Friday, March 24, 2017

Home Living | 3M Post-It Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface

I first saw the 3M Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface in stores a few months ago and thought they were pretty cool.

All you needed to do was to just peel and stick, and you can transform any ordinary surface into “instant whiteboards”. No extra tools needed and no worries about destroying walls!

Using a proprietary dry erase coating so that it erases cleanly every time from whiteboard markers, the Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface is a rolled, self-stick film product that easily adheres to horizontal or vertical surfaces, converting them into a pristine, dry erase board.

You can apply them to painted walls, steel, finished wood, glass and even existing chalkboards. Unlike some cheaper versions, the stain-proof writing surface makes it easy to write and erase smoothly, and is less susceptible to scratching or marker stains.

I like that it can easily cut-to-size to create customized whiteboards or fun doodling surfaces. Think about the possibilities!! If you ever thought of getting one of those hipster blackboard walls for your kids to unleash their creativity at home but cringed at the thought of painting a whole wall black and cleaning up the chalk-dust {I sure did haha}, you should really consider getting the 3M Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface.

You can cover a whole wall with it, or even tables and chairs, and let your kids draw freely to inspire and encourage a nature of creativity or even do school work on. If after some time you feel like redecorating, you just have to peel it off and reuse it somewhere else. No need to repaint any walls at all!

Personally, we've peeled if off a few times to adjust / realign the surfaces and our walls seem fine. We've been using 3M tapes for years and I usually find that they do not damage my walls but do note that results may vary for you, depending on the type of walls you have as well.

At home, we use it in our mini gym {yes we have one.. used to be Lil Pumpkin's kiddy room haha. More on that later!! You can read about our basic equipment from Primero Fitness first} for the boy to write out his WODs and fitness goals.

Why write down fitness goals? Well, if you have a set clear, written goals for the future, you will make specific plans to transform your dreams into realities :) It's highly motivating and all committed athletes do it.

With them clearly out on the Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface, it's highly visible and motivating!

Since it’s flat and doesn’t jut out to take out any extra space like a traditional whiteboard, we don’t have to worry about hitting it with any of our bars or gym equipment when lifting weights too.

I think children get a reaaaaaaal real kick out of writing/ drawing on walls haha and Lil Pumpkin does like to use it to doodle and practice her spelling or maths sums too.

It doesn’t come with any accessory holder for the markers and whiteboard eraser, but no biggie - you can buy it separately. I do hope that they come out with a magnetic version soon though so that we can also stick notes and messages on it too.

3M Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface {60.9cm x 91.4cm} retails at S$55.95 {w/ GST} and is available in selected Popular and leading bookstores.

Promo: 15% OFF retail price in Popular and selected Self-fix outlets for the entire month of April 2017.

 *Disclosure: This is a review for 3M Singapore. All opinions are my own.


Mum's calling said...

This is such an innovative idea! Love that you don't have to drill it on. I'm just worried my kids may doodle out of the desired parameter. Haha! Thanks for the shout out on discount, shall check it out.

simplylambchops said...

Ah! Gotta check this out! I bought a similar type from Qoo10 but the result was disappointing. The film didn't come with a sticky backing so we had to put double-sided tape to secure it on my wall. Ai, have you tried removing the film? Does it remove cleanly as it claims?

~ Mary H

Young Smarties said...

Oh my gosh! This product is way too cool! I am revamping my kids rooms and this post really comes in handy for me as I am looking for such product where they can write and erase on the wall! Thanks for sharing this great product!

The Hooting Post said...

Can't go wrong with 3M adhesive products! This is indeed a space-saver too, and great for tight spaces in the homes or even offices. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Vivien said...

I love this! However I'm sure my kids will scribble out of the paper and still on to the wall. hee hee. Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

Stacy said...

My only concern would be the kids getting used to writing on the wall... and extending to EVERY wall in the house!

mylilbookworm said...

Will definitely get this when we move house. Better than the bulky conventional whiteboard :D

Theresa Mahoney said...

Wow! I like this idea! I haven't seen these sticky boards here, but if I come across one, I am getting it! It certainly seems handy for a multitude of things!

Michelle said...

Ooooh... I like that idea of sticking it on wardrobe doors! Btw, your husband is so ripped!

Unknown said...

This is waaaaay cool. What a great product! Writing targets, ideas, marketing list, reminders....anything...and then wiping them off and start something new. Cool! A great product for families!

Shub said...

White boards - oh, we have one and kids love to use it. Would love to check out 3M white board too. Thanks for sharing.

An Apel a Day said...

That is cool! We have only a dry eraser board on our kid's chalkboard - on the other side.

We also have Boogie Boards, which are LCD eWriting boards.