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Friday, February 2, 2018

Singapore Cheongsams :: Denim on Denim Modern Cheongsam for Mums & Kids + Promo Code

Chinese New Year is coming up real soon {in 2 weeks time actually} and you know what that means!! Yes, cheongsams galore... yay!! *throws confetti* Love love love seeing all the unique and beautiful cheongsams that come up for the season and so happy that someone FINALLY used my fave denim to create some eclectic modern cheongsam tops that can be used to celebrate CNY, or for casual days out throughout the year too.

Peas and Plums is a new online boutique opened by 2 local stay-at-home mummies #golocal 

Using materials sourced from the U.S. & Japan but made in Singapore, they wanted to add some pizzazz to the market with their line of ladies and kids' apparel, which has a mix of funky, cheeky and edgy designs. As mothers, they know that comfort is essential so whatever clothes they sell are always tried and tested by them and their kids first. If they personally don't look or feel good in it, it never hits their shops.

Oh in case you were wondering, they named their shop after a fruit and vegetable because as mums, they are always finding innovative ways to make their kids eat enough fruits and vegetable hahaha...

They just launched in mid-Jan 2018 and I absolutely screamed with delight when I saw that their first collection for CNY mixed my 2 fashion loves - modern cheongsams x denim - together.

Ok well, maybe not exactly denim.. but denim's lightweight doppelgänger, chambray. Denim is rugged and heavy {usually} on account of its diagonal weave. However, chambray is plainly woven, or done in a crisscross method, making it airier and softer... and therefore although it still looks like cool denim, it is much more comfortable to wear especially in our hot, tropical weather.

The lighter-weight chambray can either have a dressy or casual appeal. Props must be given to Peas and Plums on finding inventive ways to bring this soft and durable fabric into our local fashion fold with a traditional Chinese twist.

BOLD Chambray with Buttons top is dark blue chambray top with specially designed striped-red buttons and trimming running down the front. It has a matching stripped-red inner lining that contrasts nicely with the dark blue chambray so that you can leave the top unbuttoned and wear it open like a "vest".

Personally, I would leave it all buttoned up as I like to show off the playful button embellishments, and although it's modern, I still like it to look like a cheongsam top.

The buttons hold securely, but they are also easy to open with the loop bands with one hand too... as soon as I tried them on I thought they were perfect for breastfeeding mums, like my sister, who needs stylish front-opening tops for their CNY outfits!

SASSY Stripes with Zip is another interesting chambray top mixed with other lightweight cotton fabric. A biker-inspired cheongsam top, it features mixed stripes, a peplum hem and a striking gold tone zipper {huat ah!!} to evoke a sense of summer spent riding the open roads on a cool Harley Davidson. Agree?? heh

The SASSY Stripes with Zip seems less stiff than the BOLD Chambray with Buttons and even though I'm wearing size M for both tops, it seems a bit looser too.

For both tops, I paired them with simple denim bottoms for a "denim on denim" look. Effortlessly chic and looks great as an everyday style. My tip is to experiment with different shades and washes, and perhaps add some bright accessories for contrast and shape to your outfit. 

The mandarin collars are rather short for cheongsam tops {about 1.5cm?} and I would prefer them to be slightly higher at maybe 4-5cm as that's part of what makes cheongsams distinctive, but I guess a lot of ladies who don't usually wear cheongsams prefer these shorter collars as they are more comfortable and less restricting. Higher collars are usually stiffer & can make the neck feel warmer.

But anyway, I don't have many cheongsam tops or dresses with low collars so these are good additions to my collection :)

For Peas and Plums first kids collection for boys and girls aged 4-9 years old, they have a much wider range to choose from. Lucky them!

Lil Pumpkin usually gets dresses for her cheongsam pieces but I was thrilled to find that Peas and Plums sell modern cheongsam-inspired 2-piece sets with shorts and pants options!! Cheongsam sets with pants are so rare, don't you think?!

The FUNKY Light Chambray set has a lightweight chambray cheongsam top with contrast trim and a back button, which Lil Pumpkin can easily unbutton herself, and an elastic-waist chambray jogger pants with rectangular patch deep pockets.

At first I was a tad worried that this set would end up looking like she was wearing PJs but nope, it looks different & fashionable, and I love that she can run, play, catch and craft easily in it without worries of her being, erm, immodest hahaha..

The good thing about 2-piece sets is that you can easily mix-and-match the pieces separately with other tops/ bottoms to get more mileage and value-for-money for the set.

Lil Pumpkin couldn't wait to try on the Peppy Pink Elephant set once she saw it. I guess the sweet pink {her fave colour!} and adorable elephant prints really appealed to her.

[Note: The shorts sets also comes yellow giraffes and blue elephants prints, and they have polka dot cheongsam dresses. Very, very kawaiiiiiii~!]

Made of 100% light Japanese cotton, the cheongsam top has a concealed zip at the back and also comes with elastic-waisted culottes with rectangular patch pockets. Best part is, like everything else in their store, it's all machine-washable. Yup, no need for any time-consuming hand-washing or sending to the cleaners.. just have to pop them in the washing machine for a rinse.. great for us busy mums!

If I have one gripe, it's that with chambray and cotton materials, you need to iron the clothes.... and everyone knows that I hate ironing!! *cringe*

Our cheeky girl said, "Mummy, it's so cute!! Can I wear this out tomorrow??"

Erm no darling, you've to wait until Chinese New Year... believe me, Mummy can't wait to wear her new cheongsam tops too!! hahaha

Lil Pumpkin is wearing size L {kids} for both sets and it fits her just nicely actually.

Peas and Plums are selling their modern cheongsam collection for a limited time only for CNY season so do hurry if you want to get your hands on them!! Use my promo code below for 10% discount all items on their online boutique!

Unfortunately, Peas and Plums currently do not have a physical store for you to try on the clothes before purchase but they have a 14-days exchange policy whereby you can return or switch the items bought for another item or the correct size as long as the tags are intact & the items are not washed/ damaged.

They carry clothes for ladies sized S {UK 8} to L {UK 12} and kids sized S {4-5 years old} to L {8 to 9 years old}. Price range for all items from S$40 to S$60+ only! Free delivery to Singapore addresses for all orders above S$100, and they ship overseas as well.

Check out the full range and more details on Peas and Plums website & Facebook page. Let me know if you're getting something from them, ya?? I'd love to see your pics!

Promo code: Quote "aipeasnplums" for 10% OFF all items in store. Valid until Sat 10 Feb 2018 only.

P.S. Also check out these shops that sell traditional and modern cheongsams all year round. Just updated it yesterday.

*Disclosure: This is a review for Peas and Plums Singapore. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Matching Leather Avarcas Sandals for Mums & Kids

Have you heard of avarcas sandals? Well, even if it doesn't ring a bell, I'm sure you've seen them around.

Lil Pumpkin and I are no strangers to going matchy-matchy for our clothes or footwear and got our first 2 pairs of avarcas recently from a local shop, Verano. We read up more on their rich history and found out that they are actually
"... a style of Spanish leather sandals that originated in Menorca, a Balearic island nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. In the isolation of the Spanish Civil War during the 1940s, the strong and flexible sandals were made by farmers from natural leather and recycled tyres to navigate the archipelago and its steep, rocky terrain. In the 1960s, craftsmen began to commercialise avarcas, and since then, avarcas have grown to be favoured by locals and visitors alike."
Avarcas sandals are pretty perfect as semi-casual footwear when you're not in the mood to wear feet-killing heels, can't bear to squash your toes in ballet flats, yet don't want to be too sloppy in flip-flops. 

I like that they are extremely versatile too and are not only comfortable to wear from day to night, but stylish enough as well. The neutral colours go well with everything and its minimal profile elevates any outfit. Even the printed and bright pairs complements a simple outfit e.g a plain white tee and jeans combo can highlight their pop and quirk!

The first time I slipped on my avarcas I was blown away by how comfortable they are!!

The calf leather used is so buttery-soft and doesn't cut into my feet at all even after long hours of shopping, walking, running errands, chasing after Lil Pumpkin etc. I hate when that happens!

They are water-resistant {but obviously don't go walking in the pool with them!!} and can last longer than sandals with a synthetic or cork sole.. so gives pretty good mileage.

I've been told that they mold to your foot-bed after repeated wear and get even more comfortable with age too!

Verano means "summer" in Spanish. The lovely owners, Weiling {who also happens to be Lark & Peony's designer - Junie's, friend.. what a small world!} and Lin Hui, chose it for their shop's name as a kind of fusion between the origins of the avarcas sandals from Spain, as well as the endless summer here in Singapore. 

Avarcas from Verano are made with flexible and durable molded rubber soles in the traditional style, as well as a lightweight foam sole. They work with a family business in Menorca, Spain that hand-makes their avarcas with traditional methods and tools in a more laborious process - stitching the sole with thick waxed thread and a punch needle.

Verano has avarcas sandals in a variety of styles and colours. However, all the inner soles and top lining are made of leather. Even if the top layer is faux snakeskin, fabric or glitter, the inner part is still made of authentic, buttery-soft calf leather.

Taking into consideration the craftsmanship and quality materials used, Verano's adult range goes for S$84, and kids range costs S$64.

Lil Pumpkin is pretty fond of her new sandals too. The kids' styles have leather ankle straps with velcro closures to keep the sandals snug, yet makes it easy for the kids to easily take them on and off themselves. And like the adult versions, the rubber soles have deep ridges in them for added traction on smooth or wet surfaces. 

The avarcas are so chic, and in a way, provide a safer alternative to hard, plastic shoes or rubber clogs that are popular nowadays but have no comfortable in-soles and can potentially present a heightened risk of escalator entrapment especially to kids.

Verano carry European sizes 20 to 30 {U.S. 2.5 to 11.5} for girls and sizes 34 to 40 {U.S. 5.5 to 8.5} for ladies. Their cutting is much wider than traditional avarcas sandals that cater to the European foot. Asian feet tend to be a bit wider, and they have adapted their sandals for a better fit.

The leather sandals stretch, so I suggest taking your usual size or even going a size down. Also, I think because they are handmade, there may be be a little discrepancy in the sizing.

I'm wearing size 39 for both sandals but I find that the pink Horsehair Sangria is a teensy bit smaller than Box Calf {Ink}. Nothing too uncomfortable but if after getting your Avarcas you find that it doesn't suit your feet size, just holler out to the shop and I'm sure they can work something out for you.

Verano's avarcas sandals are currently stocked at PriviKids {Suntec City, Waterway Point & Changi City Point} and Excluniqueeee {Marina Square} so pop by to try out their sizes and cut. You can also buy directly from Verano's website since they have an online promo {see below for details}! They offer free shipping to Singapore addresses and deliver in 1-3 days. A men's collection is coming up soon so you can look out for that for the dads too. Matchy-matchy fun for the whole family? haha

Promo: If you refer a friend, they get 10% off their first purchase and you get S$10 store credit for every friend you refer too! ( ᐛ )و Plus, they randomly give away one of these cuties below with their online orders!! #iwantplease

P.S. Check out my tips on how to work the matchy-matchy mini me fashion trend here.

Disclosure: This is a review for Verano Singapore. All opinions are my own.


Friday, January 15, 2016

The Happy Cheongsam Mother-Daughter Cheongsams

You know Chinese New Year {CNY} is almost here when you start seeing "red" everywhere you go {in a good way!}, hear all the dong-dong-chiang music... and oh yes, when cheongsams start popping up in stores! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

For me, cheongsams are part of my wardrobe staple for all seasons and definitely are not just for CNY. There are so many modern, versatile designs available nowadays so they make really unique yet comfortable everyday wear. Especially for the pieces that are light and don't need much ironing, I bring them with me overseas too!

Done right, casual chic is achieved with a modern cheongsam and pair of flats / sneakers, or simply don a cheongsam top with jeans. They can be worn for more dressy events with a pretty necklace, brooch or heels too. Nowadays cheongsams are not just body-hugging pieces suitable for curvy women. Modern cheongsams come in a variety of silhouettes to suit all kinds of body shapes!

Ladies with fuller hips can try flared A-line skirts while those with hour-glass figures will look great in straight-cut / pencil-skirt cheongsams and apple-shaped ladies can go for drop waist or shift cut cheongsams.

Anyway CNY is really a fantastic season to shop around and buy cheongsams as most brands would release a bumper crop of their top designs for the year now. However, even if you miss buying cheongsams during CNY, there are some shops that sell traditional and modern cheongsams all year round to suit every budget {updated this list yesterday}.

I've written in detail on a few shops {Lark & Peony, Joli Pretty, Our Bitsy Prints} and I'd like to introduce another one - The Happy Cheongsam. Best part is, they make matchy-matchy mother-daughter cheongsams!! 

Inspired by a vision to share happiness with people via their modern and painstakingly hand-made cheongsams, The Happy Cheongsam is a mummy-daughter team that was founded 2 years ago by Ming and her own mother, Mdm Heng.

Both of them have a hand in designing and selecting the fabrics used, and Mdm Heng would come up with the design template for each cheongsam to be hand-sewn by their tailors. Mdm Heng herself has over 50 years of experience in tailoring and scrutinises each finished product thoroughly to make sure that they pass their quality check before it's released in their shop.

If it's not well-made, it's not sold. Simple as that. 

Also, for each design, not more than 30 are produced so you can be sure that you're owning a very exclusive piece and the likelihood of you bumping into someone else wearing that same dress as is pretty low (●´∀`●)

I admire their attention to detail and exclusivity of their cheongsams. Looking through their collections, I also like their bold use of colours, prints and non-traditional cuts. Their variety of modern cheongsams consist of daring silhouettes and you can see that they really try to think out-of-the-box to come out with creative designs {e.g. this plaid cheongsam romper} that are unique to their shop, and not just rely on the standard sleeveless-pleated-skirt kind {which is a good starter design, but gets boring after a while}.

We got this set of Gold Citrus modern cheongsams from them and I just love the bright, cheerful colour! When we wear it, it's like we're walking on sunshine hahaha..

And isn't that important?? No matter how gorgeous the clothes may be, if you don't feel happy wearing them, they will never look good on you #word It's no secret that matchy-matchy clothes are my our fave kind of outfits, but most of all, we loooooove clothes like these that inspire us to live, laugh, move, play and dance to the beats of our hearts!!

The Golden Citrus with lemon prints is a drop-waist dress with a front-opening, which makes it convenient for mothers who are still breast-feeding to wear I reckon. Other than the lovely fabric butterfly buttons, there are many hidden fasteners as regular intervals, so I didn't have to worry about the gaps being too big when I move about & overexposing myself #worstnightmare

The drop-waist style is also very flattering as it seems to elongate the body, and since it skims over the tummy, it makes it really comfortable to wear {especially after you're done with the festive eating haha}.

The only small gripe I've about the dress is that it creases easily and I need to really iron it properly after wash.. and I hate ironing haha.

Oh by the way, I usually wear size M for cheongsams from local online shops {they are a little loose now due to my recent fitness training}, but the cutting for this dress is larger so I'm wearing a S that's been slightly altered. I'm kinda in-between sizes now.

Like my adult modern cheongsam, Lil Pumpkin's version is made from light linen for the top and premium cotton for the bottom. However, there are some slight differences so that the mummy-daughter dresses are same same, yet different and special.

For the girls cheongsam, her buttons are round fabric buttons and there's a sash to tie at the back for a sweet bow detail. There is also a back zip for easy-wearing.

Do note that their cheongsams sell out really fast after each collection launch and this set is not available anymore. They just launched part of their CNY 2016 collection on Monday and have other mother-daughter designs available.

The Happy Cheongsam mother-daughter sets start from S$229. You can purchase the adult cheongsams separately {starts from S$169} and girl cheongsams are available for limited sale via email request {starts from S$69}. Adult cheongsams are available in sizes S - XL while girl cheongsams are for those aged 1-6 years old.

Just to let you in on a little unknown fact - if you see something out of stock but you really, reaaaaaaally like, feel free to email Ming to ask for a preorder. If they still have the materials, they may be able to tailor it for you based on the available sizes. It will take around 8-9 weeks for completion. 

The Happy Cheongsam is definitely a shop you should follow if you like fresh, everyday cheongsams with well-made tailoring of materials sourced from Japan, Europe, Australia and the Americas . They sell mainly online, but you can make an appointment to try on their cheongsams at their workshop during weekends. For CNY 2016, they also have pop-up stores at Robinson in JEM & Raffles City.

Unfortunately, they currently do not offer customisations but have free shipping to all Singapore addresses and offer overseas shipping as well. Have a look at The Happy Cheongsam's online boutique for more information and at their collections.

Part 2 of their CNY 2016 collection will be launching on Mon 18 Jan 2016 and you can have a sneek peek on it via their Facebook page too.

Happy cheongsam shopping!! Who knows, you may grow to love cheongsams as much as me after seeing what they have in store haha.

In case you missed it, I've been selected to be one of the top 4 finalists in Her World Plus Social Media Awards. Always honoured to receive recognition for sharing my motherhood and life stories ♥

Voting ends today {Fri 15 Jan 2016} so you can and don't mind, please support me by voting here. You only need to vote once! Thanks in advance xox

* Disclosure: This is a review for The Happy Cheongsam. All opinions are my own.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Glitter Glam Fashion Models for the Day! ✿

If you're a long time blog reader or follower on my other social media sites {Facebook, Instagram etc.}, Glitter Glam shop needs no introduction from me. Ever since early last year, Lil Pumpkin and I have been big fans of this local brand and have been wearing their collection of matchy-matchy mother-daughter clothes.

I don't like their clothes just because the clothes are matchy-matchy {they have non matchy-matchy ladies wear too by the way}. I like them also because they are very well-made and use good quality materials that last a long time through many washes, parties, events and rough play.

We are still wearing our first few dresses, even up to now!! Although they are kinda short on Lil Pumpkin now hahaha...

For those that are new to the blog, Glitter Glam is a home-grown Singaporean brand that was started in 2007 by the mompreneur, Mary. As a working mother herself {and also one of the nicest brand owners I know}, she creates clothes with strong character, excellent fit and great comfort not just for successful career women, but also for mummies who, let's face it, have one of the toughest jobs in the world, and deserve to celebrate their hard work in style. Remember, there's still Me in Motherhood and no shame in dressing well for yourself!

Mary Had A Little Lamb is basically a mini-sized version of Glitter Glam collection... because what's good enough for mummy, is good enough for our little girls. The spin-off line is meant to celebrate motherhood and the extraordinary connection between Glitter Glam's female clients and their children.

On and off, they have small collections for boys too so mums with sons can look out for that. I think they have a capsule collection coming up early next year for the whole family. Yes, including pieces for dads too (★^O^★) 

Anyway, back to how we came to be their models for the day...

America's Next Top Model is one of my fave TV shows #nojudgementplease and Lil Pumpkin watches it with me. Maybe she was influenced by it, or maybe she misses doing "fashion shoots" with me {sorry, no time!!} but one day she suddenly asked me if she could "be a model and have her photos up in the shops".

I was pretty surprised since she never makes requests like that. She shows interest in some things e.g. singing, dance, drama etc. but she would not usually ask to specifically attend classes or pursue those interests. Usually, we as her parents would notice what she is keen on, ask her if she'd like to do more of it, and then she will tell us yes or no. 

But since she requested so explicitly this time, well, Mummy has to try and help her make her wish come true, right??

Truth is, Mary and I have discussed about shooting a campaign for one of her collections some time back. It's just that I've been reeeeeeaaaaally busy due to work, my fitness training, family commitments etc. and not able to make any of her shoot dates.

It's good that things have started to wind down for me the past 2 months. I broached the subject again to her and since Christmas / New Year was coming up soon, she asked us to model for that collection. Sweet!

Mary and her team at Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb did all the arrangments - booking the studio, photographer, make-up artist... even arranging for the clothes to be sent to our home for fitting and collecting them back to iron/ prep for the photoshoot.

All we had to do was to turn up for the shoot on a Saturday morning early this month (●´∀`●)

Before that I'd told Lil Pumpkin that we were going to be models for a day and do a fashion shoot for Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb. She was soooo thrilled and couldn't wait for the shoot day to arrive!

I'd to preempt her as well that the photo-shoot will take around 3-4 hours and she will have to change clothes & pose many, many times to take many, many shots. Maybe she was too excited to care but she gamely said, "no problem Mummy!"

I had my doubts though as knowing her, she will get bored and distracted after 1-2 hours max. Which I guess is pretty acceptable for young kids.

If I take her shots for "fashion shoots", I usually make sure that we keep within the hour and do it chop chop kali pok. Because after her patience and enthusiasm runs out, even if she does stand still and let you take her photos, it will all show on her stunned-like-vegetable-stop-taking-my-photos-when-will-this-end face (≧∇≦)☆

On the photoshoot day, everything went pretty well actually! There were a few hiccups like the make-up artist arriving 1 hour late {!!} and Lil Pumpkin's energy running low after the first few outfits, but overall we managed to take shots for around 10 outfits each.

It was pretty fun and such an eye-opener. Modeling isn't all about just looking at the camera, smiling and posing.. you need to follow directions, think about your facial expressions, think about your hands and leg placements, move to show the outfits in the best angles etc. Of course, Lil Pumpkin and I aren't professionals and lacked the experience, but we tried our best to "work it" haha. Appreciated Mary and her team for making us feel so comfortable on set too.

Mary's little girl {she's Mary Had A Little Lamb's inspiration & brand model} came along to the shoot as well and although the last time they met was more than a year ago, Lil Pumpkin was overjoyed to see her again and the two of them chatted like old friends o (◡‿◡✿)

Both of them modeled and took some shots together. I love their natural, playful innocence!

All the outfit photos in this post were taken that day and goodness, thank you Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb for taking such beautiful photographs of Lil Pumpkin and me!!

As the main photographer of our family, it's rare when I can just relax and let others do the work of composing and taking the shots while I stand in front of the lens. And that's why I love it when we have our family photo-shoots (*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Thanks for all these lovely memories and the opportunity for us to be your models for the day, Mary. I thought it would be a good chance for Lil Pumpkin to appreciate how hard people work to earn their keep, and learn what goes on behind the scenes for a model too. After we went home that day, she told me she wanted to do it again haha... maybe next year darling.

Oh, our photos are all up now on on Glitter Glam's online shop so Lil Pumpkin did have her wish fulfilled too heh. Please pop by to support her, see the rest of our shots or purchase any outfits you like in this post, although some will only be released in a month or so. You can also buy in their physical boutique at Harbourfront or counter in any Isetan stores.

If you sign up to their mailing list, you'll get S$10 off your first purchase immediately. Follow Glitter Glam on Facebook and Instagram for information on new releases and giveaways too!

More Glitter Glam and Mary Had A Little Lamb posts below: 

Our family photoshoots:

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Friday, November 13, 2015

China 2015 | More Feiyue {飞跃} Shoe Shopping @ Culture Matters, Shanghai

Since I got my first few pairs of Feiyue {飞跃} shoes, I’ve been wearing them pretty faithfully whenever I dress casually. They are very comfortable and I like that I’d probably not see someone in the same pair of shoes as me when I go out (´⌣`ʃƪ)

When we headed back to Shanghai, one of our must-do items on our itinerary was to head down to Culture Matters to “re-stock” on our Feiyue shoes. Of course we can buy them online, and a few shops sell them in Singapore, but the prices are jacked up and the range is limited.

The ones we find locally may not be from the original Chinese makers as well, but the French versions made for overseas market under BBC International. They have rebranded & redesigned the shoes to make them more "atas", and in turn increased the prices too.

Anyway Culture Matters was still the same as I remembered it to be – small and cramped wall-to-wall with popular Chinese shoe brands like Feiyue {飞跃}, Shulong {舒龙}, Warrior {回力}.

Whoever says that men don’t like shopping has obviously not met my hubby.

He never complains about having to wait for me to finish shopping because most likely, he will be happily shopping too haha. The boy’s eyes opened up big like a greedy kid in a candy store and he had a grand time picking out all the Feiyue shoe designs that he liked. Unfortunately, they didn't have his size for all though.

He was open to trying out all the different cuts and styles but I liked the classic sneaker style best.

The saleslady told me that the factory had discontinued making the classic sneaker style in colours other than original black & white, and now just produces the new models.

Not sure how true that is {anybody can verify??} but if it was the truth, I'd be very disappointed!!

What's different between a typical classic and modern style? Well from what I see,
  1. The classic has a rubber toe cap but the modern doesn't.
  2. The modern uses a smoother, and slightly thicker canvas material.
  3. The edges of the modern's shoe openings are padded.
  4. The modern's shoe shape is slightly rounder.
  5. The modern's insole is thicker.
Feiyue was originally designed for martial arts so that's why the classics have thinner canvas {allows more ankle flexibility & foot motion} and insoles {considered desirable for running and jumping}. It's not that they are poorer made. The newer models are designed more for general / casual use so are made more comfy for longer use.
    Lil Pumpkin doesn’t share the same love for Feiyue shoes as us and barely wore the ones we bought for her previously {she prefers her Pedipeds}...

    ... but since we came all the way to the shop, we convinced her to look for one that she liked and she chose a pair of blue canvas sneakers Velcro straps.

    I was surprised she didn't choose black or red as she usually seems to prefer those colours over blue.

    We wanted them in white actually so that she could wear them for school but they didn’t have any. The kids collection for Feiyue shoes is still as limited as before.

    They have a bigger range of ready-to-sell hand-painted Feiyue shoes though! I bought a pair last time and still love love love them (◕∀◕)

    That Santa scene sure puts you in a festive mood haha.

    All hand-painted shoes are protected with an extra weather-proof coating. They cost considerably more than the average Feiyue shoes, and you can request for a customised design at least 1 week in advance.

    We spent about 1.5hours there and happily walked away with a satisfying haul (●→‿ฺ←●) Bought a few for my sisters too.

    The saleslady didn’t even bat an eye as she’s probably used to seeing foreigners come in to buy in bulk.

    I think the prices didn’t change from the last time I shopped there so Feiyue adult shoes start from RMB50 {S$11} and kids from RMB35 {S$8}. If I remember correctly the most expensive pair we spent on was RMB128 (S$28) for the boy’s high-cut sneakers.

    Seriously, where can we find such comfy, hard-wearing and stylish sneakers in Singapore at these prices?? Even Bata shoes aren’t as cheap!!

    I haven't had time to make shopping haul videos recently but you can see this one I made for my last trip to Culture Matters. Check it out to see which shoes I bought for the boy and Lil Pumpkin previously, as well as tips on shoe sizes. If the video isn't working, watch it on YouTube here.

    Culture Matters, Dongping Lu branch
    15 Dongping Lu, Xuhui district{徐汇区东平路15号}
    Nearest Metro station: Hengshan Lu {衡山路}, Exit 4
    Open daily, 11am - 9pm