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JUMPY Plus Kids Smartwatch {GIVEAWAY + PROMO}

Most primary schools, like Lil Pumpkin's, ban mobile phones in school... and I support this idea. Mobile phones can be addictive. Especially smart mobile phones where you can surf, chat, watch videos, take photos, play games etc. on them. Gone are the days of simply using the phone to call or send text messages, then putting it away until the next use. Nowadays.. you just feel like using them All. The. Time. #truestory

Of course, mobile phones are definitely useful in many ways but for young children, there is no need for them especially in school and having them around can be disruptive and distracting. Also, why put them under extra pressure of looking after something so expensive and valuable when they should be concentrating on paying attention in class??

Not to mention that as parents, we don't want our kids to call anyone or access the internet so freely at such a young age too. 

However, as Lil Pumpkin gets older and her daily schedule gets more complicated, sometimes we really need to reach her ASAP. For example, there are days when we unexpectedly have to arrive later than usual to pick Lil Pumpkin up from school and want to inform her so that she won't panic and think that we forgot about her.. However, it can be difficult to contact her without a phone... and that's when I wish she had one haha. Does that happen to you too? 

Things are so much easier now with her JUMPY Plus Kids Smartwatch though. Designed just for kids, the JUMPY Plus smartwatch is a mobile phone, GPS tracker, activity helper, fitness companion and more. We can now contact and locate Lil Pumpkin anytime without the need to buy her a smartphone!

With JUMPY Plus, we can preset 5 numbers for Lil Pumpkin to make and receive calls i.e. unknown numbers won't be able to contact her, and she can't contact strangers either. She's able to talk freely only to us {or her grandparents whose numbers are locked in} or send us simple text messages with emojis, hand-drawings and voice recordings ( ᐛ )و

The microphone/ speaker works well and Lil Pumpkin can receive / make calls with good, clear quality. She really likes to call us on it now like a walkie talkie ahahahaha...  

Do note that a nano SIM card {we're currently using 4G network but it works for 3G too} is needed to call or text, and you need to sync it up with a phone {compatible with both Android & iPhones} via an app to kick-start the fun. You don't have to bring a phone around with the smartwatch though as it functions as a mobile phone by itself.

If Lil Pumpkin is busy or in class, we can also remotely switch JUMPY Plus to "school mode" using our phones. While locked in this mode, her watch can only be able to tell time and make emergency calls so that she won't be distracted when she's supposed to be studying! haha..

I hope Lil Pumpkin won't need to use this added safety function, but IF she is in any danger or has an emergency, she can also easily press a SOS call button to notify me or other people on her call list immediately. If she is unable to pick up a call during an emergency, we can remotely listen in on what is happening to her.

The SOS call button isn't the only safety feature though. It has an inbuilt GPS tracking device for us to check on her location via our smartphone app. Alert areas {e.g. home, school, gym} can also be set up so that we are alerted on the phone when she enters or leaves the proximity.

I'm impressed that JUMPY Plus has a pretty sensitive intuitive interface {1.6" full-coloured 240 x 240px touch screen} for a kids product. With just gentle swipes and touches, you can scroll through notifications and the menu which includes interactive edu-tainment games, story-telling, a pedometer {!!!}, a virtual pet and much more!

Other features that Lil Pumpkin likes to play with is the Voice Note function where she can record 20+ voice notes and the Personal Alarm where she can record her own alarm notification messages e.g. "Time to pack my school bag!"... Too darn cute. I can also set up daily schedules with the Smart Calendar and record voice reminders for her on my phone to help her develop good habits too.

JUMPY Plus is specially designed for kids aged 4 - 12 years old, however I think younger kids may find some features too difficult to use {plus I think it's too expensive a watch for them!}, and older kids may find the games & storybooks too childish. I would recommend JUMPY Plus to kids aged 6 - 10 years old.  

The smartwatch's battery is easily rechargeable with a magnetic cable and usually lasts about 2 days. You can monitor the battery status on your phone and get a notification when the batt is low. There are also 10 different watch themes and you can also change the phone strap colour {although I don't think the local distributor sells just the straps}. It comes in red, green, blue and yellow.

If you've an accident-prone child like Lil Pumpkin, don't worry because JUMPY Plus is water-resistant and made to withstand heavy kids play. I do wish it came with a watch guard though to protect the face more from scratches and hard knocks...

If you're young at heart and want it for yourself, don't worry too because JUMPY Plus fits adult wrists as well haha.

Honestly, I don't mind wearing it for myself too because sometimes I need a break and really feel like disconnecting online and the world-at-large, yet still need to be contactable by my family. This fuss-free smartphone with limited access is perfect for those reclusive days

Find out more tips about using JUMPY Plus on their Facebook page and purchase the watch on JUMPY Plus Singapore website at S$278 each. Use my promo code below for extra discounts!

Promo: Quote "JPSakura10" for 10% OFF every JUMPY Plus kids smartwatch! Valid until Tue 28 Feb 2017 only. 

For my own special friends & blog readers, I've ONE JUMPY Plus Smartwatch in Green {worth S$278} to give away!! With JUMPY Plus, parents can stay in contact with their kids while the children themselves can enjoy this super cool high-tech watch, just like mummy & daddy's. 

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UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Nadia Kua. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

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* Winner will be announced by Thursday 9 Feb 2017 on this blog post and notified via email with further instructions on how to collect prize. Winners have 2 days to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.
* JUMPY Plus Kids Smartwatch prize is available only in green. No exchange of colours allowed.  
* Nano SIM card not included.  

For more of  Lil Pumpkin's Primary School journey:

For tips on P1 preparation:

* Disclosure: JUMPY Plus Singapore provided the kids smartwatch for giveaway. Terms and Conditions apply.


Grace Ng said...

seriously i dun have any best ex tip coz my girl just started Pri 1 this year.
I in fact since her nursery days, i already started her with some assessment books to do daily at home after school. Encourage her to read more books, teaching her simple math via manipulatives. Till now i can said she is quite prepared and equipped with better knowledge for her Pri 1 journey. Like an chinese idioms : 不要临时抱佛脚. Try to revise daily and it definitely helps alot.

FB Name : Grace Ng
Name subcribed : Grace Ng (

ig : gracegisellepng

Debbie Ng said...

My best exam tip is consistent work and understanding of daily work. Sleep early on the eve of exam and lastly pray that God is in control of all things. :) FB name : Debbie Ng

Priscilla said...

My best exam tips to do daily revision, a night sleep before the exam day is the best way to do well for the exams!
Facebook name - Priscilla Toh
Subscribe : Priscilla Toh

Unknown said...

Best exam TIp is to study regularly and do past exam papers. Doing the papers get the kids prepared for the questions that might be coming out.
Facebook Name: adeline lq koo

Unknown said...

My best exam tip is to read more books. Sleep early :)
Fb: Gloria Liu
Ig: bigjay.smalljay.babyjay

Syasya said...

My best exam tip is give yourself enough time to study.
FB name: Ajeek Syasya
Name used to subscribe to the newsletter: Noorsyahidah Jumat

Evelyn said...

Not much of a tip but the best things when comes to studies is to understand the concept. I've always believe in understand rather than memorizing. For now I will go thru my girl day to day homework to ensure she understand what was being taught in class and on top of this reading to / with her to widen up herself vocabulary

Fb name: Evelyn Leow
Ig: evejol

Jingwen Mun said...

I try to ensure my child understands her daily work and makes sure she goes to bed early every night. Sufficient sleep, consistent work and a healthy breakfast everyday is probably the preparation for any exams!

FB name - Jingwen Mun
subscribe - Jingwen Mun

JoAn LoH said...

Best exam tip will be to revise daily instead of cramming everything at the last minute,a 20-minute revision of the day's syllabus goes a long way!Keep track of regular sleeping hours and nutrient intake helps too.
FB name-JoAn LoH
Name used to subscribe to the
Ig name-joanjoantsk

mich said...

Best exam tip is constant revision and a good nights rest
FB michele chin

Jasmine Juay said...

Every weekend will revise work and play after revising. Good rest is important too.
Fb name Jasmine Juay
Email use
IG _jjjasmineee_

Ranice Wu said...

Revisions are done daily and enough rest before the exams are important.

FB : Ranice Wu
Email :
IG : mamarannnn

Jean Ling said...

For any exam or test try not to stress too much to the child the importance as you might indirectly add stress to them and make them worry which worsen to anxiety or even sick during exam wk. Children shd be well prepared wks before and nearer to the date just new reminder what is their careless mistake just to ensure don't make the same mistake no more last minute revision else they will have overloaded with work.

Fb name : Jean Ling
Email: (Jean Ling)

Vanessa Tan said...

My best exam tip so far is to just ensure the brain has ample rest b4 the actual paper.
I over stressed my brain b4 the papers & went into the exam hall, looked at papers, smiled cos I knew the answers. Unfortunately, my brain went total blank halfway through... haiz.. I was lucky to scrape thru.

FB name & email name: Vanessa Tan.
Email add:

Sharon said...

My boy just started P2 this year and his first "official" exam would be the year end SA2. I keep on emphasize to him the best way is to revise daily. Our 20-20-10 theory. 20 mins revision- 20 mins of free time for him and lastly 10 mins of chit chat. Then bed time :)
Hope to win the green jumpy plus ;) Fb name & name used to subscribe newsletters: Sharon Goh.
Thanks in advanced

Unknown said...

Enough sleep and study hard for exam.
Fb: Eu Meifang

Bitchy Galz said...

I learnt thru hard ways for exam tips.
Any subject is need to understand it instead of memorising it.
And ofcuz everyday practise abit will be perfect when any pop up test or when exam period is here.

Fb: joice lee
IG: joiceleee

Teo Yee Long said...

Best exam tip is sleep more! Get enough sleep before the exam day. As long as normal times the kid has put in effort to keep up with schoolwork, there is nothing to panic about. Stress are usually from the kiasu parents.

girls and me said...

The best birthday gift for my gal. Hope to win for her. I'm sure she will love it..
FB: KaRen Ong
IG: mekarenong

Anonymous said...

Dun stress the kids, do normal revisions daily. Sleep early eat healthy .
Fb Julie tan
Ig tanjulie27

Kristine said...

I learnt recently that you have to keep testing yourself to get your brain more effective with recalling the facts and details from your long term memory! So constant recapping of the topic (no matter how small a portion) helps better than cramming near the exam.

IG: kristineloo

Jingxian said...

Exam tip will be not to wait till the last minute to study. Periodically should revise the topics to make sure the child is on track with the progress.

FB: Jingxian Liang

habeebunnisa said...

Exam Tip: Start answering the questions that you feel most confident about. There is no need to answer the questions in order.

FB: Azmina Muqtadir

Subscribe Name: habeebunnisa mohamed Ellias

Joyce Chin said...

Revision daily after his classes. Rectify and check if he have any problems that he faced .
Encourage and sit with him for his revision so the motivation and support will be there for him .
Fb: Tan Bee Chin Joyce
Ig: joyctansg80

Adeline Tan hx said...

My best exam tip is to revise everyday. Have sufficient rest and do not be stress.
FB name: Adeline Tan huixiu
Name used to subscribe to the newsletter: Adeline Tan huixiu

Anonymous said...

Exam tip is to do revision book 2pages a day and read more books to increase the knowledge of learning more words.
My child age 10 is always doing the above everyday without slow down the step her achievement pay off every end of the year. As a mon of me really proud of her determintion.
Fb: Sandra Wee
IG: Sandoranooshikko

Dian Budiman said...

Daily revision help on exam. Also giving them enough time to play and rest. Pray together and assure them that they will do their best.

Fb name : Bona Dian
email : bakpogoreng
IG : jeanne_arc_bubu
Newsletter : Dian Budiman

Ester Em said...

When I was still studying I love to make flashcards with all the important notes to remember. I do mnemics so I can easily remember. This is what I do with my kid now. It's easy and fun and it's like playing. And we do this days before the exam week. And a day before the exam, we just rekax and read, no more studying so there will be less stress. And of course, whatever the outcome, I don't pressure the kid :-)

FB name: Ester Em
IG: NanayniMarco1982
Newsletter: Ester Em

preciouz said...

From my experience, constant revision ie not last minute slow and steady win the race!
Jaime Chan

Anonymous said...

would be good to ensure the child understands the concept of each chapter throughout the term/semester. Towards exam period, to do some practice papers. But also b mindful abt the standard of the sch paper and other sch paper. Doesnt mean the more difficult the better :)

FB: Fiona Rain
IG: axelia_dreams

Louis Lee said...

Start revision early and don't wait till the last minute.
Louis Lee

Robert Sim said...

Best exam tip is to do daily revision so that you don't have to hug the Buddha's leg at the last minute and burn midnight oil!

Robert Sim

Carol Mei Mei said...

best exam tip is to practise past year papers to get used to question format and practise time management skills too.

Carol Mei Mei Lim

Lynette said...

My best exam tip is to sleep early so that the mind is fresh and better able to absorb whatever you read and recall it. :)
FB name: Lynette Tan
Name used to subscribe to the newsletter: Lynette Tan

Serene Sermaine said...

Exam tips: practice make perfect. No last minute work. Revise is a comfortable pace for them. Use mouth no hands punishment.
FB: Serene Sermaine
IG: serene_sermaine

Zoey Chan said...

Exam tip is practise past year papers.

FB: Zoey Chan

Toh lay hoon said...

My best tip is revised on the weaknesses subjects go though before exam, eat breakfast fill in important to help brain work properly. Includes more high calcium foods omega fish and fresh milk, dairy products.

Fb name Toh lay hoon
IG @layhoontoh
Followed both IG reposted

Unknown said...

my exam tip is to let the child have regular revision, revise after 1 chapter is completed in school
FB: susan chiang
IG : Babystarlet80

Unknown said...

My best exam tip will be sleep early before exam day, believe in ourselves and relax your mind. Stress will only make you more forgetful.

Fb name: Shirley Tay Shirley
Subscribed: Tay Shirley
Ig: Simplyshir

Anonymous said...

Relax n sleep early, don revise last min and tense up the kid + lots of hugx n kisses 😄
FB: Lorna Tan
Insta: envyna

coldkohmew said...

Study before hand and only study your 1 page of special notes 1 hour before the exam

Josephine Tan said...

Use post-it notes to write down anything you’re having difficulty with. That way you don’t have to flip through everything when you’re searching for information you desperately need.
FB Username: Jovia Tan
Subscribed Newletter using Email:

Unknown said...

My oldest is only p2 no exam tips but what I did myself was to pay attention in class, although people say don't last min devise, I have a fish brain short memory so I must study hard few days before. But sleep well and eat light is a must. Heavy meal make one sleepy and uncomfortable to study. Snack on fruit a bit sour one perks up!

Amie Chen said...

Probably the best exam tips is to take note of what the teacher is teaching, revise again and again, practise lots of exam papers and stay calm.

FB Name: Amie Chen
Name Subscribed: Amie Chen (

Jamielene Fernandez said...

Hi, I used to be a primary school teacher and the one thing I used to tell parents (which would drive them up the wall everytime coz they thought I was crazy) was to let the kids enjoy themselves the day before the exams - I mean, go to an amusement park, go to a swimming theme/thrill park, whatever they find enjoyable.
The reason is simple.
Sometimes kids get saturated. No more stuff goes in. So they need that breather. They need to release all that pent up energy and frustration. You might actually be surprised at the results.

Diana said...

Tips : do the past years assessment paper! For HCL, I teach before the new chapter and revise again with flash card and we do assessment book together, I don't test my child, we do it together and give lots of encouragements. Most importantly, tell him mark is not everything! His HCL improved by 35 marks for SA2 last year.

Facebook : Diana Bok
Subscriber : Diana Bok

Sunflower said...

My best exam tip is to rest well. Lots of sleep so you can focus and remember what you have studied and learnt.

Fb name : Tricia Tan
Subscribed name : Tricia Tan (

Carolyn Lim said...

Run through the summarised notes the day before exam and have an early rest.

FB & subscriber name : Carolyn Lim

Unknown said...

Practise makes perfect. Constant revision to refresh what had been learnt at school daily. No last minute work.
Fb name: Michelle Ng

Evette Looi said...

I think the best exam tip is to understand the concept behind the various subjects and to remember the main points. Other than that is to take interval rest during revision and have ample sleep the night before the exam.

FB Name : Evette Looi
Subscription :
IG @ethan.athan

Rebecca Sim said...

My best exam tip to my boys - be focused & consistent in your daily work. Ask, ask, ask, whenever you're unsure.
FB: Rebecca Sim
IG: rebecca.sim

Cecilia Chng said...

My best exam tip is to ensure my kids have enough rest and sleep at least the week before exam, so that they do not feel stressed or sick. This way, they can perform at their maximum. FB name : Cecilia Chng. name used to subscribe to the newsletter : Cecilia Chng

ashmika said...

I always get advice to Stay calm, as I have done my homework and have nothing to fear & I firmly believe it. Staying calm always help me to be more focus & sometime help to recall certain points even at the back of our brain sometime.
Secondly I always advice my daughter to Start answering the questions that she feel most confident about. There is no need to answer the questions in order.
Having consistent study schedule, good night sleep & healthy Breakfast is definitely must not only during exams but always.

Thanks for awesome giveaway.
FB..Hritiash Jain
Subscribe..Ashmika Jain

Unknown said...

My exam tips are to study and memorize important paragraphs by making them into short songs. This will really help myself remember them easily & better. Take some chicken essence (optional) and drink plenty of water to keep oneself hydrated & awake with energy. And listen to my fave radio station or music to keep myself relax! Finally have enough rest at appropriate time at 10pm to 7am. Take breakfast daily because this meal is crucial to me so I can kickstart & excel better at later part of the day.

My FB name: Celiss Ong
My IG account: Poshberriesweet
My Subscribed Name/Email: Wang Shiyan /

Unknown said...

My best exam tips- consistent work, daily revision, healthy meal and sufficient sleep
Fb: Yong Agnes

Unknown said...

Practice daily so that you will be well prepared on exam day (easier said than done haha)
FB: JingRong Loh

Kathy Woon Tan said...

My kids do not have tuition. Therefore I make it a point to go thru their work everyday.I prepare them for classes a chapter faster & ensure they are ready. Nearer to exams, we revised n starts on assessment topics by topics whereby I sieve out e topics or questions my child is weaker n practice with her. When they are ready, a week or two before e exam, I let them do past year papers. According to my kids 60-80% are similar, therefore its not so stressful for them.

FB Kathy Woon Tan
IG @prectitude
Hope to be e blessed one

Anonymous said...

My best exam tips is to set a timetable with rest and play time in between. I let my girl do the pass year exams papers from those top school.
For Science, I get my girl to learn the spelling from those long words.
For English & Mandarin, I let her read those compose and list down the so called POWERFUL word or description ( 好词好句).

FB: Sonia Yong
Subscribed name: Sonia Yong
IG: soniakathlynn

Sonia Yong said...

My best exam tips is to set a timetable with rest and play time in between. I let my girl do the pass year exams papers from those top school.
For Science, I get my girl to learn the spelling from those long words.
For English & Mandarin, I let her read those compose and list down the so called POWERFUL word or description ( 好词好句).

FB: Sonia Yong
Subscribed name: Sonia Yong
IG: soniakathlynn

smirfkim said...

best exam tip is mind mapping!

FB name: Tracy Kim
Subscriber name: Tracy Kim (

zoe said...

My girl will be starting Pri 1 only next year, and this will definitely be a perfect starting gift for her, so really do hope to win this.

Being in preschool, there are no proper exams yet fortunately, but the likes of tests and presentations. If I were to think of the best advice I've given and will continue to give to her, it would be to simply take a deep breathe, have faith and go forth in confidence because a defeated mind will be her greatest enemy.

zoe said...

And so sorry Ai, forgot my facebook name!

Facebook name: Zoe Teo

Esther Chng said...

Best exam tip - frequent revision and practice and have enough sleep the day before

Fb - Esther Lay eng chng

Name - Esther chng

Theresa Mahoney said...

Our kids can have the smartphones at school, but they have to stay turned off during school hours. I didn't give my girls a cell phone until they were in their teens, so this watch would have really come in handy for us when they were younger. I really love the safety SOS feature too! Oh, and Happy New Year to you too dear!

Candice Tay said...

make sure sufficient sleep and attempt the questions you are confident in first.

FB name: Candice Yang Tay
Subscription: Candice (

Seline tan said...

My best exam tip is to do daily revision and have sufficient rest and play time too. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! We can learn through play too! For example, I will use hand puppets to explain the difficult comprehension to my girl. I will also help my girl compile easy to read notes that are in point form. All these help to reduce her stress and make learning fun and fruitful for her. Thanks for this generousgiveaway and happy rooster year ahead!
IG: niuzgal
FB: Seline Tan
Newsletter: Seline chen(

Lee Hui Tian said...

Daily revision + intensive revision 1 month before exam. On the day or before, it's just a quick run through and relax for the rest of the day. Early night rest and a good healthy breakfast to start the day.
FB : Hui Tian
Subscribe: Lee Hui Tian

CL Doreen Tan said...

I do not have any exam tips as my gal just started P1 this year.

I Believe in Preparing early, Preparing ahead...
Like many parents, I started my gal on assessment books at home when She is in Nursery.
From young, She Loves to Read, She reads on a daily basis without us telling her.

Besides reading, doing assessment books, Spelling and 听写 ,We loved playing Word-In-Word game
in Both English and Chinese, building up her vocal/ word bank.
Eg. Frightened( Fright, right, ten, Fri[short for Friday], rig) 爸(父亲的父, 巴士的巴), 妈(女,马)

I think her interest in reading helps in buliding her language proficiency and in future, when engaging
in Maths/ Science, this will aids her in grasping and understanding which will ease her learning.

Of course, daily revision and doing worksheets for practise is neccessary for preparation to exams.
Having a routine/ timetable in the child's school work, enrichment class if any/ assessment books
will aid him/ her to be better prepared.
A well-rested Child with good diet & nutrients and balance of Play and Study is half a battle won!
正所谓, 成功是留给有准备和努力的人。

FB Name: CL Doreen Tan
Name Subcribed as: Doreen Tan (email:

ig: cldoreentan

Unknown said...

Daily revision on school work is my best exam tips.
FB Name: Amanda Soh
Name subcribed: Amanda Soh
IG: amandasohht

Nadia Kua said...

I've been blessed with a child that loves to read. Kristen enjoys book but dislikes school books.

Here is my tip: Get as many assessment books and sit with your child everyday to complete about 5-6 pages/tests everyday.

I would reward her with a new story book if she can complete her revision books daily. Win-win ;)

IG: nadiakua

Anonymous said...

I need tο to thank you for thіs great read!!
I absolutely enjoyeԁ every bit of it. I've goot you booҝ-marked to look at new stuff you post…