Friday, February 24, 2017

New 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light for Better Health & Well-Being

Lil Pumpkin has been using 3M LED6000 Polarizing Light for the past 3 years {her table has grown in size with her though! haha} and recently, we've been using the newly-released 3M P1610 Polarizing Task Light as well.

Like the LED6000 Polarizing Light, it is also fitted with 3M’s Polarizing Filter Technology, which consists of a 3M proprietary optical film to reduce glare by up to 80%. While most other lamps allow both comfortable and harmful light to enter, the 3M polarizing optical film only filters comfortable light through; at the same time, it converts the harmful rays into optimal lighting as well.

As such, only optimal light reaches the eyes - this not only minimizes the immediate eye strain to allow for longer hours of comfortable reading, but also decreases risk of long-term effects such as cataracts and macular degeneration {a leading cause of vision loss where a small central portion of the retina, known as the macula, deteriorates}.

Did you know that the closer artificial lighting is to mimicking natural daylight patterns, the higher the person to be happier, and thus more productive??

Well, according to a U.S. study, for good circadian health, you should have higher amounts of light from cooler light sources at least two to three hours in the morning to mimic the sunrise, followed by a tapering off in light intensity towards evening hours, to a warmer and gentle light source to encourage calm and relaxation.

Following these findings, the LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light allows users to customize the light colour via a touch control to adjust the colour of the lamp according to the time of the day, or mood levels. The touch control is pretty sensitive and you only need a light touch to activate it. There are 5 colour selections from Cool White to Warm White.

When Lil Pumpkin is studying or when I'm working during the day, we use Cool White for increased alertness, and when I'm reading a book before sleeping, I'll use Warm White to help me wind down for the day as it encourages calmness and relaxation.

The same touch control also enables us to adjust the light intensity. For example, we can use higher lux levels for more detailed-focused activities such as studying or rainbow-looming that require brighter illumination, and lower lux levels for light reading in bed at night to relax.

The high-intensity light is even good enough for the boy to do his vet surgery in..

He tried it out once when his surgery light was spoilt and said it did its job haha... He also liked that the 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light was fully adjustable and rotational {i.e. versatile enough to turn awkward angles}, and at S$289, was a good and cheap {relative to his S$3,000 surgery table light} back-up in case his surgery light spoilt again (*≧▽≦)

3M LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light is available in white and black. 3M has a wide range of polarizing lights and there are other table and floor lamps available with different prices and lighting qualities for everyone so check them out and make that change for the benefit of your eyes!

Available at all Popular bookstores, Best Denki and other leading retailers, while stocks last.

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 *Disclosure: This is a review for 3M Singapore. All opinions are my own.



Phoebe said...

I have 2 3M lights at home and we like them . Bright enough and not too glaring. Plus can adjust the angle well. A good buy


Anonymous said...

Wow the light looks good, and the base isn't too large - some take up so much table space!

Pooja Kawatra said...

This actually looks very good and proper light required while studying. I am thinking to consider this one for my study table.

Young Smarties said...

Just the right time to read this post! I was searching for a table lamp for my kids. After reading your review, am going to get one! :) Thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

We use our dining table as the homework station so we just have the usual overhead lighting - but yeah it's important to invest in a good reading light for desk work.

Stacy said...

Good price when compared to the surgery light heh.

An Apel a Day said...

That looks like a wonderful light. Isaak has one of those lights that puts out real sunlight. Sometimes I steal it. It really helps when I'm working on artwork.

Michelle said...

I never had a reading light before but it certainly seems like a good idea to invest in one.

Unknown said...

LED lights are good and 3M ones are the best. We've got 2 'long' ones and I think the circle one here look good and is probably a good space saver too? I find that when I use LED lights do not tire the eyes that much and are quite comfy to read with. Long lasting too! Excellent choice.

Theresa Mahoney said...

This would be a great light for when Mariah starts college this fall. Looks like a great desk light!

Precious Kidstart said...

This light is a wonderful all purpose reading light which offers useful options and control. Thank you for sharing info. Have finally found a suitable lighting option for our kids.