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Travel Earphones with Bluetooth Flight Adapter and Active Noise Cancelling - Sudio Elva + Promo Code

Sudio is launching a new set of travel earphones, the Sudio Elva, which comes with a Bluetooth flight adapter and active noise cancellation {ANC}

If you're sick and tired of those complimentary airline headphones that don't fit comfortably, especially for the kiddos, this is for you as now you can use your own earphones or headphones on the plane. 

I know, I know, we probably can't travel freely again until maybe a year {or two??} later but that doesn't mean we can't dream and plan for it... right??

Where's the first place you would fly to when you can? Mine would probably be Japan.  

The Sudio Elva set comes with everything you need to get started, even the charging cords. This includes the Sudio Elva neckband earphones, Sudio Flyg Bluetooth flight adapter, charging cords for Sudio Elva and Sudio Flyg, 5 pairs of ear tips variously sized, owner's guides and warranty card.

I do wish that they came with a carrier pouch to keep the earphones safe and clean.

Admittedly, neckband-style earphones aren't as compact as wireless earbuds, but I like them though and they seem the more practical choice if you want to bring them on the plane. 

Instead of the usual small wireless earbuds that could easily drop and get lost, especially when you take them in and out during flight, the Sudio Elva hangs over your neck with wires attached to the earbuds at the end without tangling.

It weighs just 28g so don't worry, you'd barely feel it. 

Sudio Elva may not be compact compared to the earbuds, but the design is definitely minimalist and chic

The neckband has a flat silicone cover and sits around the neck comfortably without sliding off. It also has magnetic rubber nodes that attract one another and "close" the loop. These nodes can be adjusted up and down the cable according to your preference and style.

When you want to rest your ears, just take out the earbuds and let them hang loosely around your neck without fear of it dropping off somewhere, getting lost in the seats or the sea of flight blankets and pillows. 

As Sudio Elva is IPX5 water-rated, which means that it is dust-protected and water-resistant to sweat or water projected from a nozzle, this pair of earphones is suitable for use during exercise as well. 

Note: Sudio Elva comes in black or white. I suggest buying white, like mine, if you do plan to use it for traveling as white is obviously more visible than black when you've to rummage through so many things on the plane or in your carry bag. Also, do note that Sudio Elva's white is more "cream white" than "snow white" like you see in my pics. 

For the uninitiated, active-noise cancellation {ANC} means that the earphones make use of the materials they are made of to reduce unwanted ambient sounds {passive noise cancellation} and take one step further to reduce unwanted sounds by creating their own sound waves. 

This is especially crucial when you travel as the right kind of earphones / headphones can make all the difference in whether you are able to sleep through the wails of a crying infant in front of you, or the chatter of the couple next to you. You'd definitely want ANC in your earphones / headphones then.

The ANC mode on Sudio Elva works. When it is on, the overall volume seems louder and the music seems clearer. However, general environment noise is not eliminated completely which I feel is mainly due to the fact that earbuds are used, rather than headphones, so passive noise reduction is limited but Sudio Elva's ANC technology works fine. 

The earphones are comfortable on the ears, fits snugly {I use the standard ear tips given} and like I mentioned earlier, on the neck, even when I wear it for a few hours listening to music and attending to calls at work.

A full charge takes around 2 hours and playtime is around 10 hours which would definitely last you for a flight to Bangkok, Korea, Japan and even Australia. 

When you need to charge it, just detach the hidden charging port that is at the end of the 3-button controller on the left and connect it to the given USB cord. 

The 3 buttons are used to power the earphones, control the volume, play the music, answer calls etc. Double-clicking the middle button will switch to ANC mode and holding the middle button for 7 secs will initiate the Bluetooth pairing with any Bluetooth enabled device, like your mobile or Sudio Flyg.  

Sudio Flyg is a Bluetooth 5.0 audio transmitter that allows you to connect Sudio Elva, or any Bluetooth wireless earphones / headphones really, to any audio device e.g. inflight-entertainment, stereo equipment, or TV.

I know some parents prefer their kids to use headphones instead of earphones. Personally, me too as I'm quite icky about Lil Pumpkin sticking things in her ears. 

With Sudio Flyg, basically this means that even if we don't use Sudio Elva earphones on the plane for our kids, we can still use Sudio Flyg and connect it to their own personal wireless headphones for a more enjoyable flight #yay  

Sudio Flyg has 2 foldable connectors. You'd use both to plug into an in-flight entertainment system, and just the main pin if only one output is available. 

The Bluetooth range is up to 10m and it takes around 2 hours for it to be fully charged. Once it is, the battery life is about 12 hours which is pretty long. 

Sudio Elva earphones set cost S$199 and is available from Sudio's official website and retailers like Shoppee, Lazada, Courts etc.

Sudio Elva earphones are not sold separately from Sudio Flyg but looking at Sudio's collection, I think they would be priced slightly more than Sudio Tretton, another neckband-style earphones. Sudio Tretton already costs S$149 but does not have ANC or IPX5 technology, so I think Sudio Elva might be worth around S$169?

By itself, Sudio Flyg already costs S$69.90, but it comes bundled together with the high-quality Sudio Elva earphones and makes this set even more attractive with the cost savings

Also, don't forget about the promo code for extra discounts!!!

Promo: Quote "wireless15" for 15% OFF store-wide at Sudio's website. Valid until 14 Mar 2021.

*Disclosure: This is a review for Sudio Sweden. All opinions are my own.

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