Friday, November 1, 2019

P4 Parenting | End-of-Year Exams Are Over!!!

I should have posted on this last week when her exams ended on Thu 24 Oct 2019, but oh well, better late than never, right?? hehe...

Yes, Lil Pumpkin's P4 end-of-year exams are FINALLY OVER!! Woohoo!!! *throws confetti*

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Seriously, I reckon that I'm much more stressed about school exams than Lil Pumpkin ever is. She's so super chill.

Which is good, in some way? Although I feel that some stress is good as a motivation for her to push herself to excel, I never want to overwhelm her with academic work or study stress.. or feel that her school results are everything, because honestly it is not.

After the exams she asked for waffles and ice-cream, so we went down to the club to get some. Not as good as her birthday waffles, but were still pretty fluffy and yummy.

I was surprised that she asked for 2 scoops of chocolate ice-cream as she is not usually an ice-cream or chocolate person. Unless it's from Ben & Jerry's. THAT she eats by the pint haha..

Usually, she just likes to eat the ice-cream cone and asks me to eat the ice-cream for her. Weirdo..  

So since it's been about a week since her exams ended, Lil Pumpkin has gotten back some of her exam results.

Just to update, she got 8/20 for her English compo which she wrote completely off topic for. We were expecting her to get a big fat zero so that's a silver lining haha #thinkpositive

Lil Pumpkin did pretty well for the rest of her written papers, and I'm very proud and happy for what she achieved especially for her Science. She didn't start off that well when she first started learning Science in P3 so it really is through hard work and grit {and a lot of nagging coaching from Mummy!!} that she managed to go from failing her topic papers {her P4 Science teacher actually called to talk to me}, to getting 98/100 for her SA2 exam. Well done, baby girl.

Another notable mention for this exams is that for the first time, she got full marks for her Maths exam paper!! She has always done well for this subject {getting her started on Maths enrichment classes early was one of the best decisions in my life hehe}, but this is a milestone for her (★^O^★) Sometimes, I wish that her Ah Gong {the boy's dad} was still around to see her good Maths grades. He was always fantastic with numbers too and would have been so happy to know that Lil Pumpkin got his genes too..

Even though we aren't sure what her overall results for the year will be, I'm pretty happy with how we prepped for her exams and the results from it so far. There are areas to work on e.g. compositions and oral, but that will wait until we've all had a good year-end winter holiday!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)οΎ‰

I know I haven't been blogging much or updating my social media channels as much lately. Partly because I've been busy with work and her exam prep, partly because I'm lazy #oops, and also partly because I haven't been taking as many photos as I usually do.

Well, since her exams are over and the boy got me a new mobile with a much better camera to play around with, hopefully I'd start blogging and posting more again. I hope to get 2 more posts on our summer trip to Seoul out before we head to our winter hols later this month to... London!!!

Yes, super excited since it's Lil Pumpkin's first visit to London but I'm also somewhat dreading the long flight haha. It is such a beautiful place and I'm sure Christmas decorations will be up when we're there too so yup, hoping to capture some wonderful family moments and memories there.

Many thanks if you're still coming to my blog and reading this (ο½–^_^)ο½– Do stick around and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram if you haven't yet too!

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Mrs. L said...

Looks delicious! Well deserved!

Steph said...

Hahaha all of us go through the same feelings when it comes to exams, it feels like we're the ones appearing. And all the best for your trip to London have a great one.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Way to go on the exams Little Pumpkin! And the waffles are a fabulous way to celebrate getting through them in one piece.

Oooh, London is on your radar soon? Please do post some photos of your trip. We were there in the summer months, but I am dying to go there in the winter and see all of the holiday decorations! London is such a magical place to explore though, no matter the season.

An Apel a Day said...

Good for her - finishing exams! Isaak's a slow test taker. I don't even know what to do about it. He's slow with homework too. Very smart, just S.L.O.W.

The waffles looks so good!

Congrats on the phone! I like that color as well.