Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loving Hubby

The boy went in for a hernia op on Friday. I went down after work to see him and by the time I arrived he was already out of the operating theater, in good spirits albeit kinda weak. He was discharged yesterday morning and I actually drove us home from the hospital!!! Eeeks! Was half expecting us to get into a traffic accident but luckily we all came home in one piece heh...

Was kinda hard seeing my hubby in such a weak state.. after all, he's always been a macho macho man. By the way, he got into this state because of all the weightlifting he does!!! Ironic, isn't it??

This morning, he did not go to work, of course. He will be on MC for the next 2 weeks. Yippeee~! I mean, oh dear... heh. Anyway, I was craving for scrambled eggs and he offered, no INSISTED, to cook for me *beams* Of course I felt bad to make a man who just got out of the hospital to cook for me, but if he insists, what can I do, right?? :P

I can't remember the last time he cooked for me. He buys food back for me often, but his last cooking days were maybe when I lived in Japan???

A simple, yet satisfying meal. Very buttery and soft scrambled eggs... I feel so loved *grins* The boy is definitely one of my cherished treasures.

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