Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Breast Care Fight: Dr Jane Lim, Senior Consultant, NUH Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre

I met with Dr Jane Lim in the afternoon of Wed 28 Sep 2022 to discuss about my breast reconstruction after mastectomy. 

Dr Mikael will try to preserve my breast skin, nipple and areola during the mastectomy, while Dr Jane will try to rebuild the shape of my removed breast using either skin/fat, muscle and/or implants. 

After my PET-CT scan, I went to have lunch and headed back to my office to clear some work and take back some of my snacks and protein bars. 

My supervisor has been very understanding and allowed me to work-from-home while I sought treatment for my cancer, so unless absolutely necessary, I don't need to go into the office at the moment and I didn't want the food at my desk to go to waste like during the lockdown!

I found it a hassle to go to Dr Jane's office as you have to use your i/c to tap in and out just to get to the lift. As NUH Aestheritc Plastic Surgery Centre is in KR Wing, you can't register for your appointment early via the OneNUHS app either.

It didn't take long that day to register at the counter though and she kept to our appointment time too. 

Dr Jane seemed kind and patient. I think I've been really blessed with my doctors. Other than choosing my own breast care specialist, Dr Mikael, my oncologist, Dr Samuel, and aethestic sugery specialist, Dr Jane, were assigned to me.

She took the time to explain the various breast reconstruction surgery options and made me feel at ease during this weird, dreadful time. 

A funny thing was, she looked at me and said that I must work out a lot... not enough fat to use for the surgery! hahaha.. I think not true?? I have a little tummy.. how is that not enough to use for my small boob??

In all seriousness though, based on my lifestyle and body, Dr Jane recommended me to use breast implants for my breast reconstruction. For this, implants {recommended tear-drop shaped, textured, saline ones} are inserted underneath the skin or chest muscle following the mastectomy. 

Using implants come with risks though of lymphoma, implant rupture and need to remove/change the implants after 10+ years as they have a limited life span. Hmmmm... 

When I told the boy and my PT, Superman, about the surgery options for breast reconstruction, they were both adamant that I do not even consider using muscles! Dr Jane was not keen on this option too as she would need to take one part of my abs and cover that part with a mesh {no more 6-pack!!!}, and she knows that I do weightlifting and need to brace hard often.  

Anyway, I decided that I needed the boy to help me decide so would come back again to see her after my other doctors decided if I was going to remove one or two breasts. 

Dr Jane Lim first consultation cost: S$145.50

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Before mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries


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