Friday, March 22, 2019

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2019: Family-Friendly Rides & Games @ Marina Bayfront

We went to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival for the first time this year!

And we liked it so much that we actually went there twice!!

We were there for the first time in January this year. Its opening hype had died down so it wasn't very crowded even though we went on a weekend.

The rides are about S$8-$10/pax {I reckon the max we paid was S$12/pax for the thrilling "Freak Out" attraction} and games are about S$5-S$8/game on average. I found the pricing to be pretty ex as I'm so spoilt by theme parks whereby you only have to pay for only one entrance fee for unlimited rides haha.

But then, being at Marina Bay Carnival brought back fond memories of the boy and I spending time during our University days at Perth Royal Show carnivals. I had so much fun then and I really hope to be able to bring Lil Pumpkin back one day to experience it too...

Anyway, the boy wanted Lil Pumpkin to have the "full Carnival experience" so didn't set a limit to our spending and I think we spent about S$100 on that first visit where we stayed for around 2 hours having a go at a few rides, games and even eating the famous Meatballs in a Bucket.

In early March 2019 we went back another time because we still had some credits left in our Carnival card, and there is a sweet 2-for-1 deal for all the games and rides!!

This promo made the visit to the Carnival  more worthwhile and value-for-money. They should keep the pricing as this from the start as the original prices are really pretty expensive, especially if you have a family with 2 or more kids??

It was noticibly more crowded from our first visit thanks to the 2-for-1 promo I guess...

This time, Lil Pumpkin played more games and even won prizes!!! OMG I'm seriously so proud of her because I never win at Carnival games myself haha...

Check out and see how she won her first prize at the dart game. Pretty impressed at her aiming skills too actually hehe.

Marina Bay Carnival ends this Sunday, 24 March 2019 so there are still a few more days to go play and have fun with your family.

We've no time to go back again before it ends but I'll be sure to look out for it when it comes back again!!

Here's a compilation video of our 2 visits there. If it's not showing properly, please see it on my YouTube channel!

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 
12A Bayfront Avenue
Period: 22 Dec 2018 to 24 Dec 2019
Opening hours: 4pm to 11pm daily {last entry at 10.30pm}
Free admission

*Note: This is not a paid or sponsored review. All opinions are my own.


Mrs. L said...

So many fun activities. My girl will surely enjoy those too!

The Flower Duet

An Apel a Day said...

Looks like such a fun time! I laughed a little with your husband in the pink dress and Little Pumpkin in the blue suit. So cool!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I do love going to the carnival, but only for the food. I think in my older age, my tummy just can't handle all of those rides anymore. Congrats on Little Pumpkin's prize win!

mail4rosey said...

I'd rather pay one fee for unlimited too. This does look fun though. We hit our fair up most years too. :)