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Friday, February 2, 2018

Singapore Cheongsams :: Denim on Denim Modern Cheongsam for Mums & Kids + Promo Code

Chinese New Year is coming up real soon {in 2 weeks time actually} and you know what that means!! Yes, cheongsams galore... yay!! *throws confetti* Love love love seeing all the unique and beautiful cheongsams that come up for the season and so happy that someone FINALLY used my fave denim to create some eclectic modern cheongsam tops that can be used to celebrate CNY, or for casual days out throughout the year too.

Peas and Plums is a new online boutique opened by 2 local stay-at-home mummies #golocal 

Using materials sourced from the U.S. & Japan but made in Singapore, they wanted to add some pizzazz to the market with their line of ladies and kids' apparel, which has a mix of funky, cheeky and edgy designs. As mothers, they know that comfort is essential so whatever clothes they sell are always tried and tested by them and their kids first. If they personally don't look or feel good in it, it never hits their shops.

Oh in case you were wondering, they named their shop after a fruit and vegetable because as mums, they are always finding innovative ways to make their kids eat enough fruits and vegetable hahaha...

They just launched in mid-Jan 2018 and I absolutely screamed with delight when I saw that their first collection for CNY mixed my 2 fashion loves - modern cheongsams x denim - together.

Ok well, maybe not exactly denim.. but denim's lightweight doppelgänger, chambray. Denim is rugged and heavy {usually} on account of its diagonal weave. However, chambray is plainly woven, or done in a crisscross method, making it airier and softer... and therefore although it still looks like cool denim, it is much more comfortable to wear especially in our hot, tropical weather.

The lighter-weight chambray can either have a dressy or casual appeal. Props must be given to Peas and Plums on finding inventive ways to bring this soft and durable fabric into our local fashion fold with a traditional Chinese twist.

BOLD Chambray with Buttons top is dark blue chambray top with specially designed striped-red buttons and trimming running down the front. It has a matching stripped-red inner lining that contrasts nicely with the dark blue chambray so that you can leave the top unbuttoned and wear it open like a "vest".

Personally, I would leave it all buttoned up as I like to show off the playful button embellishments, and although it's modern, I still like it to look like a cheongsam top.

The buttons hold securely, but they are also easy to open with the loop bands with one hand too... as soon as I tried them on I thought they were perfect for breastfeeding mums, like my sister, who needs stylish front-opening tops for their CNY outfits!

SASSY Stripes with Zip is another interesting chambray top mixed with other lightweight cotton fabric. A biker-inspired cheongsam top, it features mixed stripes, a peplum hem and a striking gold tone zipper {huat ah!!} to evoke a sense of summer spent riding the open roads on a cool Harley Davidson. Agree?? heh

The SASSY Stripes with Zip seems less stiff than the BOLD Chambray with Buttons and even though I'm wearing size M for both tops, it seems a bit looser too.

For both tops, I paired them with simple denim bottoms for a "denim on denim" look. Effortlessly chic and looks great as an everyday style. My tip is to experiment with different shades and washes, and perhaps add some bright accessories for contrast and shape to your outfit. 

The mandarin collars are rather short for cheongsam tops {about 1.5cm?} and I would prefer them to be slightly higher at maybe 4-5cm as that's part of what makes cheongsams distinctive, but I guess a lot of ladies who don't usually wear cheongsams prefer these shorter collars as they are more comfortable and less restricting. Higher collars are usually stiffer & can make the neck feel warmer.

But anyway, I don't have many cheongsam tops or dresses with low collars so these are good additions to my collection :)

For Peas and Plums first kids collection for boys and girls aged 4-9 years old, they have a much wider range to choose from. Lucky them!

Lil Pumpkin usually gets dresses for her cheongsam pieces but I was thrilled to find that Peas and Plums sell modern cheongsam-inspired 2-piece sets with shorts and pants options!! Cheongsam sets with pants are so rare, don't you think?!

The FUNKY Light Chambray set has a lightweight chambray cheongsam top with contrast trim and a back button, which Lil Pumpkin can easily unbutton herself, and an elastic-waist chambray jogger pants with rectangular patch deep pockets.

At first I was a tad worried that this set would end up looking like she was wearing PJs but nope, it looks different & fashionable, and I love that she can run, play, catch and craft easily in it without worries of her being, erm, immodest hahaha..

The good thing about 2-piece sets is that you can easily mix-and-match the pieces separately with other tops/ bottoms to get more mileage and value-for-money for the set.

Lil Pumpkin couldn't wait to try on the Peppy Pink Elephant set once she saw it. I guess the sweet pink {her fave colour!} and adorable elephant prints really appealed to her.

[Note: The shorts sets also comes yellow giraffes and blue elephants prints, and they have polka dot cheongsam dresses. Very, very kawaiiiiiii~!]

Made of 100% light Japanese cotton, the cheongsam top has a concealed zip at the back and also comes with elastic-waisted culottes with rectangular patch pockets. Best part is, like everything else in their store, it's all machine-washable. Yup, no need for any time-consuming hand-washing or sending to the cleaners.. just have to pop them in the washing machine for a rinse.. great for us busy mums!

If I have one gripe, it's that with chambray and cotton materials, you need to iron the clothes.... and everyone knows that I hate ironing!! *cringe*

Our cheeky girl said, "Mummy, it's so cute!! Can I wear this out tomorrow??"

Erm no darling, you've to wait until Chinese New Year... believe me, Mummy can't wait to wear her new cheongsam tops too!! hahaha

Lil Pumpkin is wearing size L {kids} for both sets and it fits her just nicely actually.

Peas and Plums are selling their modern cheongsam collection for a limited time only for CNY season so do hurry if you want to get your hands on them!! Use my promo code below for 10% discount all items on their online boutique!

Unfortunately, Peas and Plums currently do not have a physical store for you to try on the clothes before purchase but they have a 14-days exchange policy whereby you can return or switch the items bought for another item or the correct size as long as the tags are intact & the items are not washed/ damaged.

They carry clothes for ladies sized S {UK 8} to L {UK 12} and kids sized S {4-5 years old} to L {8 to 9 years old}. Price range for all items from S$40 to S$60+ only! Free delivery to Singapore addresses for all orders above S$100, and they ship overseas as well.

Check out the full range and more details on Peas and Plums website & Facebook page. Let me know if you're getting something from them, ya?? I'd love to see your pics!

Promo code: Quote "aipeasnplums" for 10% OFF all items in store. Valid until Sat 10 Feb 2018 only.

P.S. Also check out these shops that sell traditional and modern cheongsams all year round. Just updated it yesterday.

*Disclosure: This is a review for Peas and Plums Singapore. All opinions are my own.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sawadee Ka from Sunny Thailand!! ☀

Hello from the land of big smiles, great food, cheap-cheap shopping and #massageseveryday!!! Yup, we left in the morning after watching Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival and are back in Bangkok, Thailand!!

Back as in we came here last year in Nov 2015 but I got so caught up with everything when we returned home that I didn't have time to even blog 1 single post about the trip hahahaha... #oops

Here are some photos from that last trip though! 

It was an amazing time as before that, I hadn't been to Thailand for about a decade or more and it was Lil Pumpkin's first trip there too! She got to experience the full package - night markets, yummy street Thai food, foot massages {unfortunately no kiddy prices but they were so cheap anyway!}, her first authentic Tuk Tuk ride...

And even her own luxury nail pampering session as a reward for being such a well-behaved traveller even under Bangkok's unwavering heat!!

This time round we went/ are going to even MORE street markets and I do hope to come back and find some time to share about our latest travel experience and some tips when coming here with the little kiddos.

Will definitely include our visit to Hello Kitty House Bangkok too! \(^ω^\) A must-visit for all the Hello Kitty lovers!!

Stay tuned and if you like, you can keep up-to-date on our current Bangkok trip via Instagram and Facebook. For those with school-going children, have a fantastic March holiday break {see 20 Holiday Activity Ideas from Parents} and see you all when I'm back! xox


Friday, January 15, 2016

The Happy Cheongsam Mother-Daughter Cheongsams

You know Chinese New Year {CNY} is almost here when you start seeing "red" everywhere you go {in a good way!}, hear all the dong-dong-chiang music... and oh yes, when cheongsams start popping up in stores! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

For me, cheongsams are part of my wardrobe staple for all seasons and definitely are not just for CNY. There are so many modern, versatile designs available nowadays so they make really unique yet comfortable everyday wear. Especially for the pieces that are light and don't need much ironing, I bring them with me overseas too!

Done right, casual chic is achieved with a modern cheongsam and pair of flats / sneakers, or simply don a cheongsam top with jeans. They can be worn for more dressy events with a pretty necklace, brooch or heels too. Nowadays cheongsams are not just body-hugging pieces suitable for curvy women. Modern cheongsams come in a variety of silhouettes to suit all kinds of body shapes!

Ladies with fuller hips can try flared A-line skirts while those with hour-glass figures will look great in straight-cut / pencil-skirt cheongsams and apple-shaped ladies can go for drop waist or shift cut cheongsams.

Anyway CNY is really a fantastic season to shop around and buy cheongsams as most brands would release a bumper crop of their top designs for the year now. However, even if you miss buying cheongsams during CNY, there are some shops that sell traditional and modern cheongsams all year round to suit every budget {updated this list yesterday}.

I've written in detail on a few shops {Lark & Peony, Joli Pretty, Our Bitsy Prints} and I'd like to introduce another one - The Happy Cheongsam. Best part is, they make matchy-matchy mother-daughter cheongsams!! 

Inspired by a vision to share happiness with people via their modern and painstakingly hand-made cheongsams, The Happy Cheongsam is a mummy-daughter team that was founded 2 years ago by Ming and her own mother, Mdm Heng.

Both of them have a hand in designing and selecting the fabrics used, and Mdm Heng would come up with the design template for each cheongsam to be hand-sewn by their tailors. Mdm Heng herself has over 50 years of experience in tailoring and scrutinises each finished product thoroughly to make sure that they pass their quality check before it's released in their shop.

If it's not well-made, it's not sold. Simple as that. 

Also, for each design, not more than 30 are produced so you can be sure that you're owning a very exclusive piece and the likelihood of you bumping into someone else wearing that same dress as is pretty low (●´∀`●)

I admire their attention to detail and exclusivity of their cheongsams. Looking through their collections, I also like their bold use of colours, prints and non-traditional cuts. Their variety of modern cheongsams consist of daring silhouettes and you can see that they really try to think out-of-the-box to come out with creative designs {e.g. this plaid cheongsam romper} that are unique to their shop, and not just rely on the standard sleeveless-pleated-skirt kind {which is a good starter design, but gets boring after a while}.

We got this set of Gold Citrus modern cheongsams from them and I just love the bright, cheerful colour! When we wear it, it's like we're walking on sunshine hahaha..

And isn't that important?? No matter how gorgeous the clothes may be, if you don't feel happy wearing them, they will never look good on you #word It's no secret that matchy-matchy clothes are my our fave kind of outfits, but most of all, we loooooove clothes like these that inspire us to live, laugh, move, play and dance to the beats of our hearts!!

The Golden Citrus with lemon prints is a drop-waist dress with a front-opening, which makes it convenient for mothers who are still breast-feeding to wear I reckon. Other than the lovely fabric butterfly buttons, there are many hidden fasteners as regular intervals, so I didn't have to worry about the gaps being too big when I move about & overexposing myself #worstnightmare

The drop-waist style is also very flattering as it seems to elongate the body, and since it skims over the tummy, it makes it really comfortable to wear {especially after you're done with the festive eating haha}.

The only small gripe I've about the dress is that it creases easily and I need to really iron it properly after wash.. and I hate ironing haha.

Oh by the way, I usually wear size M for cheongsams from local online shops {they are a little loose now due to my recent fitness training}, but the cutting for this dress is larger so I'm wearing a S that's been slightly altered. I'm kinda in-between sizes now.

Like my adult modern cheongsam, Lil Pumpkin's version is made from light linen for the top and premium cotton for the bottom. However, there are some slight differences so that the mummy-daughter dresses are same same, yet different and special.

For the girls cheongsam, her buttons are round fabric buttons and there's a sash to tie at the back for a sweet bow detail. There is also a back zip for easy-wearing.

Do note that their cheongsams sell out really fast after each collection launch and this set is not available anymore. They just launched part of their CNY 2016 collection on Monday and have other mother-daughter designs available.

The Happy Cheongsam mother-daughter sets start from S$229. You can purchase the adult cheongsams separately {starts from S$169} and girl cheongsams are available for limited sale via email request {starts from S$69}. Adult cheongsams are available in sizes S - XL while girl cheongsams are for those aged 1-6 years old.

Just to let you in on a little unknown fact - if you see something out of stock but you really, reaaaaaaally like, feel free to email Ming to ask for a preorder. If they still have the materials, they may be able to tailor it for you based on the available sizes. It will take around 8-9 weeks for completion. 

The Happy Cheongsam is definitely a shop you should follow if you like fresh, everyday cheongsams with well-made tailoring of materials sourced from Japan, Europe, Australia and the Americas . They sell mainly online, but you can make an appointment to try on their cheongsams at their workshop during weekends. For CNY 2016, they also have pop-up stores at Robinson in JEM & Raffles City.

Unfortunately, they currently do not offer customisations but have free shipping to all Singapore addresses and offer overseas shipping as well. Have a look at The Happy Cheongsam's online boutique for more information and at their collections.

Part 2 of their CNY 2016 collection will be launching on Mon 18 Jan 2016 and you can have a sneek peek on it via their Facebook page too.

Happy cheongsam shopping!! Who knows, you may grow to love cheongsams as much as me after seeing what they have in store haha.

In case you missed it, I've been selected to be one of the top 4 finalists in Her World Plus Social Media Awards. Always honoured to receive recognition for sharing my motherhood and life stories ♥

Voting ends today {Fri 15 Jan 2016} so you can and don't mind, please support me by voting here. You only need to vote once! Thanks in advance xox

* Disclosure: This is a review for The Happy Cheongsam. All opinions are my own.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Glitter Glam Fashion Models for the Day! ✿

If you're a long time blog reader or follower on my other social media sites {Facebook, Instagram etc.}, Glitter Glam shop needs no introduction from me. Ever since early last year, Lil Pumpkin and I have been big fans of this local brand and have been wearing their collection of matchy-matchy mother-daughter clothes.

I don't like their clothes just because the clothes are matchy-matchy {they have non matchy-matchy ladies wear too by the way}. I like them also because they are very well-made and use good quality materials that last a long time through many washes, parties, events and rough play.

We are still wearing our first few dresses, even up to now!! Although they are kinda short on Lil Pumpkin now hahaha...

For those that are new to the blog, Glitter Glam is a home-grown Singaporean brand that was started in 2007 by the mompreneur, Mary. As a working mother herself {and also one of the nicest brand owners I know}, she creates clothes with strong character, excellent fit and great comfort not just for successful career women, but also for mummies who, let's face it, have one of the toughest jobs in the world, and deserve to celebrate their hard work in style. Remember, there's still Me in Motherhood and no shame in dressing well for yourself!

Mary Had A Little Lamb is basically a mini-sized version of Glitter Glam collection... because what's good enough for mummy, is good enough for our little girls. The spin-off line is meant to celebrate motherhood and the extraordinary connection between Glitter Glam's female clients and their children.

On and off, they have small collections for boys too so mums with sons can look out for that. I think they have a capsule collection coming up early next year for the whole family. Yes, including pieces for dads too (★^O^★) 

Anyway, back to how we came to be their models for the day...

America's Next Top Model is one of my fave TV shows #nojudgementplease and Lil Pumpkin watches it with me. Maybe she was influenced by it, or maybe she misses doing "fashion shoots" with me {sorry, no time!!} but one day she suddenly asked me if she could "be a model and have her photos up in the shops".

I was pretty surprised since she never makes requests like that. She shows interest in some things e.g. singing, dance, drama etc. but she would not usually ask to specifically attend classes or pursue those interests. Usually, we as her parents would notice what she is keen on, ask her if she'd like to do more of it, and then she will tell us yes or no. 

But since she requested so explicitly this time, well, Mummy has to try and help her make her wish come true, right??

Truth is, Mary and I have discussed about shooting a campaign for one of her collections some time back. It's just that I've been reeeeeeaaaaally busy due to work, my fitness training, family commitments etc. and not able to make any of her shoot dates.

It's good that things have started to wind down for me the past 2 months. I broached the subject again to her and since Christmas / New Year was coming up soon, she asked us to model for that collection. Sweet!

Mary and her team at Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb did all the arrangments - booking the studio, photographer, make-up artist... even arranging for the clothes to be sent to our home for fitting and collecting them back to iron/ prep for the photoshoot.

All we had to do was to turn up for the shoot on a Saturday morning early this month (●´∀`●)

Before that I'd told Lil Pumpkin that we were going to be models for a day and do a fashion shoot for Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb. She was soooo thrilled and couldn't wait for the shoot day to arrive!

I'd to preempt her as well that the photo-shoot will take around 3-4 hours and she will have to change clothes & pose many, many times to take many, many shots. Maybe she was too excited to care but she gamely said, "no problem Mummy!"

I had my doubts though as knowing her, she will get bored and distracted after 1-2 hours max. Which I guess is pretty acceptable for young kids.

If I take her shots for "fashion shoots", I usually make sure that we keep within the hour and do it chop chop kali pok. Because after her patience and enthusiasm runs out, even if she does stand still and let you take her photos, it will all show on her stunned-like-vegetable-stop-taking-my-photos-when-will-this-end face (≧∇≦)☆

On the photoshoot day, everything went pretty well actually! There were a few hiccups like the make-up artist arriving 1 hour late {!!} and Lil Pumpkin's energy running low after the first few outfits, but overall we managed to take shots for around 10 outfits each.

It was pretty fun and such an eye-opener. Modeling isn't all about just looking at the camera, smiling and posing.. you need to follow directions, think about your facial expressions, think about your hands and leg placements, move to show the outfits in the best angles etc. Of course, Lil Pumpkin and I aren't professionals and lacked the experience, but we tried our best to "work it" haha. Appreciated Mary and her team for making us feel so comfortable on set too.

Mary's little girl {she's Mary Had A Little Lamb's inspiration & brand model} came along to the shoot as well and although the last time they met was more than a year ago, Lil Pumpkin was overjoyed to see her again and the two of them chatted like old friends o (◡‿◡✿)

Both of them modeled and took some shots together. I love their natural, playful innocence!

All the outfit photos in this post were taken that day and goodness, thank you Glitter Glam x Mary Had A Little Lamb for taking such beautiful photographs of Lil Pumpkin and me!!

As the main photographer of our family, it's rare when I can just relax and let others do the work of composing and taking the shots while I stand in front of the lens. And that's why I love it when we have our family photo-shoots (*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Thanks for all these lovely memories and the opportunity for us to be your models for the day, Mary. I thought it would be a good chance for Lil Pumpkin to appreciate how hard people work to earn their keep, and learn what goes on behind the scenes for a model too. After we went home that day, she told me she wanted to do it again haha... maybe next year darling.

Oh, our photos are all up now on on Glitter Glam's online shop so Lil Pumpkin did have her wish fulfilled too heh. Please pop by to support her, see the rest of our shots or purchase any outfits you like in this post, although some will only be released in a month or so. You can also buy in their physical boutique at Harbourfront or counter in any Isetan stores.

If you sign up to their mailing list, you'll get S$10 off your first purchase immediately. Follow Glitter Glam on Facebook and Instagram for information on new releases and giveaways too!

More Glitter Glam and Mary Had A Little Lamb posts below: 

Our family photoshoots:

P.S. If you like my motherhood stories and random musings, please vote for me at Her World Plus Social Media Awards here. Voting ends 15 Jan 2016 and you just have to do it once, not daily! Thank you!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy 7th Marriage Anniversary!! + Win Glitter Glam Vouchers

Dear Poogeo,

Today is our 7th marriage anniversary!!! Sometimes we get too busy or distracted and hardly have time for a proper conversation. Here's some things I wanted to tell you before I forget...

We've been together for 12 years but today is the day we made a lifelong commitment to one another to become husband and wife ♥ I still remember the first day we met in your dorm living room. It's such a long time back, but it also feels like it just happened yesterday.

They say opposites attract and maybe so. I'm quite the extrovert, while you are more of the introvert. I like details and planning, while you like to wing it {and it sometimes drives me crazy!}. I live to eat while you eat to live. I'm the night owl while you're a morning bird. If I had a free day to do whatever I want, I'd probably just want to sleep in bed.. while your dream day would be to work out in the gym (*^▽^)/

It's not bad really, as I think if we were too similar life would be pretty boring! And as we get older, our different tastes and characteristics have somehow rubbed off on each other so that we kinda become "same-same" haha.

I sometimes look back fondly to the time when life was much simpler and it was just us living in Australia. Now, there's so much more responsibilities, stress and chores to take care of which I know makes both of us weary. But unlike me, you often trudge on faithfully with little complaints and much positivity.

This is really something I need to learn from you. 

I know I don't say it often enough but thank you. Our relationship hasn't always been easy, but it's been so worthwhile. I've grown and learnt so much from you, and it gives me great comfort knowing that you're there taking care of me and the family.

You're an awesome hubby. Sorry I can't be the best wife, but I hope you'll always be there for me, no matter where life brings us or if I piss you off too much, which I know I do sometimes for being such a grouch or unreasonable and impatient person. 

Lil Pumpkin is so blessed to have you as her daddy too, and I really want you to know that. I know sometimes you feel bad for not giving her enough time, or when you are harsh towards her.. but also remember that not every dad will drop his kid off at school every morning, ferry his kid to her different enrichment classes, take time off work to bring his kid to the playgrounds, read to his kid or help his kid with her school work almost every night.

I'm really happy that you are mine. Happy 7th anniversary, dear!!

Love always,

P.S. You can find out why we call each other "Poogeo" and "Chubbinity" in my post here for 11 Things You Didn't Know about Hubby & Me (☆‿☆)

Nothing planned today and it is usual work-day for us... however, we'll be having a little celebratory staycation this weekend that I'm really looking forward to seeing how we enjoyed the one at Fullerton Hotel so much!!

Even prepared Lil Pumpkin and my outfits a month ago for our late anniversary dinner on Saturday night haha.

It's the Meadow Leaves Printed Dress from our fave store for matchy-matchy mummy-daughter outfits, Glitter Glam. From their latest collection, I saw it on their display window when I was walking past their store one day and immediately fell in love with the soft pastel colours and printed leaves design that reminds me of autumn!!

This A-line dress is really soft and light and although there's no inner lining, it's not translucent at all. Looks really gorgeous on its own, or when I want to be "twinning" with Lil Pumpkin. It has an adult top in the same print as well but you know, I always prefer dresses heh.

To help me celebrate our anniversary with my readers and friends, Glitter Glam has kindly offered prizes for a special 7th Anniversary Giveaway!! How awesome is that!! I would really love for you use this opportunity to get to know this local brand and understand why I adore it so much.

If you don't want to take a chance, there's also a special discount code,

Promo: Quote "sakura7" for 20% off ALL all Glitter Glam & Mary Had A Little Lamb regular-priced clothes & accessories from their online store. Valid for all purchases from 1 - 13 Sep 2015 only. Free shipping to Singapore addresses and overseas shipping available.

While you're on their website, sign up for their mailing list to also immediately enjoy 10% off regular-priced items for your first purchase.

Just for my special blog readers and friends only, I have SEVEN Glitter Glam vouchers worth S$70 each to give away! You can use it to purchase any regular-priced item in the Glitter Glam or Mary Had A Little Lamb collection at their Harbourfront boutique!

They have new arrivals every other week and there's sure to be something to suit your style whether it's for work, play-time or casual nights out. Glitter Glam clothing is available in sizes S - XL, while Mary Had A Little Lamb fits little girls aged 1 - 9 years old.

There will be 2 fun ways to enter and win. You can choose to enter via a random draw on Facebook or Instagram, or do both for extra chances! 。(⌒∇⌒。)

Giveaway Method 1: Facebook Draw
This is good for those that have private Instagram accounts. To enter, simply,

1. Be a Sakura Haruka Facebook page fan

2. Be a Glitter Glam Facebook page fan

3. Subscribe to my upcoming newsletter. Make sure the email add you used to subscribe is working as I'll be using that to contact the winner. Remember to confirm the subscription and check your junk folder in case the confirmation email goes there.

4. Like & Share this Facebook photo and tag 3 friends. Make sure your post is public!

5. Leave me a blog comment telling me what's your dream anniversary gift + FB name you used to like the page + name you used to subscribe to the newsletter. For those unsure of how to comment, choose "Name/URL" option then add your name and comment.

FOUR random winners will be chosen. Just complete all 5 simple steps!

Giveaway Method 2: Instagram Draw
For those that don't like Facebook haha. To enter, simply,

1. Follow me on Instagram {@AiSakuraHaruka}

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4. Tag @AiSakuraHaruka #ASHxGlitterGlamgiveaway #GlitterGlamSG + 3 friends

THREE random winners will be chosen. Just complete all 4 simple steps

UPDATE: The winners are Tammy Tng, Kong Meifong, Adelyn Khoo, Elizabeth De Cruz, Casy Ang (@angcasy), Jaime (@preciouz) and June Lee (@juneleety) . Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!
* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Sunday, 30 August 2015 2359hrs {Singapore time} 
* Incomplete or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid and will not be included.
* Winners will be announced by Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015 on this blog post and notified via email with further instructions on how to redeem the prize. Winners have 2 days to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.

* Participants can enter in both draws, but can win only once.
* Prize vouchers are valid only for regular-priced clothes at Glitter Glam Harbourfront Centre #02-110.
* Chosen items are subject to stock availability.

Disclosure: Glitter Glam provided the vouchers for giveaway. All other opinions are my own.

Monday, March 9, 2015

For little girls: Affordable Kids Clothes from Dreams Avenue + {Giveaway}

Last weekend I spent some time to pack away Lil Pumpkin's baby & toddler clothes. Let's face it - kids are growing up fast. Too fast. And one "problem" that comes up with it is that they outgrow their clothes too quickly!!

I'm all for good quality clothes that offers great mileage and comfort, and am willing to splurge once in a while, but give me good quality clothes that offers great mileage and comfort at affordable prices, and I'll be happier still ;)

If you're like me, then you should check out Dreams Avenue, a local kids clothes online boutique. Set up by a husband and wife team, Dreams Avenue brings in a multitude of chic designs for different ages and for all occasions that are kind to our pockets. Most of the clothes are from around the region e.g. Indonesia, China, Korea, Malaysia and are exclusively sold online so prices are kept low and savings passed on to the customer.

New pieces come in almost every month and for Chinese New Year {CNY}, they brought in girls cheongsam dresss with fluffy tutus! 2 of my favourite things in one adorable dress! This unique dress marries traditional and modern in the most enchanting way: the stunning bodice has cute Chinese cheongsam details including mandarin collar and the chinese knot buttons, contrasted with a simple white tutu skirt that keeps all our little princesses happy. The best part, it is finished with a hidden zip at the back for quick fuss-free dressing up!

Lil Pumpkin wore the Pretty Porcelain Tutu Dress in Coral for CNY this year and got so many compliments!

If I find something I like I tend to get them in different colours so Lil Pumpkin has the Pretty Porcelain Tutu Dress in Blue as well :P Don't be fooled by its delicate beauty.. you can see that it's hardy enough for her to run around in the playground too!

The Water-colour Me Beautiful Floral Dress is one of my favourite. It looks like Lil Pumpkin is wearing a pretty painting and I wish they had this in adult size!

So light and comfy, the 100% cotton sleeveless bodice is adorned with front ruffles for that right amount of detail, and the skirt starts at the empire line flares into a beautiful landscape of elegant floral design. It features a cutout at the back that can be fastened with a beautiful bow for a better fit.

I think one of the best-selling feature of the shop is the wide range of dress sets with accompanying accessories {usually a bag and necklace / headband} that cost less than S$30. That's really quite a steal!

With the Belle of the Ball in Olive Green, a darling eyelet floral material adorns this lovely cotton dress featuring pretty rosettes on one side and a bouncy bubble skirt. Finished with a hidden zip and matching tie-back, it also comes with matching handbag and floral hairband.

Chose this for Lil Pumpkin since her green is her daddy's fave colour, and she hardly has any green outfits in her wardrobe.
Another dress set we got was the Dots to Love Dress in Pink, this time in her fave colour pink! A sweet combination of polka dots and stripes, this cute little number is also adorned with an endearing ladybug motif with a cute flower on a detachable ribbon brooch {remember to remove it when washing!}. Polished with a round neckline and a tie-back for a defined fit, it comes with a matching faux-pearl elastic necklace and sling-bag which she uses to store her "pixie dust" haha.

I expect the clothes to last her for a few years so like a typical "kiasu" mum, I chose one or two sizes up for Lil Pumpkin i.e. she's 6 this year and wearing for girls 7-8 years old. She doesn't like tight-fitting clothes too so this works out well for both of us :)

Dreams Avenue sells toys, accessories and outfits for little boys and girls aged newborn to 8 years old, and I'm excited to hear that they have upcoming collections with matchy-matchy mother-child sets :) As an additional service, if customers are looking to purchase an item and want to try for size, the shop owners are welcome to let them try at their humble abode with an appointment. Product prices start from S$12, and free delivery to all Singapore addresses. Unfortunately, international shipping is not available at the moment.

Promo: Quote "2015SAKURA" for 15% OFF everything in Dreams Avenue kids boutique. Valid until 9 Apr 2015 only.

I'd love more parents to try the clothes from this Singaporean brand {go local!} so just for my special blog readers and friends only, I have TWO Dream Avenue Outfit of Choice to give away! From their girls and boys collection, you can choose either i) a dress, ii) a top & bottom, or iii) a set. ANYTHING OF YOUR CHOICE! 2 winners will be chosen!

Giveaway Method: Random Draw

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5. Go to Dreams Avenue website and leave me a blog comment telling me which outfit you want to win {choose either i) a dress, ii) a top + bottom or iii) a set} + name of your FB account that you used to like the page + name used to subscribe to newsletter. For those unsure of how to comment, choose "Name/URL" option then add your name and comment.

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TWO random winners will be chosen. Just complete all 5 simple steps!

* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Monday, 16 Mar 2015 2359hrs {Singapore time} 
* Incomplete or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid and will not be included.
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* Sakura Haruka is not responsible for any prizes lost, damaged or misplaced in the mail.
* Chosen items are subject to stock availability.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Ng Huiling and Kaye Wong. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: Dreams Avenue provided the outfits for review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Singapore Cheongsams :: {Matching} Cheongsam for Mums & Little Girls

It's been a really hectic time what with Mum in surgery and Lil Pumpkin having a suspected case of HFMD {doc can't confirm either because it's just a few tongue ulcers}. Been in and out of the hospital all week and thank goodness, my mother-in-law is feeling better from her own surgery last week to help take care of Lil Pumpkin since she can't attend school at the moment, and I can't bring her to the hospital with me.

Just want to write and think about happier stuff so sharing some of the modern cheongsams we got recently. I believe cheongsams should be worn all year round, and Chinese New Year {CNY} is really a fantastic time to stock up on cheongsams for the rest of the year! So many beautiful designs released, and even shops that don't usually sell cheongsams have a special collection or two for the festive period.

For example, one of our fave shops for matching mother-child clothes, Glitter Glam, launched modern cheongsams with detachable collars! Very versatile and certainly appealing to those ladies that prefer not to wear cheongsams outside of the CNY period.

I like the cheerful floral prints that just screams "Spring" and "Chinese New Year" to me hahaha. Lil Pumpkin and I will be wearing this on our CNY Day 1 as we'll be doing most visiting that day, and I want something light and comfortable since we'll be running around so much.

The short collars {3cm} are attached by hidden buttons and even when the collars are removed it does not look unfinished... it's just a beautiful by itself as a simple shift dress.

I've not seen any modern cheongsams with detachable collars before so if you're interested, you can get these from their online website, Harbourfront Centre boutique {1 Maritime Square #02-11} or shop counters at Isetan stores.

As I mentioned before, dressing matchy-matchy doesn't mean you always have to wear exactly the same things {see my tips on how to work the matching mini-me trend}. Just having similar details, such as colours or accents, will work as well.

I liked my Lark & Peony Princess Pingyang cheongsams so much that I bought another one in my fave colour - RED. How to not wear something ang ang during CNY??! hahaha

So bold and vibrant, it's really comfortable and fits my body like a glove. The Princess in Crimson comes with an obi belt with shippo {七宝} accents. Shippo is a traditional Japanese print where a series of geometric design combining four ellipses in a circle such that the lines inside make more circles. Somehow people thought the inside of the circles look shiny and they called this pattern shippo, which literally means "seven jewels".

It's not typically so colourful, but the designer of this printed fabric incorporated colours into the parts where the circles overlap giving it a playful feel. Shippo is a lucky pattern in Japan, and red is a lucky colour for Chinese, so I should be doubly lucky wearing this piece???! :)

If you like it too, you can get it from their online store or make an appointment to visit their atelier. I thought it matched Lil Pumpkin's Pretty Porcelain Tutu dress because well, both have reds in them, and there's a shippo-ish pattern in her cheongsam. :P Planning on us wearing this set on CNY Day 2 since we usually have a big buffet that day, and the obi belt will hide my bulging tummy well haha.

Her cheongsam comes in blue as well! Fits girls aged 2-7 years old. We got them from Dreams Avenue, a local kids online boutique, and I'll share more on some of our other clothes from the store later. 

Her dress marries traditional and modern in the most enchanting way: the stunning bodice has cute Chinese cheongsam details including a mandarin collar and Chinese knot buttons set, contrasted with a simple white tutu skirt that keeps all our little princesses happy. There's also a hidden zip at the back for quick dressing up!

I don't usually buy free size clothes, especially for cheongsams, BUT this was too cute to resist! Wasn't that expensive either, so just decided to go ahead with it, especially since I didn't have any in this sweet shade of pastel lavender. 

The Alice Cakes Macaron Cheongsam has adorable prints of maracons and other tea-time delights on the dress collar and skirt rims. There's no inner lining, but the material is soft, stretchy and thick so no need for that anyway. One thing I'm groaning about though is that it crinkles easily and needs to be ironed properly before wear. I prefer fuss-free materials {like that used in the Princess cheongsams} that need little or no ironing :P 

The front Chinese knot buttons can open up for you to put your head through easily, but it doesn't open up fully as the side zip is on the opposite side from where the front flap joins the side.

This cheongsam's free size fits UK 6 - 10. I'm a UK 8 {or 10, depending on cut} and it's an ok fit for me, except for the bust area which is a bit tight. From Little Bow Co, a local baby wear online boutique, it also came in other pastel colours but now there's only light blue, navy blue and red left.

Ok, that wraps up our recent cheongsam haul! :) Hopefully Lil Pumpkin's love for cheongsams will start from young too :P I think for any of the online shops I've listed here, if you order by this weekend, you should be able to get your piece by Chinese New Year since they are all based in Singapore #sgpride #golocal

Also check out these shops that sell traditional and modern cheongsams all year round. I updated the list yesterday.

P.S. It's been a crazy week, but I'm having some crazy good giveaways on the blog that are ending soon too. Have a look to win a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10" Android, a KidsFest 2015 Hamper or pair of Havaianas Disney Frozen FlipFlops!