Monday, December 16, 2019

P4 Parenting | Edusave Good Progress Award - Your First Academic Award!

This was the happy news that greeted us when we returned from our winter holiday in London earlier this month, which was amaaaaaazing by the way, but more on that later...

Our darling Lil Pumpkin has been awarded the Edusave Good Progress Award {GPA}! Apparently, the GPA is given to "students who are within the top 10% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, and have demonstrated good conduct."

That sentence was a bit confusing to us and it took a few readings to get its proper interpretation haha. At first the boy thought that it meant she was the top 10% in school for her level, but then I told him no it's for the top 10% of students who improved in her level {which may not mean that she's the top 10% overall for her level}.. then we read again and realised that it's not just for her cohort in school, but for the whole cohort in our constituency, which meant that she was maybe ranked among a few hundred students?!?! (o.O)"

In any case, we are very proud of Lil Pumpkin for receiving her first ever academic award!! Especially one that is as meaningful as this!

Lil Pumpkin's P4 end-of-semester exams did not start off well with her first major exam mistake made in her English composition paper, but she managed to pull herself together and continue to try even harder for the rest of her papers despite her disappointment and fears.

Through hard work and grit {and of course, some pushing from Mummy..}, she overcame that obstacle and managed to do pretty well in her overall exam results ( ᐛ )و

Which led to this award I guess! (*^▽^*)

Lil Pumpkin is very happy for getting it too and I hope that this will give her a big confidence boost, as well as motivation to want to strive even harder and improve even better. For herself. Not for Mummy, not for Daddy, not for anyone else but herself.

Congratulations Lil Pumpkin! 
Mummy and Daddy love you and are very proud of you! 

P.S. Award presentation ceremony will be held sometime next year where she will be given a GPA certificate and cash award. More pictures to come after we attend that!! hehe..

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mail4rosey said...

I'm so glad exams are over!! Big congrats to her on her award!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's wonderful! Keep up the good work Little Pumpkin!