Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Her First Valentine's Day Flowers...From Daddy! ❤

A father is every daughter's first love.

Not only does he love her as his sweet child, but he also shows her how other guys should treat her and sets the tone for many other male relationships in her life. Is he open and warm? Or is he distant and dismissive? Does he order her around? Or does he speak to her gently and adoringly?

As she grows up, every guy the girl meets will automatically be measured against her dad, and that bond she has with him. Subconsciously or not, a father is a daughter's ultimate standard and role model for manhood!!! (≧∇≦)/

The boy understands this strong responsibility that comes with being a father to a daughter and has always treated Lil Pumpkin as she rightfully deserves to be treated by any man in her life.

As any person close to our family knows, the boy has always been a hands-on dad since day 1. He has never shied away from staying up throughout the night whenever Lil Pumpkin couldn't sleep as a baby {which was very often!!}, or cleaning her poo, or giving her baths, or chauffeuring her around to school and activities...

He sees her as an individual - not just an extension of himself. Whenever she speaks, even if it's just random ramblings or childish chatter, he listens patiently to show that he cares, responds and respects her thoughts, dreams and ideas.

Lil Pumpkin isn't your typical, gentle girl. She can be rough and rambunctious at times with her own unique personality. But, the boy never makes her feel like she needs to change or be pressured to look or act in a certain way. To him, she is perfect and beautiful just the way she is (*^▽^*)

But I guess the best way he shows her how a man should express his feelings to her positively... is by the way he loves, supports and cherishes her mama ... me ❤

This Valentine's Day, the boy took it up a notch and got Lil Pumpkin her first bouquet of beautiful red roses as a surprise!!!

Now, although the boy is always willing to splurge and yes, I do love to receive fresh flowers, but the practical side of me is not a fan of giving/ receiving flowers during Valentine's Day because of how exorbitantly expensive it can be. Every year, I'd remind him constantly to not waste money and give me flowers on V-day... and I don't mean it in a actually-I-want-even-if-I-say-no kinda way, I really do mean what I say!!

However, this year, we came across FARM Florist, a local online florist that offers free same-day delivery for a variety of bouquets with prices kept low throughout the year. Even during the Valentine's Day season where most florists infamously mark up prices, FARM Florist flower prices remain unchanged and wallet-friendly! 

You can read about how they keep their prices so low here. If price is a barrier for you choosing to send flowers during Valentine's Day like me, please go ahead to check them out. Prices start from as low as S$35 for a charming hand bouquet of 1 red rose, purple statice and baby's breath, hand-wrapped in paper with a personalised printed card message. 

I helped the boy to choose this beautiful bouquet called Rachel {S$119} that comes with 8 fresh red roses and other beautiful blooms. I put in a special request to add some lovely lavender {love the smell!} and have it wrapped with a red, satin ribbon which FARM Florist happily acceded to at no additional cost.

Note: Customisation of bouquets are quoted on case by case basis.

The bouquet arrived yesterday and looked absolutely gorgeous!!! Images from online shops may sometimes be deceiving and I was a bit skeptical on how fresh and well-put together they would be especially during this busy period, but Lil Pumpkin's FARM Florist bouquet looks just like how it does on the website {excluding the bits of customisation done}. Yay!!

Even as I was taking photos of the bouquet, the flowers smelt so strong and fresh like they were just picked from a garden haha.. sorry if my photos don't do them justice!! Their colours are really vibrant but I can't seem to capture them properly.

FARM Florist offers 2 delivery time slots, i) 11am - 5pm, and ii) 6pm to 10pm on all days, including weekends and public holidays {except first 2 days of Chinese New Year & Christmas}. All orders made before noon for the same day will be delivered within the time slot of 6pm to 10pm.

As part of their service commitment, failure to arrive on time {more than 60 mins after the end of the time slot, e.g. 7.01 pm for first time slot and 11.01 pm for second time slot} will result in FARM Florist issuing you with a full refund. And I have to emphasize, this is even on Valentine's Day.

Even if you don't intend to send any tomorrow for VDay, well, just keep this online florist shop and their full range of flowers in mind hehe.

As you can see from the first photo, Lil Pumpkin was absolutely elated to receive her first bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers from her daddy! I'm so happy that he did this for her too, even if I didn't get any flowers from him this year myself haha... Honestly, if she ever meets a boy half the man her daddy is, she will be truly blessed indeed. 

A father's is every daughter's first love. And to Lil Pumpkin, her daddy certainly is ❤


Stacy said...

Oh my... my first thought is how to live up to this next year haha.

Looks like you were in on it as well so no surprises about not getting one for yourself?

An Apel a Day said...

That's so great he sent her flowers. I got a single rose from a student. It bloomed for quite a while. Just the one flower made me happy.

I always put a box of chocolates on our spots at the table. It was all good, until I found out Mica ate all his in one day. I snapped at him.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love how he's showing her how to expect to be treated by her man when she's older. I am sure she loved her flower bouquet. It really was lovely. I am the same as you in telling Jason not to buy me flowers for Valentine's because of how much they jack up the prices then. I'd much rather get them on a random Tuesday for no reason at all.