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P4 Parenting | Primary School Outdoor Adventure Camp Packing List

All students in Singapore schools are provided opportunities to go for Outdoor Adventure Camps in upper primary and lower secondary as part of their Outdoor Education. These are usually conducted at the 4 Ministry of Education {MOE} Outdoor Adventure Learning Centres at Jalan Bahtera, Dairy Farm, Changi Coast and Labrador which include artificial cave systems and challenge rope courses.

The overnight camp experiences are supposed to help them develop holistically by imbuing in them resilience, ruggedness, tenacity and ability to work well in teams, so that they will be confident to seize future opportunities and tackle challenges together, and build a better Singapore as one.

Hopefully, they will also develop a greater affinity for the outdoor environment in Singapore and learn about sustainable living too.

Note: For safety reasons and to prevent the disruption of the camp programme, parents are discouraged from visiting the campsite at all times. A child will tend to lose focus and may request to go home if he/she sees his/her parents. Resilience is one of the values that they want to build in the kid so unless it's an emergency, parents should refrain from going to the campsite.

Lil Pumpkin was supposed to go for her 3D2N Primary School Outdoor Adventure Camp next week but #thanksnothanks to the current haze situation, it was cancelled yesterday!!! Aww bummers! The last time she went for a school camp was for her K2 graduation camp.

Went to buy @lovelilpumpkin some new gear for her upcoming 3D2N school adventure camp today {swipe 👈🏻 to see her packing list}. Those hiking pants have UPF 40+ UV protection & can be unzipped at the legs to convert to shorts. Handy! 👍🏻 Also got her a black camo buff which she would never probably use again, but is required for the camp.. it’s ok though, as I can use it when I go fishing 😎 As well as a cute mini lamp and roll-on SPF 50+ sunblock since I can’t really count on her to apply sunblock cream properly herself haha 🤭🤫😜 Gonna spend some time practising with her how to set up / pack her own sleeping bag and getting her camp bag organised ☀️ So excited for her!! 👧🏻💕🌸 #sakuraharuka #p4pumpkin #motherhood #sgkids #schoolcamp #adventuretime #outdoorfun
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She was soooooo excited about it and honestly, so were we.

I remember when I went to my own Primary School Outdoor Adventure Camp and had such a fun time with my school mates. I remember we slept in bunks together, had a mini campfire, went hiking, cooked outdoors, kayaked for the first time, had cold showers at night... not too rough, but still tougher than our usual time at home haha.

During my time, we had our camps when we were P5 so I was quite surprised to hear that Lil Pumpkin was going for hers this year. Anyway, I hope that since it was cancelled this year, they would still plan one for her cohort next year... if not they would miss out on this valuable experience for good!!

Below is her camp packing list:

Thought I'd share it just in case your kids are going for their camps soon and you'd like to prepare early, or you just need a rough guide on what to bring for a 3D2N camp.

Personally, I'm not a super outdoorsy person, but I do like to escape from the city life and relax in nature once in a while. I also think it's important that Lil Pumpkin grows up enjoying outdoor play as much as she likes reading and chilling indoors..

I was actually thinking of bringing Lil Pumpkin out camping myself too.. but maybe after I've tried it out again first haha. It's been a long time since I went out camping (´>∀<`)ゝ

I read somewhere that MOE is going to enhance the the cohort camp experiences for all students as part of their National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan.

New camp programmes will be offered, including a new 5-day multi-school Secondary 3 cohort camp at the Outward Bound Singapore {OBS} in Pulau Ubin and the new OBS campus on Coney Island from 2020. This expedition-based camp will bring together students from different schools and give them the opportunity to work together and overcome various outdoor challenges.

Woohoo!! This sounds super fun! I pray that when the time comes for Lil Pumpkin to go for that camp in Sec 3, that won't be cancelled!

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I wish the US had more programs like this for students. We are so lacking in the extracurricular activities for our kids. The only thing they did last year was have a few hours at the roller rink one day. Even our after school programs, simply put, suck. Unless you want to do a sport. I did find an art camp to put my niece into over the summer, but once school hits, programs tend to dry up :( I hope Little Pumpkin has a fantastic time at camp this year!