Friday, July 12, 2019

Le Chef Korean Restaurant @ Sotetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun

We stayed at Sotetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun hotel {what a mouthful!!} for our summer hols and other than their gym, the other hotel amenity I like is their in-house Korean restaurant, Le Chef.

Open daily just for breakfast and lunch, hotel guests get special discounts of 20% off for buffet breakfast {KRW11,400 / S$13.20, U.P. KRW14,300 / S$16.50} and 10% off for lunch and beverage. The public is welcome to dine there too.

Actually we weren't thinking of eating there but kept seeing their lunch menu posters in the lifts heh ( ◞・౪・)  They have set meals for Bulgobi Bibimbap, Grilled Rib Patties, Bulgogi Beef, Tempura Udon, Short Rib Soup, Samgetang {Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup} and Grilled Samyeopsal {Pork Belly}.

Decided to give it a go since the food looked so tempting and prices were pretty reasonable haha..

{source: Sotetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun website}
We had lunch at Le Chef one lazy Sunday before we headed out to the Jimjilbang {Korean Bathhouse} - more on that later! _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

The restaurant is very clean and welcoming. I love the spaciousness and huge floor-to-ceiling windows that give a pleasing view of Dongdaemun and its surrounding areas.

{source: Sotetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun website}
This must be the area for the daily buffet breakfast.. too bad we didn't have a chance to eat that. Perhaps during our next stay?

The boy had the Grilled Short Rib Patties Set Meal {KRW12,000 / S$13.85} that came with rice, miso soup, fried egg, pickled spicy radish, pickled garlic {love!!} and soy quail eggs side-dishes.

I chose the Grilled Samyeopsal {Pork Belly} Set {KRW13,000 / S$15} where the meat was very juicy and tender... just the way I like it.

I'm still salivating about it even as I'm typing this post haha...

Lil Pumpkin had the Bulgogi Beef Set {KRW13,000 / S$15}. That girl loves her meat too, just like her Mummy and Daddy! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Sometimes I hear parents fret about bringing kids to Korea because they worry that the food there will be too spicy and it'll be hard to find kids-friendly meals. I really find such concerns to be very needless..

Like in many countries, Korea's cuisine is very diverse and uses a wide variety of spices, meat, grains, and vegetables. Sure, there's stomach-scorching dishes like Kimchi, Buldak {spicy chicken} and Ddeokbokki {rice & fish cakes in chili sauce}, but there is definitely also non-spicy dishes like Bulgogi, Gimbap {sushi rolls}, Pajeon {savoury fried pancakes}, Samgyetang, Jjajangmyun {black bean noodles} etc.

In any case, kids shouldn't be bubble-wrapped and given only what they are comfortable with. One of the key benefits of traveling is the opportunity to have new experiences and witness different cultures... to be able to get out of our comfort zones and try new things, and yes, this includes even food that we may not like, or may not have thought to try.

Even in Singapore, I often encourage Lil Pumpkin to try new food and eat things she thinks she may not like to expand her palate. In doing so, I also hope that she will grow to be more open-minded in other ways and be more adventurous in her thoughts and actions (*^▽^*)

Anyway, if you happen to be in Dongdaemun and are looking for a comfortable and family-friendly restaurant with delicious, inexpensive food, you can give Le Chef restaurant a go. The hotel is conveniently located next to Lotte Fitin mall {opposite Starbucks} and will be a nice, quiet place to rest your feet at too.

Le Chef Korean Restaurant @ Sotetsu Hotels The Splaisir Seoul Dongdaemun
Level 2, 226 Jangchundan-ro, Jung-gu, 04565, Seoul, Korea
Open daily 7am - 10am {breakfast}, 11.30am - 3pm {lunch}

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Small Kucing said...

Omg... am hungry from looking at this now. Everything looks delicious

Stacy said...

Agree on letting kids try as much variety as possible! Your pictures look good... did you climb on a chair? :)

R's Rue said...

Yummy. The food looks so good.