Friday, April 5, 2019

Our Simpsons Characters 全家福 - Springfield, Here We Come!

We got Simpson-ised as a family!!! hehehe...

About 1-2 months ago, the boy commissioned someone to turn us into Simpson characters. Yup, if we were actually residents of Springfield, that would be us right there (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

I'm not sure which artist he hired, or how much it cost... but yes, you can do such a thing haha. There are free websites like The Simpson Maker where you can incorporate characteristics from your face by choosing different eye, ears, nose and hair to design yourself a Simpsons avatar with pre-determined outfits and scenes from the TV show. Choices are limited though.

By commissioning someone to do it, the artist drew according to the pic above {one of our favourite family pics taken during Chinese New Year 2019} that the boy provided so we had our own little details on our outfits and we could choose to be drawn in The Simpsons' living room itself.

You can of course choose to create a custom background.

I thought the original Simpsonised portrait was cute, but somehow something was lacking.... I mean, I know we can't look exactly like us otherwise we won't be "Simpsons" characters but still I kinda felt our features weren't personalised enough.

Just seemed like a generic Asian family in The Simpsons wearing our clothes??! hmmm...

Anyway my dear friend Alissa took it upon herself to help us personalise it a bit more when I told her that maybe its our hair that threw me off a bit since in the original portrait, my hair was so flat and the boy's was too round?? Such a sweetie! #thankyou

Comparing her version with the original, I see that she also made the boy's eyes smaller {hehehe - as it should be!}, tinted his glasses pink {that was due to the reflection in the photo}, and made my eyebrows thinner ☆⌒(*^-°)v Thanks Alissa!!

Lil Pumpkin's Simpson character has long hair and doesn't wear glasses so doen't look that much like her now, but I do like it as it remind me of Lil Pumpkin when she was younger with loooooong hair that reached her butt!  

P.S. If you're a Family Guy fan, you can turn yourself into a Family Guy character here.


An Apel a Day said...

That's so funny! Little Pumpkin still needs glasses, but I jsut messed with it fast.

I used to work with a guy that worked on some of The Simpson's episodes. He drew their sketches, so nothing final.

Stacy said...

U guys must be real fans! I'd never have thought of such a thing. Yeah gotta agree the end result looks like a generic Asian family, but also it would be tough to put in distinctive resemblance unless you have very unusual features or style.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think I like Alissa's version better too. I like how she fixed the boy's hair to give it more texture as well. At Universal Studios, we did a family photo in front of a green screen that they incorporated into The Simpson's living room set. It was such a fun and silly shot.

mail4rosey said...

Ha, that's really cool! I'd like to do this with one of our family photos!