Tuesday, December 8, 2020

P5 Parenting | Celebrating the End of 2020 with Whyzee Cake Delivery Singapore

Why, hello December! ❤ 

We've been taking it easy ever since Lil Pumpkin's exams ended and the school holidays started. Lazy days in bed, brunches at the club, slow walks around the neighbourhood, late movie nights at home... #bliss

Even though most parts of the world are still vehemently fighting Covid-19 and having lockdowns, it seems as though Singapore has somewhat forgotten we are still in the middle of a pandemic. The streets are so crowded and there are jams every day on the roads {the boy and I still head out to work in the office even in Phase 2}. 

Makes it seem so stressful to go out that we prefer to just stay home and chill. Much safer and more comfortable that way anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To kickstart the holiday season, we had a lovely delivery from Whyzee, which has been lauded as Singapore's favourite cake delivery service with freshly baked artisanal cakes delivered island-wide. 

Extremely affordable with prices from S$30 and no minimum order charge, they are Singapore's only 1-hour express cake delivery with more than 50 different cake selections and 9 cake sizes to choose from! Some of their best sellers include Classic New York Cheesecake, Ondeh Ondeh Cake, Ombre Rosette Cake, Triple Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake, Lemon Meringue Cake etc.

They even have a nice selection of eggless cakes {e.g. Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry Cream, Rainbow etc.} to cater to those that are allergic to eggs like my niece, Baby J, or vegan cakes that have no butter, no milk and no egg. 

Such a beautifully-delivered cake! Not a smudge or fallen chocolate flake anywhere!

Since my family loves durian {yay!!! new season is starting!} and chocolate, we decided to try their D24 Durian Chocolate Fudge Cake

It has pure, rich D24 flesh layered in between moist chocolate sponge and topped with chocolate ganache and milk chocolate shavings. Truly indulgent and sinful, but well worth the high calories IMHO haha.  

At first, I thought it was a rather "weird" combination and was hesitant in ordering this, but then I read the other reviews which raved about this cake and thought, why not? 

We were not disappointed as the durian was aromatic and rich, but not overwhelming, and the chocolate was not sickly sweet either (*´ڡ`●) The chocolate sponge was definitely fluffy and moist but I'd have liked it more if it was more fudgey. More chocolate fudge layers, perhaps? 

This cake is a 9" cake and it took about 7 pax and more than one seating to finish haha.. I suggest eating in smaller slices to truly appreciate this unique taste. 

For bona fide durian lovers, you should also check out their Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake!! It has 2 thick layers of MSW durian flesh layered between vanilla sponge cakes and iced with durian frosting. Yummm! 

When I was browsing their website, Lil Pumpkin had a look too and asked me to order the Walnut Chocolate Fudge Brownies too. Hokay, can.

Whyzee uses premium chocolate to create a delicious dark and chewy brownie topped with crunchy walnuts. Again, I thought it could be a bit more fudgey, but that might be because it was eaten chilled straight out of the fridge.  Maybe if I had heat it up first it would be more gooey. 

Each box comes with 6 pieces of brownies {approx. 1.7" each} and Lil Pumpkin walloped all of them!! I only managed to take a small bite! 

Ever since Lil Pumpkin received her Mystic Blue Preserved Rose Flower Dome, I was absolutely enamoured by it and wanted one of my own. How could it be that time stood still for these fresh flowers to maintain their colours, textures and perhaps scents?? 

Truly, magical *⁂((✪⥎✪))⁂* 

Whyzee not only sells cakes and mini bites, but also fresh and preserved flowers. 

I saw that they partnered with Fav Florist for the preserved flower domes and was so thrilled! We are very happy with Lil Pumpkin's high-quality and beautiful flower Fav Florist dome that she proudly displays on her study desk. 

Took the opportunity to order the Beauty and the Beast Preserved Flower Dome for myself which has a large red rose bloom and rustic wild flowers encapsulated in a clear glass dome with a charming wooden base. 

Like Lil Pumpkin's flower dome, mine also has LED lights in the dome that brings out the essence and features of the preserved flowers in the dark.

I keep it on my own work area to brighten and liven up the space o(^▽^)o  Reminds me of Lil Pumpkin too as now we have #matchymatchy flower domes on our desks hahaha... 

Whyzee offers free delivery for orders over S$100 or express 1-hr deliveries. 

Other than cakes that require customisation or some seasonal products, most of the items are available instantly. Do note that dates that are blocked out on the calendar are considered unavailable.

Promo: Quote "WHYZEENEW10" for 10% OFF on your first order. For new customers only. 

For more information and details, check out their Whyzee Singapore online shop

Hope you all have a wonderful and well-rested December! 

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