-03 said...

Thanks for sharing this. I had trained under Genesys in Alexandra branch in Q1 2015. I'm now doing a home-based training with my PT Sabriman. One reason I have to do this is injury, which is similar to yours. I have neck pain and right- shoulder pain. Been to 4 different physio, 3 different specialists. I tried the japanese onsen, as my brother-in-law who have similar problem told me it works for him. Sadly, didn't work at all.

I find there is a lack of knowledge among joint pain. Keen to exchange knowledge and share lesson learnt.

Ai Sakura said...

Iwan: Hi thanks for dropping by and sorry to hear of your injuries. There's a sports doctor/chiro that I can recommend that might help.. and have you tried TCM yet?

Iwan 1005 22-03 said...

Yes, I have seen 3 TCMs, one of them is actually a doctor. No luck.
Keen to have the name of the sports doctor or chiro that healed you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ai, reading about your experience with your personal trainer really is an eye opener. I've a personal trainer at a gym too. But it's nothing like this.

We meet up twice a week, go through the workouts. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. I'm not really a chatty person. He does give advice about diet/sleep, but those are not what I don't already know. Maybe there is a difference with trainer from a big name gym and normal gym. A friend who has also gone thru personal training at the same gym told me, a trainer is just someone who does the counting while you weight lift or do sit ups.

Hmmm... so I decided to stop training after training with him for slightly over a year. I did see some results during this one year in my body composition but now it's back to square one because last half of 2016 I was overly stressed at work and my exercise routine was in a mess. Fortunately things are getting better now at work. So it made me wonder... whether training or no training, if I couldn't manage my stress or diet, it's pretty pointless.

All the hard work gone to waste, I'm kinda disappointed. Of course I've no one to blame except myself. I don't even dare to step on the weighing scale now.

Ai Sakura said...

Iwan: Please email me at sakuraharuka at live dot com :)

Anon: Thanks for reading. Honestly, I'm not that chatty when I workout too.. and I'm not the most approachable person in the gym haha. However, I do think a PT is MORE than just someone who counts for u while you do your exercise. You should expect more from your PT to really help you in your training, diet and recovery.. the work put in to stay fit isn't just from the work you do at the gym. It's your whole lifestyle.

If your PT is not able to support that then I reckon you made the right decision to stop training with your prev PT too.

Stress, diet and recovery plays a huge part in being healthy and fit, no doubt. We all have our ups and downs and we all got to start somewhere so don't stay disappointed. Make a commitment to start again and I guess it will be very helpful to have a good PT there to motivate you and keep you on your path when it gets challenging.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ai.

Before I took up PT, I was running 4-5 days a week. My weight dropped and stayed plateau. That's why I decided to take up PT to see how else I can further improve.

My trainer convinced me that weight is not everything. Yes I did read about this. During this one year of training, my weight did not drop tremendous but I could see %muscle up and %fat down which is good enough (I'm always easily satisfied).

On top of twice weekly training, I still continue to run the rest of the days and I also do yoga 3-4 times a week. You know my trainer has an easy job since I'm rather active in this sense. Recently we even increased the training to 3 times a week.

There are few reasons why I wanted to stop training with him.

1. He told me I could eat anything because I'm exercising this much. I was still counting calories when I took up training, then slowly I forgo the practice. This is a mistake. Diet is actually the most impt part.

2. After one year, my tummy is still flabby, my arms became more muscular except for the underarm flaps. My legs are also muscular like a weight lifter, not the slim legs I wanted. He said the tummy and underarm flaps need cosmetic help. So should I save up the training $ for cosmetic surgery instead?

3. He also tried to introduce me some protein or energy drink, some pills to curb appetite. I felt that if I wanted to get all these, I definitely will not spend so much time and $ in the gym. I still believe in eating right than depends on these.

Anyway, after I sent you the comment. I went to weigh myself. I've also started my calorie counting today. I really want to prove that without a trainer, I can do it too.

Ai Sakura said...

Anon: No problem.

Weight definitely is not everything. I think a lot of people place emphasis on it because it is the easiest to measure... how much importance it is also depends on your goals. Do you just want to lose weight? Or do you want to lose fat? Or do you want to gain muscles and strength? Or do you want to improve your running speed? All these different goals will affect your training and how you train.

1. I'm glad alarm bells rang off once you heard you can eat anything because you're exercising so much. Yes, you can prob eat more, but that doesn't mean you don't need to watch the food you intake in terms of quality and quantity. Excess calories still lead to excess fat.. no matter how much you exercise.

2. My tummy and underarms are still flabby too haha. You've to be really dedicated and lean (maybe 15-16% body fat for ladies?) to get rid of those.. and yes, can be done even without cosmetic surgery!!

3. It is best to be able to get your nutrients from wholesome, unprocessed food but I think sometimes due to our hectic lifestyle, it is ok to take protein shakes and supplements too. Especially fish oil and magnesium. I also take melatonin to help me sleep better.

Good luck keeping up with your fitness regime.. I use Myfitnesspal to help me track my calorie count. You definitely can do it without a trainer.. just need to be more focused and dedicated (especially with food.. which is very hard for me!), and put more time into gaining the extra knowledge that will help you to train and stay healthy more efficiently to reach your goals :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I know how you feel. I drive extra miles just to visit my fitness instructor even though there is a really nice gym right by my house. If my lady ever leaves, I will definitely follow her wherever she goes. You really can't replace a good trainer!

Iwan 1005 22-03 said...

Hi Anon
"2. After one year, my tummy is still flabby, my arms became more muscular except for the underarm flaps. My legs are also muscular like a weight lifter, not the slim legs I wanted. He said the tummy and underarm flaps need cosmetic help."
Tummy flabby = diet. Mine still has fat too. My diet isn't clean.
Underarm flaps = normal if it's relax. You don't want tight muscle when it's supposed to be relax, else you get join pain. I'm a man and it's flaps. When I flex, it's toned and tight.
Muscular legs? Okay.... this is interesting. I'm not sure as it's kinda strange.
Cosmetic surgery = please stay away. The body is too precious for that.

Iwan 1005 22-03 said...

Forgot to add.
I did with Genesys back in 2015 in their Alexandra. Quite far from personal. It's all up to the branch manager, not Genesys. The one I had didn't understand the word personal. Pushed me hard until I collapsed on the floor and had cold sweat.

I'm currently training with Sabriman, with focus on injury healing. He is 46 hence has a lot of years and injury. Contact is 9772 1774. Warning: 15 minutes warm up and 15 minutes exercise enough to kill me.

Ai Sakura said...

Iwan: Sorry to hear of your bad experience at Genesis Alexander. I've never trained there before but can vouch for Jen's experience and dedication to providing highly supervised and safe training methods at Genesis Paya Lebar. He's the branch manager there :)

Ai Sakura said...

Theresa: Exactly!! Yes, you just gotta follow her where it's reasonable to go haha

Stacy said...

I'm not into gym but you look awesome, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

@Iwan Rahabok hello there! I'm a female, I don't really fancy big bulky muscles. All I wanted are slim arms and slim legs like those who don't even need to exercise!

But of course I know it's impossible. My arms got bigger (the circumference), it's toned and with the flaps. I still do not dare to wear sleeveless before and after training :(

My legs are probably muscular also because of my frequent running. That's why I felt like telling the trainer, don't train my arms and legs, just train my tummy. I know it doesn't work this way -__-

Anonymous said...

@Iwan Rahabok just found out you're a VMware engineer! Can I hire you?

An Apel a Day said...

That's sad that you had to leave. I hope you still follow your trainer.

Hungry said...

have you got Brandon's contact and his charges?

Ai Sakura said...

Hungry: Please email me at sakuraharuka at live dot com. Thanks :)

Boogiewoogie said...

Hello Ai.. I enjoy reading your blog.. Thanks for sharing 😊
Am very unfit and my upper body, never lift weight before, and upper body strength is non existant :(
After reading your really considering to sign up at genesis..but now which package i should go for? Is twice a week of exercise sufficient to see result? (Do i need to do it at home also?) Thank you :)

chloe said...

I came across your blog while searching for a PT
very informative blog!

is superman still coaching and can I have his contact number as I m looking for a PT to train my hubby and I


Ai Sakura said...

Chloe: Please email me at sakuraharuka at live dot com. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I am looking for PT and could u share superman contact number? Thanks

Ai Sakura said...

For Superman's contact details, please email me at sakuraharuka at live dot com. Thanks :)