Friday, October 21, 2022

Breast Cancer Fight: Pre-Surgery Blood Test & Consent-Taking

The week before the surgery, I went back to NUH on Fri 21 Oct in the morning to take a blood test and meet Dr Jane at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre.

A few days earlier on Mon 17 Oct, Nurse Jessica from the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre had already emailed me the estimated cost for my surgeries and hospital stay aka what they call "financial counselling". She also had been most helpful in answering some questions about the hospital stay and my doctor appointments. 

The blood test was to test my full blood count and kidney function to see that I was fit to take the surgery. It took only about 5 minutes to draw my blood and the results was out about 2 hours later.

After that I met up with Dr Jane to address any last concerns about my breast reconstruction surgery, confirm the details {under the muscle using a silicone-filled textured, tear-drop implant} and sign the consent form for both the mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries. 

The boy asked me "what did I want to avoid the most?" when choosing between under the muscle vs over the muscle breast implant. Both come with risks and benefits, but I guess what I want to avoid the most was infection and capsular contracture the most... so that would mean going for under the muscle. 

I asked Dr Jane if the implant would move up towards the arm pits as I read some do for under the muscle surgeries. She said for those types of breast augmentation, they usually cut underneath the arm pits or near there to create a "tunnel" so there would be space for the implant to move. For me, she would not be doing that and the implant cavity would be small so not likely to move. 

Dr Jane told me that after the surgery, most likely I will stay for 3 days, but can go back earlier if I'm up to it. She will give me 4 weeks MC to rest from work. 

Before and after the surgery, I should avoid eating vitamin E, gingko, ginseng, omega-3, protein power which may include blood thinners as they work to increase blood circulation and may increase my risk of excessive bleeding during and after the surgery.

Ok, yes Ma'am.

In the afternoon I went to the Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Acupuncture Clinic to meet an anaesthetist to ask me some questions about my past surgeries and experience with anaesthetia, check my health stats and teeth {scared I choke during the surgery?} and explain to me about how they would administer the anaesthetics and pain medication during and after the surgery.

Even though I've gone for a few surgeries for my scoliosis and caesarean, this was the first time I talked to an anaesthetist pre-surgery I think. The boy also said he didn't talk to one when he went for his shoulder surgery...

Of course, there is always a fear that I might not wake up from the surgery... especially with the recent news of the local girl that passed away from an allergy with the anaesthetia used during her wisdom teeth extraction surgery... but I will need to quieten my heart and mind and pray hard to God for calmness and His protection. 

All the pre-surgery blood test {S$83.45} and doctor appointments will be charged under my surgery cost so I did not have to make any payments that day.

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Before mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries


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