1. You look rather young to be a mother of a preschooler. When did you get married?
We got married when I was 24. I gave birth to Lil Pumpkin just before my 25th birthday :)

2. Do you want to have a second child?
Yes, we'd like a younger sibling for Lil Pumpkin and you might like to read some of my thoughts on parenting an only child here.

3. Are you blogging full-time?
No, I am a full-time working mum. I don't talk much about my job details because I prefer to keep this information private. However, I'm pleased to say that I have a very caring boss, and a conducive environment for work-life balance.

4. Can I link to your blog or add it to my blog roll?
Definitely! Please cite my blog's name, Sakura Haruka, when you link to it. You can also add my blog button {found at my side bar} if you like.

5. How do you juggle a full-time day job, your family, your blog?
It takes a village to raise a kid and I'm very thankful to have strong support from my family in helping me to juggle with all my commitments and passions in life. There's no special formula, just a lot of understanding, love and sacrifice in making time for the things and people you care for.
Blogging is one of my passions and if you like something, you'll make time for it. I usually blog at night, early mornings or when Lil Pumpkin naps so that they don't clash with my family / work time. When I'm free to blog, I already have an idea of what I want to write about {sometimes even a draft on my iPhone} so there's no time wasted just staring at the computer.

6. Do you have any blogging tips?
I don't consider myself a blogging expert, but I like to share what I've learnt through my experience. My best tip would be to for you to have a strong "blog voice". If people want to read your blog, they are coming for you, not someone else so write from your heart and don’t try to be someone you are not. Take a look at some of my basic tips and it'd be useful for you to look through my past blog makeover posts {2012 & 2014} to help you think through your blog design. I wrote about how I feel about opening my blog up to advertising here & here. It may not be for everyone, but something to consider as well.

7. Do you accept guest posts?
Yes, but only for these 2 regular feature series - Celebrate Fatherhood and Families Without Borders. If you're interested to share your story, contact me for a full brief. I'd appreciate that!

8. Some people are concerned about the over-exposure of their young children online. What do you think of this, since you post photos of your child often?
I am concerned with the over-sharing of children's information online, so I do make a conscious decision to use a pseudonym for my daughter and not share any information that's deeply personal. There's no doubt that I talk about my daughter a lot on my blog since she plays a big part in my life, but I'll always try to self-reflect and see if whatever I blog about her will damage her pride and reputation, or if it's a moment I want to protect, before I reveal it. Will she get laughed at in school? Will she get sad if I post this? If the answer is yes, it stays off the blog.

9. How do you get Lil Pumpkin to "model" in photographs for you?
I love to do fashion shoots for Lil Pumpkin. I'm no professional photographer, just a mummy who likes to take photos of her kid. Loads of photos haha. I credit a lot of our fun shots to her outgoing, drama-mama personality.. but it's also a lot of practice, going with the flow {i.e. understanding when she is happy to shoot, or when she's tired} and erm, bribing :P

10. As a modern working mum, do you think women nowadays are too career-oriented?
I believe each woman has her own dreams and goals in life. Some pursue climbing the corporate ladder, some prefer to spend their time building families. Concentrating on one aspect does not necessarily mean that you are missing out on the other, as work-life balance is possible. The most important thing is to not regret our decisions in life, whatever they may be, and to live life to the fullest.

11. What are some of the difficulties you face in parenting?
I think one difficulty we face is in trying to find a balance between making sure our daughter is well-prepared to face our current local school system, and making sure she does not forgo the joy and freedom of childhood. We want her to have the academic skills to cope with school, and also believe that a child should have her childhood to play, to relax and discover the world they entered not long ago. It's tough and we're still figuring it out.

12. I'm coming to Singapore. Any recommendations on things to do?
Singapore is a very exciting city and there are endless things to do! My favourite place is at Clarke Quay/ Robertson Quay along the Singapore River. You can read all my posts on this beautiful country, or check out some of the specific kids-friendly places if you are traveling as a family. If you are a local business and want to be listed as well, please email me.

Working with Sakura Haruka

1. Can I advertise on your blog?
Yes, please see my PR / Brands page. I strongly suggest you look through my blog posts to see that I'm a good fit for your brand, and that you are relevant to me and my readers before sending me a request. Kindly refrain from sending me these kind of emails.

2. What options are available?
I offer service/ product reviews, giveaways, sponsored advertorials, sponsored posts on my social media platforms, sidebar advertising, brand ambassadorship and coverage of events / product launches. If you're not sure what to choose, let me know your needs and I'll help recommend something.

3. I'd like to send you some samples to review. How do I go about that?
I don't accept samples for review. For an accurate review, a complete service experience or a full-sized, new & non-returnable product is necessary, but they are non-obligatory and I reserve the right to write only on those that are worth sharing about.

If you are very confident I will love your products and want to cut to the chase without all the back-and-forth messages, feel free to deliver to: 
Blk 1015, Geylang East Avenue 3 #01-141 Singapore 389730
Address tel number: +65 67451337 {for courier deliveries only, call if the main gate is closed}
Preferred delivery time: 1000-1300hrs {daily}

*note: if we ever receive a telemarketing call and/ or junk mail from your company, you are blacklisted for life!

4. Do you charge for giveaways?
No, but they must be relevant to my readers and meet a minimum value. They can be held on the blog, or on my various social media platforms for Singapore residents or international readers. Companies are responsible for sending the giveaway items directly to winners within 30 days of results. See my previous giveaways here.

5. I like what you've written. May I repost/ republish your blog post on my website? 
No, please do not repost/ duplicate my blog post in entirety or part on your own website as it may affect my good standing with Google. You may post a quote and credit it back to me and my blog with a hyperlink. If unclear, please email me for clarification.

6. Can I call or meet up with you for a discussion?
I prefer email correspondence, especially for blog-related matters. Kindly email me instead.

7. I've emailed you but haven't heard a reply. Did you get it?
Maybe not! But sometimes, as much as I appreciate the opportunity to work with you, I am regrettably unable to respond to every single request because of time constraints juggling work, family and the blog. If I'm not on vacation and you do not hear back from me after a week, please assume that I'm unable to attend your event or feature your product / service. Thanks for your understanding.

8. Do you accept link exchanges or text links?
No, I don't accept these on the blog or on my social media platforms.

9. Can I engage you as a freelance writer or contributor to my magazine / website? 
Due to my tight schedule, it's quite unlikely that I will take up this offer but I might if you make it worth my while ;) Do email me for more discussion.

10. Are you tied down to any talent agency or blogger management group?
I'm not represented by or under contract with any influencer management agency and accept all projects on my own. Kindly contact me directly for any discussion :)