Thursday, April 30, 2020

Where to Buy Hand Sanitisers Online - Theo10 100% Natural Skincare, Made in Singapore #SGUnited + Promo Code

It is now Week 3 into our lockdown, I mean "circuit breaker" period. How is everyone coping?

Although there are times when I feel down with having our lives disrupted {especially during our birthday month!!}, I am not feeling too affected because I like working from home and we have a home gym {see where to buy home gym & fitness equipment in Singapore} so training is still progressing, and home-based learning with Lil Pumpkin is not much trouble at all since she likes staying home, can self-entertain and studies somewhat independently with just a little nudge and push i.e. I don't need to sit by her side with a rattan rod to make her do work (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)

Like most, I cope with the extra free time at home by baking and cooking more, exercising more, reading more, and erm, online shopping more hehehehe... I dare not ask hubby about our household expenditure at the end of this month *eeks*

If you are online shopping as well and can't get your healthcare essentials at your usual stores because you are struggling to secure delivery slots, do check out Theo10 Skincare Shop, a boutique skincare and beauty shop based in Singapore with products made in Singapore #golocal

Theo10 has created a range of products with 100% natural ingredients sourced from around the world. A lot of their products contain beeswax {harvested from Italian bees}, American peppermint essential oil {airflown to preserve its efficacy}, and Indian neem oil {cold-pressed to ensure the highest yield of beneficial components}.

I particularly like their hand sanitisers which kills 99.99% of germs, and has an amaaaaaazing scent! Out of all the hand sanitisers I've used before, this one seriously smells the best IMHO.

It does not have any medicinal or overwhelming, artificial fruity scent. In fact, it actually has a light, floral scent of orchid and white tea. Very refreshing.

Theo10 moisturising hand sanitisers come in compact small 60ml bottles which is reusable, and can easily fit inside your purse or pocket.

Unlike some hand sanitisers which come out as a gooey, watery mess, Theo10 hand sanitisers has a a clear, gel-like texture that absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving any stains or residues and is also suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin like Lil Pumpkin's.

Even if we do not need to head out as often nowadays, the boy is still an essential work so goes to work as per normal and keeps one with him. Plus, I'm thinking ahead that eventually the "circuit breaker" period will be over so it makes sense to purchase more of them now for when we need to use in the near future when we all start work and school again.

Although I like being home, I do miss the outdoors and can't wait to get out kayaking, hiking or swimming again and using this water-resistant SPF50 sunscreen.

Like their hand sanitisers, it has a breezy and fresh fragrance {this time of snow pears!}, which I prefer to heavy and overpowering scents.

The super-light formula doesn't clog up your skin, like how some sunscreens or sunblocks do. Instead, it still leaves my skin feeling fresh, supple and bare after application and is perfect for our humid weather.

Actually come to think of it, I don't need to wait to go for outdoor sports to use it haha. I used to have a good habit of apply sunscreen daily but got a tad lazy #oops I really need to get back to doing it again and making sure Lil Pumpkin picks up this good habit too...

Sunscreens are actually recommended for daily use to prevent premature aging caused by the sun and decrease the risk of skin cancer, and this is a good one for that not just because of its light texture which makes it comfortable to wear day-to-day, but also because of its active ingredients contain minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide {as opposed to chemicals e.g. oxybenzone or avobenzone} that block the harmful UV rays and are less irritating for sensitive skin.

Theo10 Sunscreen is a broad-spectrum protection formulated sunscreen for protection against both UVA and UVB. While most sunscreen whitens the applied area, Theo10 Sunscreen does not leave any traces. Instead, it moistens and leaves just a thin barrier against moisture loss and for sunscreen protection.

Recently, my pillow has been giving me a very bad neck-ache so I decided to try Theo10 Heat Rub that's meant to deal with tired shoulders, muscle aches and acute joint pains.

The heat created helps to loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow to the area, thus promoting a faster recovery and reduces the soreness. After using the heat rub and consistently massaging it for a few nights, my neck did feel better.

Theo10 Heat Rub is created using only 100% natural ingredients including peppermint, camphor, capsicum and beeswax. There's a strong peppermint smell when you first apply it, but it fades away after a while. It takes around 15 minutes before you start to feel the "heat" after you rub it in.

Do note that it's not a very strong heat rub though. The area feels warmer than usual, but is not unbearably hot.

This cream is water-resistant as well, so you can apply before you do any sports or activities.

If you use the heat rub before exercise for muscular aches and pains, it can increase blood flow which can help increase the flexibility of muscles ( ᐛ )و

Other than the above, Theo10 also sells non-steroidal eczema cream, shower gels, and also an innovative, "wind-proof" insect repellent that coats your skin with a very fine layer of essential oils that effectively protects your skin against mosquitoes and ants for up to 4 hours.

Even though we are currently fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, dengue cases in Singapore still remain high so you might want to check that out as well.

Promo: Quote "SakuraHaru2020" for 15% OFF any purchase from Theo10 Skincare Shop. If you spend above certain amounts {refer to above pic}, you will receive free gifts too! Only for the first 7 eligible orders of the day.

Valid even for other promotions, like this Mother's Day Special, until 7 May 2020 only.

Hope you'd find something useful from this shop based in Singapore. It'd be good to support a small local business like this during these challenging times too.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! (*^▽^)/

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  1. I keep trying to instill in the boys that they have to take care of their skin. It's so important!


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