Friday, August 11, 2017

Benefits from Drinking Filtered Water + {Promo}

Living in Singapore, we're really lucky that our water is safe for consumption straight from the tap. According to PUB, our national water agency, Singapore's water is well within international guidelines set by the World Health Organisation, as well as the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water standards.

However, that's not to say that it is totally safe harmful bacteria.

I mean, even if the water is safe to drink, the pipes that it travels through isn't always clean, right? I've never been totally convinced to drink directly from taps and have always filtered or boiled our water before drinking.

Water filtering can clear out many safety concerns like bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides. Some types of filters can do nearly everything. Others are specific to certain contaminants.

There are many benefits of drinking filtered water and if you're ever considering getting a home water filter system, these are some benefits that I read up about, 
  1. Water filters provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial contaminants. There really is a difference!
  2. Water filters provide clean, healthy water for cooking, drinking, cleaning etc. at the convenience of tap water.
  3. Compared to water purifiers, water filters remove the worst contaminants from your source water without removing the naturally occurring minerals, which are critical for optimal health.
  4. Save money as home filters result in a source of clean, healthy water that costs much less than bottled water.
  5. Save time from boiling water
My friend's home has a filter attached directly to her kitchen tap and the first time I saw it, I thought that it was really very useful!! Suaku me always used water filter pitchers and I didn't know there were devices like that haha...

We got for our home the Filtra Plus FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter from Filtech Singapore, which is a local company that specialises in providing affordable home water filter and purifiers of all variations ranging from faucets, pitchers, shower heads etc.

Designed in Japan, it has a 2-step Ultra Filtration system. As the water passes through,

Step 1: Uses activated carbon filtering for removal of residual chlorine and up to 99% of bacteria and impurities. This step also deodorizes, improves colour and taste of water.
Step 2: Uses a fine fibre micro-porous membrane to remove futher impurities while preserving necessary minerals.

We like that the FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter is compact, and comes with various sizes of tap adapters making it suitable for all kinds of faucets / taps so that we can move it around, if need be.

The boy also mentioned that installation is quick and simple, taking only around 10 mins? You can see the video above for instructions on how to install or this pictorial guide.

The FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter has a 3 mode-switch for Filtered, Unfiltered Shower and Unfiltered Stream.

I actually like to use the Unfiltered Shower mode when washing hands or dishes now as the water spray is softer {less splashing} and has a wider coverage.

One thing I think can be improved on the FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter is to have printed markings on the device to show which mode it is in. There's nothing to show which mode the filter is turned to and unless you've been using it for a while, you'll be none the wiser.

The FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter {S$39.90, U.P. S$59.90} comes with 1 filter unit, which should last approximately 4 months before you need to change it. Do note that it is very important to change your water filters regularly, as over time the filters will become clogged with sediments / contaminants and will not clean your water efficiently.

In the worst case scenario, bacteria may also breed with the dirty filters and you end up drinking even dirtier water!

FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter Replacement units are sold individually at S$14.90 {U.P. S$19.90}. Some filters come with indicators to note when you last changed your filter, but this one doesn't. You might just want to stick a washi tape on it with the date you changed the filter to serve as a little reminder. 

Lil Pumpkin and I are still very much used to water pitchers as we like our water cold {and are sometimes too lazy to get ice haha} so I got the Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher for our fridge too.

It's a fuss-free, hard plastic filter pitcher with a total capacity of 2.5L, out of which 1.3L filtered water can be stored. The instant refill blue lid allows for quick and convenient way of refilling water without the hassle of removing the whole cover, and the water seeps through the filter pretty quickly.

It uses a 3-step water filtration system that's different from the FWF 177 – Tap Water Filter:

Step 1: Water is purified and decontaminated through to remove heavy metal like copper and lead. While removing these heavy metal, innocuous ions are replaced by potassium and sodium ions. These ions carry electrolytes which are beneficial to our nervous system.
Step 2: Activated carbon will then remove chlorine and other sediments while at the same time clearing away bad odor and improving taste.
Step 3: Antioxidants remove contaminants from the water and it also creates strong antioxidants which create alkaline ionized water.

It's very convenient and easy enough for kids like Lil Pumpkin to use. Sometimes when she sees that it's almost empty, she will also help to fill it up.

The Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher {S$44.90, U.P. S$64.90} also comes with 1 filter unit, which should last approximately 3 months before you need to change it. Replacement filters are also sold individually at S$19.90.

Filtech Singapore also sells water filter show heads that removes impurities and bad odour from the water you use to shower to promote metabolism and reduce fatigue. The boy already bought a set from another shop so we didn't get it from them. Filtech Singapore is selling it pretty cheap though, from as low as S$9.90.

As you can see above, they are also currently having discounts on their other water filter products, and coupled with my promo code below for extra savings, you get a pretty good deal if you want to set up your own home water filter system. Check out Filtech Singapore website for more product variety and information!

Promo: Quote "Sakura10" for 10% OFF all Filtech Singapore water filter products. No validity end date. Free delivery for orders above S$50.

*Disclosure: This is a review for Filtech Singapore. All opinions are my own.


Michelle | The Chill Mom said...

It's pretty scary once you look into the safety of drinking water. One report I read said boiling water actually turn chlorine into carcinogen causing cancer. We also have a water filter that connects straight to the tap. It has an LED lights in addition to the filter which can kill the bacteria too. So no need to boil unless we really need hot water.

mail4rosey said...

Both of my grown boys drink filtered water only. I'll drink it from the tap and am fine, but it surely does taste better filtered, no doubt about it. Also, you DO want what's best for you, and I'm sure with water, filtered is the better route.

Shub said...

I have these filters and I find the taste of water much much better now. Lovely color of the jug as well.

Unknown said...

Great! I was just looking for an option for filtering water to make my kombucha!

Young Smarties said...

We learnt about the bateria in water and the benefits of filtered water from my parents and we have been using filtered water since young. Now that we have kids, we are still doing the same and we have very similar pitcher as yours too!

--andy-- said...

As a country develops, we sometimes need to sanitise more and meet higher hygiene expectations. This filter might be convenient as it is "plug and play", and give parents more assurance. I am encouraging my kids to drink from the tap, as that is the only water source when they go join the Army :p

cheers, Andy

ChermSee said...

In SG, we drink from the mineral water dispenser even at home. Over here in the US, we double filter our water, but I am still skeptical about it. Nothing beats the clean water back in SG!

Theresa Mahoney said...

We filter our water too with pitchers. I'd really like one that hooks up directly to the faucet though.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

the safer the better! we are lucky here in NYC the tap water is one of the safest..

An Apel a Day said...

We have filtered water as well. I even bring some to work. They only have tap water at work. Some of my co-workers thought I was crazy for bringing it in, but our water is rated very poor. I told one guy that wouldn't leave me alone about it, "I have to measure my water consumption to help me loose weight." Sort of true.