Wednesday, November 20, 2019

London is Calling!!! Winter Holidays 2019, Let's Go! ⛄❄️

This is me jumping for joy during my first solo work trip to London in 2014, in front of St Paul's Cathedral (^-^)v

Lil Pumpkin doesn't usually make requests on our holiday destinations. She is usually happy to go along with whatever we plan, although she does have a few favourites, of course.

This year, however, she specifically asked if we could go to London for our year-end trip. I guess it's because of some book or show she has been watching that got her interested to visit.

We are actually thinking of making a trip there next year with our extended family for a big family vacation but since Lil Pumpkin asked, and since the boy and I haven't been to London in years and actually do love it despite the long travel time, and especially since we are all still rather young, healthy and have the means to make the trip, we decided to go for it this year AND still plan to go again next winter for our big family vacation hehe..

Since this is going to be Lil Pumpkin's first ever trip to London and the UK, I want to make it as memorable as possible and have planned for us to see most of the iconic places and landmarks. We are even making a trip out of the city to see Windsor Palace, Stonehenge and Bath!

Yes, it's a DIY itinerary even though we aren't that familiar with the place as the boy and I don't like to go on tours much..  too restrictive and too much wasted time on buses, tourist factories or waiting for strangers haha.

Plus, we do like the mystery and wonder of exploring new places and getting lost...

Too bad Valyn isn't staying in London anymore, otherwise it would be a blast to meet up with her there again and checking out some of her fave hangouts..

I still remember some of the places I went to in the past though and some other friends have also chipped in with recommendations on where to go and especially, what to eat...

Oh goodness!! I can't wait to have a full English breakfast, authentic fish & chips, pies and mash etc. in London!!

And shop the street / flea markets! And visit the museums!!

Since it's just about 1 month to Christmas, the Christmas lights are already up and Christmas markets, especially the big Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, have just started!! Yay!!

It is probably too early for it to snow buuuuuut we can keep our fingers crossed, right?? After all, it DID snow early when we arrived in Korea last year

So so excited for our trip!! (○゚ε^○) As usual, I'll try to update via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like, you can follow our winter holiday fun there!

Take care and see you when we are back xox

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I hope you guys are enjoying your holiday! I am loving traveling along with you through Instagram. I am so bummed we missed Stonehenge when we were there, but so cool you guys got to go!