Friday, March 17, 2017

Disney On Ice Singapore 2017 Opening Night @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

On Wednesday we went for the opening night performance of The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It is back this year for only 10 performances during the March school holiday and I'm so glad we caught it since I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at last year's Disney On Ice "Magical Ice Festival" as well!

Lil Pumpkin was absolutely thrilled when she knew we were going too and spent quite a bit of time deciding what to wear and dolling up... I wonder where she gets that from hehehe.

Led by Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Goofy, Disney On Ice is a skating spectacular featuring an extraordinary lineup of Disney stories coming to life right before our eyes, and celebrating Disney classics that the whole family can enjoy together.

Unlike last year's Disney On Ice performance which focused mainly on the beloved Disney Princess stories, this year's edition has other non-Princess classics to appeal to all types of Disney fans.

You can stomp holedown with Buzz and Woody, prowl the Pride Lands of Africa with Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, and even dive deep into the East Australian waters to help Dory find her family.

There's still the favourite Disney Princess stories though with features from Tangled, Aladdin, Snow White {which is Walt Disney’s first animated feature film by the way!} and of course, the ever-popular Frozen.

Actually ALL the Disney Princesses come up on stage at some points in the show, but it's just the above 4 that have dedicated acts to them.

The performance started at 6.30pm and we arrived about 6pm. I was a tad worried that it'd be hard to find parking lots at that time but thankfully, there was still quite a number left!

Even though there was a queue to get our bags checked before entering the venue, the lines moved pretty smoothly and we had time to check out the various Disney On Ice memorabilia as well.

Lots of pens, t-shirts, soft plushies {Lil Pumpkin already has both Anna & Elsa plushies}, necklaces, caps etc. to choose from.

As usual, the super-cute Frozen slushie cups were calling out to me BUT I RESISTED!!! haha

We did get a souvenir program {S$10} as per our family tradition though. It came with a Beauty & the Beast red rose... although unfortunately, they didn't have a segment by itself. The boy also bought Lil Pumpkin a huge bag of cotton candy {S$18} to munch on and it came with an Olaf styrofoam cap hehe..

This year's Disney On Ice show was even more magical for us because Lil Pumpkin was chosen to be part of the show and help Rapunzel and Flynn light the lanterns!!

Lil Pumpkin was so excited about her little part! Before her segment, we sat by the front rink-side to stand-by and enjoy the performance. Seriously, if you have money to splurge, these are the seats to get!

You are soooo close to the performers, who sometimes come way up to the rink to wave and interact with the audience and after the finale, you can go right up to the rink to meet and take photos with your favourite characters for a while too.

So proud of our little darling who was all smiles and not afraid at all to get up in front of the huge crowd alone.. Well done baby! ( ᐛ )و A number of our friends who were at the show recognised her as well and messaged to tell me how calm and cool she was haha...

I'm thrilled that she had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I hope she remembers this experience for life too

The boy managed to catch Lil Pumpkin's magical moment on video from our actual VIP seats at section 112. You can watch it on my YouTube channel here if the video above isn't working.

Oh, sorry for the grainy photos.. you aren't allowed to bring in DSLR cameras, but you can bring in point-and-shoot cameras I heard. But we don't have that so just used our mobiles to take photos and videos of the performance inside the venue, which you are allowed to by the way.

I'm using my iPhone 7 while the boy is using his Google Pixel mobile.

However, I guess the best way to enjoy the show is to actually be present and not through your camera lens.

Other than snapping shots / videos of my fave parts {Little Mermaid & Frozen!!} and of Lil Pumpkin's magical moment, of course, I tried to put down my mobile to really just enjoy the moment with my family.

I cheered, I clapped, and I sang along.. oh boy did I sing so loud along to all my favourite Disney songs! #33yearsoldgoingon3

I'm surprised I still remember almost 90% of the lyrics even though I haven't seen the cartoons in such a long time. Sigh.. I think many adults there would agree that Disney On Ice really made you relive your happy, carefree childhood memories and I'm very happy to be making some with Lil Pumpkin there.. (*^▽^*)

**** SPOILER ALERT!! ****

Ok here are some videos of the actual performance.. if you intend to catch Disney On Ice later this week, I suggest that you don't watch them so that you don't spoil the surprise. However if you can't go, please enjoy the videos!

Click on the link below each video to watch on YouTube if it's not playing properly on the blog.

  • Performance starts on time so do not be late!!
  • Room temperature is comfortable but bring a jacket / shawl just in case
  • Booster seats for kids are available from the ushers on first-come-first-serve basis
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed. Food at Indoor Stadium kiosks costs $2 - 10, non-alcoholic beverages cost $3 - 5 and S$10 - 18 for alcohols. Disney On Ice themed food sold at their own booths
  • Professional cameras/ recording devices, selfie sticks etc. are not allowed
  • Venue re-entry is not permitted so make sure your bring in everything you need the first time!
  • Strollers are not permitted into the seating areas. They need to be parked in designated areas
  • Nearest car parks to show venue are at Car Park K and L. Parking charges are S$0.54/half hour, Monday - Sunday (including public holidays)
  • Nearest MRT station is Stadium MRT station on the Circle Line {10 mins walk from Exit A}  
  • Alternatively, take MRT to Kallang station on East-West Line {600m away} 
  • Come early to see the show souvenirs and visit other facilities at Singapore Sports Hub e.g. Kallang Wave Mall {waterplay at Level 3}, Sports Hub Library {dry, outdoor playground at rooftop} and Singapore Sports Museum

Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival
Singapore Indoor Stadium
Event period: 15 - 19 Mar 2016
Ticket Price {excl. booking fee}: S$25, $45, $65, $95, $120
Show Times: 10.30am, 2.30pm & 6.30pm {Sat & Sun}, 2.30 & 6.30pm {Fri}
Duration: 2 hours {15 mins interval}
*Infants in arms and children under 2 years of age may be admitted free of charge provided they do not occupy a seat (they must be seated on the lap of a parent or guardian). Children aged 2 and above must have tickets.

Check out the rest of our Bub & Me activities or list of kid-friendly places in Singapore too.

P.S. Some have asked how / why was Lil Pumpkin chosen for her part.. honestly, I'm not sure too haha. We didn't apply or audition for anything, and I just received a call last week or so from the organisers to tell us the good news! And I guess it's because they somehow knew that she was such a big Disney fan?! I mean.. this is a girl who will wear out her Mickey Mouse ears or Disney Princess outfits out for no special reason, just because ੧(❛▿❛✿)ΰ©­ 

*Disclosure: This is a review for The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice. All opinions are my own. Unless otherwise stated, image credits to Feld Entertainment. 

*Note: This is not a paid review or advertorial. All opinions are my own.


Elaine73 said...

Exciting! We are heading there tmr! :D

An Apel a Day said...

She looks so into it. How fun. I love all the dress up clothes.

Michelle said...

You must be so proud of Lil Pumpkin. I agree with her - the Snow White dress suits her best. And you - you look amazing in that dress! I was lovely meeting you, even for a short while :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Looks like you all had a magical time! I love how Little Pumpkin had to try on all of her princess dresses before heading out to the show ;) I am hoping to get to a Disney on Ice performance some day too, but there hasn't been a show close to my area yet :(

mylilbookworm said...

She is soooo lucky to be chosen on stage! Must be an unforgetable experience for her!

Unknown said...

Trust Disney to always come up with high quality programs. We loved the ones we caught last few years. This year unfortunately can't catch them due to prior plans but thanks for your post in 'bringing' us there.

Dee Dee said...

How amazing she was chosen! :) Looks like fun!

Stacy said...

Lil pumpkin does have a lot of princess dresses!

Ahh I thought she was selected from the audience...