Friday, May 24, 2019

Clusia Cove @ Jurong Lake Gardens, Outdoor Waterplay Playground

Jurong Lake Gardens officially opened last month but we only managed to visit it for the first time yesterday.

Lil Pumpkin's school was closed as it was Results Processing Day, and I took leave to take care of her and extend my birthday celebration a bit hehe..

Most of the pictures from my friends who have already visited showed our third national gardens {and first in the heartlands!} to be really packed. However, thankfully there was barely a crowd when we arrived about 5pm yesterday.

With the sun shining brightly and cool breeze blowing, it was really a lovely day to be out and about. Fresh, clean air and gorgeous lush greenery truly does wonders to the mind, body and soul. It's been so long and I was really happy to be surrounded by nature again.. 

The part we visited is called Lakeside Garden, which is a 53-hectare western section of Jurong Lake Gardens.

This section comprises of Jurong Lake Gardens West and the former Jurong Lake Park and was developed with an emphasis on nature, community and play.

Lakeside Gardens houses the PA Water Venture building that has a range of water sport facilities such as dragon-boating and kayaking for all to enjoy in Jurong Lake, and the SportsSG Playfield that features a lap pool and a 24-hour gym to meet all your active lifestyle needs.

Forest Ramble, a 2.3 hectare playground for children aged 5 - 12 years old, is also located here. It is the largest nature play garden in the heartlands and has 13 different adventure stations for children!

Just about 5-10 mins walk from Forest Ramble is Clusia Cove and we spent most of our time here yesterday actually.

Named after clusia plants {note: trees and shrubs that are native to tropical America}, Clusia Cove is where you will find a shallow tidal play pond and sand-based ripple pool that offers families and children a fun water play area at Jurong Lake Gardens.

Don't worry if you get a little wet and muddy as there are toilet and shower facilities located nearby.

I brought along my new Tesalate sand-free beach towel and we set up camp on the "mini beach".

So nice to just sit there soaking up the sun-rays and digging our toes in the warm sand!! I should have prepared better and brought along some picnic food haha... next time then!

Really love the beautiful design on my new beach towel that's not only pretty, but highly functional too! Got so many compliments from friends when I posted about it on IG so thought I'd share about it here too... It's the Bohemian - Towel for 2, an extra large beach towel {160cm x 160cm} that's honestly big enough for all 3 of us haha

Tesalate beach towels from Australia are ultra compact, super absorbent, dry rapidly and are insatiably vibrant. Sand doesn't stick to them, even when wet, thanks to their exclusive AbsorbLite fabric.

The company’s patented, smooth microfiber fabrics made out of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide make sliding off sand at the end of your beach day a breeze. All you have to do is just shake it like a polaroid picture!

The AbsorbLite fabric also makes a Tesalate towel super absorbent {can hold up to 1L of water??!} but it dries in about half the time than a regular towel too so you don't have to lug home a wet and heavy towel.

Just roll/ fold it up neatly into the complimentary sleek satin bag that comes with it, or your own bag, and you are good to go.

There's a variety of bold and beautiful prints available and if you love to head to the beach or have outdoor picnics, this is really a must-have accessory to further brighten up your fun-filled family day 🖤

Oh, I didn't manage to take a picture but the back of my towel also has a chic monochromatic triangular print so for those days when I feel like changing things up a little, I can use that side too. It's like I'm getting 2 towels for the price of one and getting double my money's worth!! #winning

Love lazy days like these..

I can imagine how chaotic Clusia Cove can be when there's a crowd but yesterday was really peaceful...

If you plan to come to Jurong Lake Gardens any time soon, try to come during the weekdays.

There's lots of space to ride your bike or run free and I do suggest that you bring some food for a picnic too as there are not many food options available here. We will definitely be back again during the June hols or something explore more of the gardens!!

Jurong Lake Gardens
Address: 104 Yuan Ching Rd, Singapore 618665

By car:

Two car parks along Yuan Ching Road (opp Tah Ching Rd & Tao Ching Rd)
Parking charges: Car ($0.02 /min), Bus ($0.03 /min), free parking available from 12pm – 2pm

Lakeside MRT (East-West line)

By bus:

49, 154, 154B, 240, 246 stop along Yuan Ching Rd
180, 335 stop along Boon Lay Way (5 min walk to Lakeside Garden)
30, 49, 154, 154B, 178 stop along Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) (2 min walk)

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