Sunday, July 14, 2013

Best Family Blog 2013 at Singapore Blog Awards #OMYSBA2013

Last Sat was the biggest blogosphere awards ceremony in Singapore, the annual Singapore Blog Awards. It was also one of the most memorable day in my blogging journey as Sakura Haruka won the Best Family Blog Award!!!

I was so emotional I could cry... well, was close to it but luckily I held it together. So shocked, so happy, so very very thankful. It is still very unbelievable and I'm really just slowly letting the news sink in even after these few days. 

Very glad that the boy and Lil Pumpkin were there to share the special moment with me too. They are my inspiration and loves of my life. Without them, really, Sakura Haruka as a parenting and lifestyle blog wouldn't exist! This blog started out 2 years ago to celebrate who I am as a person, and to share how I incorporate my passions into our family life. Sometimes I like to look back at my first post, and I'm glad to say that I've stayed true to myself all these time.

Felt bad that after I went on stage to receive the award I had to run around to take photos with the rest of the winners, give interviews, talk to the guest-of-honour etc. that I didn't really have time to just soak it all in and spend time with them there. Thanks for this photo of them Kaika. The rest of the photos here are also taken from, Sze Ping & Leo as I really didn't have time {or my mobile for most of the time haha} to shoot anything!

Receiving the prestigious award from the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and. Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information.

Group photo with the rest of the winners from the main categories. All of us have a chance to travel together to Northern Territory, Australia as part of our grand prize! Look forward to getting to know them better then :)

Group photo with ALL the winners from the main and special categories, with the GOH, awards sponsors, event organisers etc!

Having a little chat with Mr Lawrence Wong after the prize presentation. He was very interested to know more about our blogs and what we write about. I think the government is slowly but surely recognising the power of social media heh.

One of the things that make blogging so meaningful is the community. Who said you can't make frineds online? These are some of the best mates {Kaika, Leo, Willy, Jerome & Karen} I've met through blogging and I'm very thankful to each of them for the laughter, inspiration and ideas shared.

I know it's not the Grammies or anything, and although I appreciate each and every family, friend and reader, I'd like to say thanks to a few special people who have really been so outstandingly supportive me and my blog. This list is not exhaustive, so forgive me if I miss anyone out.

The boy: I love you. Thanks for all the care, concern and time you've supported me with to pursue my blogging hobby. I know I can always count on you to be my number 1 fan, and even if nobody else reads my blog, I always know you will :)

Mummy: Thanks for showing me what parenting greatness is, and inspiring me to share more on what parenting means to me.

Daddy and sisters: Thanks for all the family love and support. Because of the happy home and upbringing I had, I'm able to be the person I am and achieve all that I have today.

Lao Ma {mother-in-law}: Thanks for being so understanding and giving even in this hobby which you support, but may not really understand :P I can always feel your pride in me as your daughter-in-law, and you've always treated me as one of your own.

Oliveolyz, Adrine, Stacy, Joy, Theresa, Maryann, Susu, Jith, Brandi, Grace, Emily, Jess, Alissa, Angeline, Deb White, Susan, Veronica, Kaika, Willy, Leo, Chun See, Jerome, Iris, Sau Jun, Joey, Valyn, Yiwei, Mag, Elrica, Shannon, Janet, Ruilong: Thanks for being such loyal readers and friends of the blog! All of you have helped mould me to be the blogger I am today. 

So what's to come after winning this award? I'm very honoured to be recognised for the effort I've put into Sakura Haruka, and I don't really have any grand plans at the moment except to continue blogging in a way that's true to myself and from my heart. I'd definitely want to continue sharing more insights and ideas on how to live an inspired family life here in Singapore. If you'd like to suggest how I can make this blog better, do contact or leave me a message :)

Once again, thank you all for your kind support!!! Be sure to continue reading as I've some great blog giveaways coming up too.

P.S. Theme for the night was the 1960s, so I had a 上海滩 {Shanghai Bund} look inspired by the movie "In the Mood for Love {花樣年華}". Willy said I have a  古典美 {classical beauty} look ^^V



Czjai said...

Wow! Congratulations! You truly deserve this award!

Love the look that you wore to the awards night, too. :)

The Wacky Duo said...

Congrats Ai and Famiy! Well done!!!

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

What a fantastic and well deserved accolade Ai - you look gorgeous BTW!! I think good things happen to good people. Em xx

Susan said...

Congrats again dear. You're one of the most hardworking bloggers that I know and it's been great to know you n this blogging journey. Keep blogging from the heart :)

SengkangBabies said...

Congrats again Ai, and to your family too :)

cheers, Andy

mail4rosey said...

A million congrats to you, that's awesome news to hear!!

Unknown said...

Heartiest Congratulations to you Ai! Truly deserved. The pictures are so lovely. Your dress, shoes and hairstyle were so beautiful! Looking great. Have a wonderful week.

Missus Tay said...

Congrats again, Ai! You truly deserve this for all the hard work you have put in. I was truly impressed when I saw you taking notes when we first met!

Grace said...

Wooooohoooo!!!! Congratulations, Ai!!! So well deserved!!! You're blog is awesome and you're such a valued member of our community! So happy for you that all of your achievements have been recognized! Well done! xxx

Ai Sakura said...

Czjai: thank you!

Wacky Duo: Thanks Daddy M!

Emily: thanks for your support :)

Susan: thanks for your encouragement :)

Andy: thanks Andy! great meeting up again the other night

mail4rosey: thank you!

Missus Tay: haha really? I have such a bad memory if I don't write things down I'll really forget stuff ;p

Grace: thanks Mama Grace! you're such an inspiration to me too :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Ai, you totally deserve it and I am so happy for you! You have worked very hard on your blog and it shows in each post. I don't think the award could go to anyone sweeter than you! Keep doing what you do here and I see even more success in your blogging future! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff and truly deserved! Glad that you won! Congrats!!! :)

Aroha @ Colours of Sunset said...

Fantastic news, well done AI! Totally deserved! xox

~Summer~ said...

Aww congrats, Ai! =) You are one of the first friends I met through blogging and I'm glad to share your joy! =) Keep blogging from the heart and stay true always! P/S: Does Lil Pumpkin still remember her friend Angel? Tsk. =)

Stacy said...

Wa-heyy! Congrats!! And I'm rather glad you don't have grand plans to revamp your blog hehe.

Yee Mei said...

Wow! Impressive! Congratulations to you mommy blogger :) You more than deserve the award I can tell!

xo,Yee Mei

Ai Sakura said...

Theresa: Thanks so much! It's been great having you by my side all this while.

thelongnwindingroad: Thanks Jerome!

Aroha: thank you!

Summer: yes yes, she still does :)

Stacy: yup, always best to keep it simple and grounded I feel :)

Yee Mei: thanks a lot!

VC said...

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