Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Reusable Silicone Drawing & Colouring Kids Mats - DrawnBy: Jessica

Last day of Chinese New Year 2019 was on Tuesday {19 Feb} and now it is officially over *sobs sobs*

We enjoyed the extra long holiday of basically eating, resting, eating again {hah!} and just some light visiting of close friends and relatives because Lil Pumpkin and I were recovering from a long bout of viral infection that left us coughing and sick for about 1-2 weeks.

Lil Pumpkin certainly enjoyed spending time with her cousins again (。♥‿♥。) As the kids get older with more and more activities, it gets harder and harder for them to meet up, especially since us parents are working with our own tight schedules too.

Nonetheless, it is always heartwarming to see them scream, laugh and chatter with excitement even if they haven't seen each other in a while. I do hope that they will still continue to grow up with a strong bond and support for one another... (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

My old school mate, Jessica, started a small online business, Drawn by: Jessica, selling environmentally-friendly reusable silicone drawing and colouring mats for kids. Lil Pumpkin got her newest product, the Draw My House mat, while Lil J got the Big Blue colouring mat.

When I asked my sis which design I should choose for Lil J, she said that Big Blue would be best because it isn't cluttered with too many details & drawings and seems easiest for 3 year-old Lil J to get into. Excellent point.

Lil J was thrilled when I passed her the colouring mat set and wanted to start colouring immediately!

Each set comes in a clear plastic drawstring bag with 12 oil-based colour markers that are certified to be non-toxic so that they are safe even for the little ones. Even if the kids draw on their skin, tables or walls with them... no worries, because they are easily cleaned off with a wet sponge or tissue!

When Lil Pumpkin saw Lil J colouring, she couldn't help but pick up a marker to colour too. Good thing the mat is big enough {30cm x 40cm} for both of them to share and colour comfortably haha..

Bonus point? These soft silicone drawing mats also have a high-temperature tolerance {220 °C} so you can double them up as table mats during meal-times. Babies/ toddlers are welcome to pick food directly off the mat {although I suggest you wipe away the colourings first, even if they are food-safe}, as they are made of food-grade, U.S. Food and Drug Administration {FDA} approved silicon.

I find that as Lil Pumpkin gets older, she doesn't enjoy colouring simple drawings as much as she used to, but she still loves to doodle {remember how she used to always have a small notebook with her to doodle??!}.

The Draw My House mat is perfect for slightly older kids like her to explore the reaches of her imagination and learn to draw common household items. In addition to the plastic drawstring bag and washable markers, it comes with a 12 page fully-coloured prompt book full of beautifully hand-drawn icons found at home to encourage her to fill the rooms of her DrawnBy: House with plenty of personal and unique items.

It's intriguing to see how she imagines her dream house to be, and who she wants to build her home with! ♥ And oh, what wonderful stories she can come up with!

Even if she doesn't want to draw anything house-related, there's still plenty of space available on the mat to draw whatever her heart desires or even practise her writing {... and spelling with Mummy sometimes? hehe}.

Looking back, I'm glad that I got to witness Jessica starting her business from nothing, and growing it to be a well-loved item with the local mummy community #golocal

Jessica was actually in her final trimester {May 2017} just waiting to pop and killing time at home so started doodling based on various themes. She shared her creations on Facebook {I remember liking those posts from the beginning hehe} and in the process, a lot of her friends started asking if she wouldn't mind if they printed her drawings for their own kids to colour.

This got her thinking and in early 2018, decided to start a business to share more of her fun drawings, and encourage creativity and imagination in kids! Each product is lovingly hand-drawn by Jessica and she makes sure that every design have a great many things to keep her customers engaged and happy.

Fun Fact: The brand name was something that her hubby came up with! DrawnBy: Jessica is a true-blue family business and Jessica once shared with me that it's all hands on deck when it comes to running it. For example, her hubby would help her to individually check and QC the product for flaws {the imperfect mats are available for sale at heavily discounted prices at her pop-ups!!} while her cute kiddos are her "models" and would be with mummy at her to help her promote the mats at her pop-up stalls.

When Lil Pumpkin was younger, I used to make our own reusable colouring sheets by printing pictures and laminating them, then letting her colour with washable markers haha. Did you do that too??

It was a tedious, time-consuming process and I'm glad that Jessica came up with this fuss-free and inexpensive alternative instead!

See? It all fits neatly in the complimentary drawstring bag! 

If you or your kids like to colour / draw, or you just want to support this local mama in encouraging creativity and imagination through her range of washable silicone mats with hand-drawn depictions of everyday things and creatures, go check out DrawnBy: Jessica website and keep updated on her new product launches & promotions on her Facebook page.

Prices start from S$4.90 for colouring stickers {set of 3}, and the mats in carry-bags start from S$17.90 without markers, or S$24.90 as a set with them. The washable colour markers are sold individually at S$7.90 too. Customisations are only available for large orders, but do feel free to contact her if you've any suggestions for future designs!

She doesn't have a physical store {yet!}, but if you'd like to see and touch her reusable kids mats in person, you can currently find them in these restaurants and stores or head down to her pop-up stalls when she has them.

This will be my new fave things to get friends with young kiddos from now on! In fact, I'm thinking of ordering the Animal Friends set for one of them, Xiao R, soon. I like that this design includes lots of animals hand drawn for your little one to recognize and sound words doodled all around!

Xiao R and his family are going to holiday in Japan in April and I know this will be a fun and enjoyable activity to bring along for the trip, especially for those long plane and train rides!


Marie said...

This is cute and fun. Will get one for my daughter!

An Apel a Day said...

I could see my son Isaak totally loving this mat! I like that it comes with so many colors, and ideas on what to draw. How fun!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Where was this when my girls were little? This would have been so amazing to keep them occupied on long car trips and flights.

MaryBlanton said...

Nice post thanks for sharing...