Thursday, September 30, 2021

P6 Parenting | PSLE Final Papers - Game Time!!

Today is the start of the PSLE final papers. Here we are. 

It is finally game time.

I loathe to say or think that it is the "end game", because it really isn't and just puts undue stress on parents and the kids, but it does feel like that to some extent. 12 years of childhood. 6 years in primary school. 2 years of intense preparatory work... all for this major milestone. 

As if it wasn't enough of a challenge, Covid-19 came along and caused even more anxiety. 

It certainly did not help that since PSLE prelims, the number of cases surged the past few weeks, with more and more school-based transmissions... so much so that the Ministry of Education {MOE} announced that P6 students would go on a study break prior to PSLE. 

Not home-based learning with Zoom lessons, but a break from school and self-study at home. 

And even that caused worry because, some kids {and parents!} find the last few days of revision with school teachers absolutely crucial. They need the extra boost of confidence and preparation, even if it is just something psychological. 

But then what's the other alternative? Risk catching Covid-19, or be a close contact of a positive Covid-19 case and not even contract it yourself, and be "punished" for that by not being able to take the first major exam which the children have spent years preparing for?

Note: It was only days before the main papers that MOE announced that only positive cases or those on Stay-Home-Notice could be allowed to take the PSLE under certain circumstances. Before that, just being issued a Leave-of-Absence {LOA} or Quarantine Order {QO}, even if you're not positive, meant you couldn't take the exams. 

Throughout the messiness and stress of PSLE prep and Covid-19, I'm really thankful for one thing - that Lil Pumpkin is so chill.

Honestly, it drives me crazy sometimes how she has such a laissez faire attitude towards her academics and life, in general. It's not that she is a bum or lazy, but Lil Pumpkin can be so "bo chup" or to put it crudely, gives zero f*cks about a lot of things. 

I guess in this current situation, this has bode her well. Lockdown for weeks? No worries. New PSLE grading system? Don't care. Uncomfortable mask-wearing for the foreseeable future? Hokay. PSLE entry proof or register number? Absolutely clueless. 

Yup, last night around 10pm, there was slight panic when my friend reminded me to make sure she packed her PSLE entry proof but Lil Pumpkin wasn't sure if she had it or not.. or maybe even threw it away??! Gah. It took everything in me not to scream. I had a quick message to some of my other friends whose kids were taking PSLE and Meiru said there wasn't any entry proof this year, while Delphine said they just had to bring their student pass. 

Ah well. Too late to do anything anyway, so I just reminded Lil Pumpkin to just do what she can and tell her teacher if she needs assistance for anything. Most important is to not panic, and that sometimes, sh*t happens and we love her very much no matter what.

Yes, the takeaway message for Lil Pumpkin before she starts PSLE is that Mummy and Daddy love her very much. We know the hard work and effort she has put in for PSLE. We know the potential she has and obviously we want her to fulfil it. 

However, at the end of the day, life is unpredictable and things may not go the way we want it to. So even if she can't take the PSLE, or if she does not perform the way we expected her too, it is all ok. We have come to terms with that.

After all, this is not the end game.

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