Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Breast Cancer Fight: Third Chemotherapy and Herceptin Jab Session

Two down, two more to go. Seems quite fast that I'm past the halfway mark with my chemotherapy treatment. But truthfully speaking, living through it is a sloooow torture... After reading other people's experiences, I know I don't have it as bad, but still during the worst of it, I wouldn't want anybody to go through it at all. 

I went for my third chemotherapy and Herceptin jab session on Tue 17 Jan 2023, just a few days before Chinese New Year. My blood tests and check-up with Dr Samuel was on Mon 16 Jan 2023 and as my test results seemed ok, he cleared me to go for my chemo session the next day.

As I'd already shaved my head, Dr Samuel said I don't need to do the scalp cooling anymore. He also prescribed me stronger painkillers {Anarex}, lozenges and melatonin to help me sleep better.

As usual, I registered for my session an hour before on the OneNUHS app and verified by identity at the counter on arrival. The staff there wrote down the wrong queue number so another staff there checked and said that I was supposed to go to Level 10 to see my doctor {Chemotherapy Centre is on Level 9}, and my chemo session was the next day. 

I told them I already saw my doctor the day before, and my chemo session was that morning. My doc confirmed it and it also does not make sense that I received notification for SMS and the app that asked and allowed me to register for my chemo session if it was meant to be for the next day.

Another staff came by and also repeated to me the same thing about what the system shows. After back and forth for 5-10 mins, finally one of the staff realised that they were checking on the info for another patient as the first staff wrote down the wrong queue number.......... 

Oh well. Still managed to check my vitals and get to my chemo session on time at 8.30am since I arrived early. 

This is what my third chemotherapy session was like:

0800hrs Arrive at hospital
0810hrs Verify ID with counter {registered 1hr earlier with OneNUHS app}
0820hrs Check vitals and the pharmacy will prep medicine
0825hrs Go to Chemotherapy Bay
0830hrs Cannulate and run through with saline
0850hrs Run pre-meds drip for anti-allergy and to protect stomach for 15mins 
0907hrs Start Docetaxel drip for 1hr
0910hrs Herceptin jab on right tummy
1005hrs Saline drip flush for 10mins and toilet break
1025hrs Pharmacist came to dispense home meds and Peglasta syringe 
1030hrs Start Cyclophosphamide drip for 30mins
1105hrs Take out hand canula
1110hrs Go to pharmacy to collect anti-nausea meds as pharmacist wanted to 
              check if I needed it before dispensing it but did not come back in time
1115hrs Go home

My third chemo session was much shorter than my first and second sessions without the scalp cooling treatment. Much prefer it this way... 

I think the nurses also started treatment earlier at 8.30am {instead of the usual 9am+} to pack more patients in as they close during public holidays... and there were 2 CNY public holidays coming up the week after.  

Read about my first chemotherapy session experience to find out more on what it's like at a Chemo Bay and some tips for having a more pleasant session


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