Thursday, November 15, 2018

Letter to my girl #22: The End of Primary 3

Dear Lil Pumpkin,

School officially ended for you last Friday, 9 November 2018.

That morning, Mummy and Daddy made special effort to get you to school early so that we could take your photos in front of school. It was your last day as a Primary 3 student, your last day as a LOWER Primary school kid.

Next year, you are going to be in Primary 4... officially one of the UPPER Primary school students and of the "jie jies" in school. Oh my!!

I can still kind of remember my transition from P3 to P4, and how funny it was that I'd never have a birthday with single digits anymore.

It was very exciting, yet scary at the same time, because it seemed like there were more responsibilities as I got older, PSLE was just a few years away, and soon enough, I would be leaving my beloved Primary school behind.

Does it seem that way to you too??

I know I often marvel to myself how much you have grown but seeing how your chubby little baby face slowly fading away, and a young, precocious little lady slowly blossoming in front of my eyes... really makes me breathless at times and fervently wishing that I could make time stand still so that my baby girl won't grow up so fast.

You really are growing up so, so fast.

This year, I've had more opportunities to see how you interact with your friends and teachers in school, and I'm so glad that even after 3 years, you still love school so much that you don't even want to miss it for a day if you could help it.

Like that last day, Mummy and Daddy thought that we could start the holidays early and have you skip school to spend more time with us since we were both off work, but you still insisted on going!!

It is very comforting to know as well that your friends and teachers in school love, treasure and take care of you too.

Even though you may not be the top in your class, that doesn't matter to us. Most important thing is that you are positive in your learning attitude, and you are not afraid to work hard to improve.

Yes, you may need some extra reminders now and then, but you never put up a fuss when it's time to study, and are responsible/independent enough to complete the tasks you're given, even if no one is minding you 24/7.

It shows in your results when you put in the hard work, and Mummy is happy that you managed to show improvement, especially in your Science, this semester.

Let's continue to strive to do our best together for the rest of your schooling years. We will always be here to support and teach you to the best of our abilities, or at least find other people who can help hahaha...

Mummy and Daddy love you so much, my dear.

Now let's enjoy this 1.5 months of year-end break and festivities, before another grueling year of school starts!!!

Love you always,


An Apel a Day said...

Oh my gosh she's growing up. I know you say she's your mini me, but I see both of you in her. A wonderful mix. I love that dress with the triangles, although she may not be able to fit in it now - growing.

That Lego set is so cute!

Our school system is so different. I like to read about yours! We have preschool (optional) 3, 4 and sometimes 5 yr olds go to it. If your child is in Daycare, preschool is usually built into it. For elementary it's (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and sometimes 5th and 6th). For middle school it's (sometimes 5th and 6th, always 7th, and 8th). Then high school has (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior).

Mica's in 7th grade (middle school), and Isaak's in 5th grade (last year of elementary).

Mrs. L said...

What a sweet letter. Congrats to your princess on moving up! Time indeed, flies so fast!