Wednesday, January 25, 2023

NCIS on the Go - Keat Hong Family Clinic @ Choa Chu Kang

As I only had to take my Lucrin jab and not see any doctors or do any other treatments/ tests on Wed 26 Jan 2023, Dr Samuel suggested that I go to one of the NCIS on the Go locations to do it as the waiting time is shorter, and might be more convenient to get to from home. 

NCIS on the Go programme offers 3 convenient locations in the West region, for cancer treatment and care to National University Cancer Institute Singapore {NCIS} patients. These are located at Jurong Medical Centre {5 mins from Boon Lay MRT station}, Keat Hong Community Club {5 mins from Choa Chu Kang MRT station} and Frontier Family Medicine Clinic {5 mins from Clementi MRT station}.

Basic oncology service is provided by their professional, trained oncology nurses and it is as safe as undergoing the procedures in the hospital. Should an emergency or critical situation occur, the patient will be sent to the hospital via an ambulance.

The main services offered include:
  • 0900hrs - 1000hrs: blood-taking only
  • 1000hrs - 1200hrs: flushing/ dressing/ care of central venous line only
  • 1200hrs - 1600hrs: s/c injection for chemotherapy, non-chemo injections and vaccines only
Lunch is from 1300hrs - 1400hrs.

No walk-ins are allowed, and NCIS patients need to make an appointment at least one day in advance, before 3pm. Appointments made after 3pm will be scheduled for 2 working days later. 

I chose to do my Lucrin jab at Keat Hong that day and my appointment was for 12.30pm. It was very easy to get to Keat Hong Community Club from Choa Chu Kang MRT station, exit B. However, finding my way to the Keat Hong Family Clinic inside the Community Club took a while as the directions were not very clear and the escalators don't seem to go to Level 3. You have to take the lifts.  

I arrived earlier about 12 noon and the staff at the registration counter told me to go to Room 2. There were no other patients when I arrived. 

Apparently, NCIS on the Go @ Keat Hong only rents a room from the Family Clinic there and there is no need for registration on the day of your appointment. Just inform the nurse at Room 2 when you are there and wait for her to call you in. 

Since I was wearing a hoodie and hat, and walked from the MRT station, my temperature was higher than usual {38°C} so the nurse told me to wait a while and see if my temperature fell as if I had a fever, she had to call Dr Samuel to check what to do next.

I took off my hoodie and hat and waited for about 10-15mins. Luckily, my temperature fell {37.3°C} so she allowed me to proceed with my jab. Was very thankful for that as I did not want to come back another day for my jab if I could help it!

After checking my vitals, she video-called her colleague for the colleague to verify my ID again and check the medicine that she was going to give me. Impressed that they are still thorough like that. 

Overall, it was very fast with hardly any waiting {except for my temp to drop} and was all over in about 15 mins. I reckon if I can do without going to NUH for just my jabs or blood tests, I will come here to Keat Hong instead. 

I wonder why NCIS on the Go is only offered in the West region of Singapore. They really should open up more locations around the whole island for the benefit of their patients... the crowd and wait at NUH Cancer Clinic is really horrible most of the times. 


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