Thursday, April 9, 2020

P5 Parenting | FREE Primary School Mathematics Learning Program from Marshall Cavendish Education - Maths Buddies

Have you heard? One of the key publishers of Maths textbooks in Singapore, Marshall Cavendish Education, is offering FREE access to Maths Buddies, a home-based learning {HBL} program to support all primary school children in Singapore, from Primary 1 to 6.

Since yesterday, Singapore schools and institutes of higher learning have shifted to full home-based learning {HBL} until 4 May 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most workplaces, including mine, have also shut down to severely limit social interactions and movement outside homes... meaning most parents are also working from home and looking after the kids at the same time.

One of my friends shared that having the kids with you while you work from home means it's like "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" every freaking day for at least a month hahahaha... So true!!

Thankfully, Lil Pumpkin is rather independent and tech-savvy so I don't worry much about the online learning part. She has no problems logging into the Student Learning Space {SLS} or video conferences with her teachers herself, and I don't actually have to sit by her side to monitor her work while it's "school time" {currently 8am - 2pm}.. although of course at times when she's unsure of certain concepts, she'd ask me and I need to check in on her to see that she's following the schedule.

So far, the last 2 days of HBL has been rather "chill" for me.. but then we are just 2 days in so see how? haha..

I'm sure we all wished at one point or another that the weekend will never end and now with our lock-down, or "circuit breaker" measures, our wish has somewhat come true. No school, no work for one whole month. 


Except, is it really?

Being forced to stay at home due to circumstances not under your control could drive anyone crazy. Kids especially, as they are just like little balls of energy that need to be expended. And when kids go bonkers, you can be sure that parents are not that far behind...

A lot of parents would probably have prepared "fun things" like books, craft kits, games, toys etc. to keep the kids occupied at home for the next one month.

However, this one month isn't a holiday. The kids still need to continue with their learning, and if you aren't one of those parents that were queuing up to buy assessment books at the bookshops before the lockdown commenced, be glad for free online educational content like Math Buddies to support student learning.

All you need to do to access it is fill up the simple form in the pic above. No need to give your personal details like names, address or telephone numbers. Just provide your email address, school and country.

Math Buddies is a comprehensive digital platform that adopts the same pedagogical principles found in our Singapore Mathematics textbooks and combines interactive components with instructional strategies.

It is super easy to use and offers an engaging teaching and learning experience filled with colour and cute cartoons for primary school students of all levels.

Click on each level to see at a glance the different topics taught for each year.

Since you can conveniently access all the levels, it's perfect for revising past topics from previous years, or maybe even prepare ahead for lessons to come.

After you click on each topic, it'd bring you to the next page of sub-topics.

And from there there would be different lessons where students can choose from 3 inter-related components - Learn, Guided Learning and Virtual Manipulative.

They can go through each at their own pace and pick-and-choose to cover whatever topics they want to do, whenever.
When students choose Learn, there's a voiced video using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract {CPA} approach to build conceptual understanding.

With Guided Learning, it's more interactive and students can apply their knowledge and answer the lesson questions.

By clicking on "Show Answers", the model answers would also pop up for self-evaluation and learning.

Maths Buddies also has the dreaded Word Problems in the program for students to work on too.

Virtual Manipulative allows the students to revisit concepts in an open setting and acquire deeper understanding through manipulation.

Just note that it's not available for all lessons.

Sometimes as a parent, I feel at a lost trying to teach Lil Pumpkin her school work at home because the things they learn at school nowadays really seems different and more difficult than my own schooling days. Do you have the same feeling?

I literally have to spend time to digest her textbooks, find additional notes, Google and ask my teacher friends for help to learn what she's learning, just so that I can help her with her studies.

So ya, while Lil Pumpkin had fun learning with Maths Buddies, so did I actually! Hopefully I won't be so clueless in helping her with her Maths problems from now on after using the program haha...

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